White-Label Event Ticketing Platform

By Hyperlocal Cloud

December 13, 2023

White-Label Event Ticketing Platform

Did you know the attendance rate for in-person events is around 60%-65%, while for digital events is around 40%? Your event ticketing business business should be at your fingertips when attendance rates are increasing. Get an instant white-label event ticketing platform and launch your app in no time, engaging more attendees and providing abundant entertainment choices.

Key Insights About Event Ticketing Platform:

  • 64% of event organizers consider mobile event apps the most reliable and technological feature.
  • The international event management software market, valued at $5.6 billion in 2019, is now expected to be worth $18.4 billion in 2029, enhancing 12.9% annually.
  • 27% of virtual or hybrid meetings use a mobile app.
  • Around 67.5% of attendees expect event organizers to offer a mobile event app.
  • 40% of developers believe event apps have more than 80% adoption rate.

A Brief to Hyperlocal Cloud White Label Event Ticketing Software

Our white-label event ticketing platform creates a "plug-and-play" product for your business that perfectly suits your company's requirements. It then reflects your business vision, identity, and mission.

White-label solutions are extremely prominent in the entertainment industry. They offer quick deployment, scalability, cost-effectiveness, customization, and branding opportunities.

Our white-label software systems allow you to easily add your business name, logos, brand, corporate emails, URLs, text components, and more features to incorporate your company with the platform. Further, you can instantly turn your white-label sales on your terms and from your website.

Features of White-label Event Ticketing Platform

In the ever-increasing power of automation, the magic of human touch is still essential. Our white-label app development maestros have created impactful platforms for businesses using cutting-edge technology and creativity.

100% White-label Platform

If it is a white-label portal, we mean it. Impress your audience by exhibiting all your events and activities on a white-label online event ticketing platform that shows you own the technology behind it. The platform allows you to create 100% customizable event pages, ticket designs, and registration. It means you will get everything on the table, which you can serve according to your preference.

Event Calendars with Customizations

A custom-branded ticketing platform allows event organizers to boost their overall image and build an impressive experience for attendees. Personalize your event calendar to match your brand and style, including color, background, font, logo, and unique content. You can preview it as you customize it in real time.

Unlimited Events to Filter

The platform allows you to create umpteen events and save them as templates for drafts, where you can keep many events for future reference. Moreover, you can build custom filters, helping visitors search about upcoming happenings or events' available tickets in the cities, along with performances or sponsors of the events. Personalize your filters' colors and control which ones to display.

Customer Support

With built-in and tested checkout and payment methods, white-label ticketing platforms ensure streamlined checkout processes. You can customize event registration and ticketing interfaces for customers' use. Moreover, having easy and quick access to support, the app has customer care assistance or chatbots for instant solutions to their queries.

Real-time Data and Reporting Tools

Event organizers can leverage real-time data and reporting tools to access the latest information about attendance rates, ticket sales, and other imperative metrics. This insight is valuable in making informed decisions and ensuring everything runs flawlessly. Such white-label ticketing platforms help you sell tickets across different channels, from online to in-person, exponentially boosting sales and increasing the reach of your event, whether small or big.

Event Operations & Analytics

Our white-label solution features finding attendees by name, order number, event title, and visit date. It includes sending them automated emails and notifications, processing refunds or cancellations, and downloading the attendee list as PDF or other supported formats. Further, the platform allows communication with exhibitors, sponsors, and speakers and sends attendees lists via email in an automated manner.

Different Promotional Activities

White-label event ticketing software development specialists believe the entertainment industry emphasizes exciting ticket deals for attendees. It allows you to run exciting deals for your events, such as early birds, last-minute offers, or gift vouchers. Further, you can conduct competitions amid event promotions to engage more visitors for events through the app. Also, you can create discount and marketing codes accessible to all customers, which they can use to get discounts on tickets.

Account Set Up & Management

Our white-label event ticketing software helps you easily set up and manage your account. You can add users and assign them administrative controls based on their roles while deciding on sending event reminders to attendees. Also, you can provide customized subscription plans to users so that they can pick one of their choice. The white-label solution allows you to monitor the activity of your published calendars and events-related data and download reports.


Once you get the white-label solution, integrate it into your operating system. Once configured, you can add your data and customize it according to your terms and policies. Further, you can integrate it with Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, helping your visitors connect with you on social media networks. Some white-label offers email marketing features, sending automated email newsletters with upcoming events to your attendees and audience.

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Benefits of White-Label Event Ticketing Solutions

White labeling a specific solution or app is the common choice for brands. For instance, Hyperlocal Cloud offers a white-label feature as part of its event ticketing software or platform.

Brand Identification

White-label ticketing software has a major aspect- personalization. It allows you to make amendments according to your preferences. Hyperlocal Cloud white-label solutions offer personalization options for printing your logo or offering tickets. They can increase your brand presence and visibility by issuing direct ticket sales from your business and advertising events to reflect your organization's mission and values.

Save Resources And Time

Only some firms have time and money to begin and develop event ticketing software from scratch. While others prefer spending a great deal of time and a significant amount of money creating their platform to discover, it still needs to be ready to launch. Thus, the white-label platform is a gold mine, as everything is ready to go within your budget. You don't need to wait months to complete the app development cycles. They are ready to launch under your brand name, saving you time and money.

Integration Capabilities and Customer Retention

White-label ticketing solutions are built to integrate seamlessly with other tools and systems. This integration capability streamlines operations enhances data accuracy and increases overall business efficiency. Integration engages more footfall, especially with online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Further, white-label apps or software help expand your network. It helps boost customer retention, making your system fully functional event ticket sales platforms so that people always seek ample entertainment options.

Customer Security and Updates

Our white-label solution offers ongoing support and updates, ensuring large ticketing software stays current with industry standards and technology trends. This continuous support minimizes the risk of technical issues and increases the overall user experience. Further, such platforms boost customers' trust as they feel confident in the security measures implemented, securing their sensitive information during ticket purchases.

No Coding Required

Our app development specialists are proficient in building solutions that deliver according to layman's understanding and knowledge. You, being it, can be something other than a technician to understand the final product. Everything created on it is easy and in your language. The app development process has become easier after the inception of white-label solutions that meet businesses' specific requirements.

Why Choose Hyerlocal Cloud for White Label Event Ticketing Software?

Hyperlocal Cloud has been leading the IT industry for more than a decade. Our white-label app development maestros offer the solutions businesses want to enhance their customer base, business growth, and revenue.

We can be your next technological ally to develop an event ticketing platform for the following reasons-

Affordable Prices

Our developers build apps that suit your budget and help you get a competitive white-label app.

Quality Assurance

Before reaching the final phase, our quality analysts perform testing to ensure you get a reliable solution.

Skilled Experts

White-label app development comes with ample business requirements. Our experts flawlessly offer them on the top.

Smooth Communication

We speak our clients' tongues, making them comfortable sharing their app requirements.

On-time Delivery

Implementing the strategic app development plans, our team creates apps and helps you launch them on time.

24X7 Customer Assistance

We can take your project anytime and help you resolve your queries according to your availability.

Final Thoughts

White-label solutions have provided incredible opportunities for small, medium, or large businesses. Ensure you get everything you need in your app, as we ensure everything gets noticed. Irrefutable, it is challenging to stand out in a swarm of digital ticket dealers. However, your investment in a white-label event ticketing system can be lucrative. Get in touch with Hyperlocal Cloud to launch your event ticketing app instantly!

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