Klarna Clone App | Build App Like Klarna

By Hyperlocal Cloud

November 29, 2023

Klarna Clone App | Build App Like Klarna

Enter into the future of seamless and stress-free shopping. Gain massive revenue and take your users' shopping experience to the next level. Hyperlocal Cloud is a one-stop place that offers the ultimate solution to businesses to elevate their business growth to pinnacles of success. Contact our tech specialists and develop a feature-rich Klarna clone app customized to your business needs.

Facts And Statistics Related To Klarna App

  • In 2023, the BNPL market size is estimated to be around $309.2 billion with a CAGR of 25.5%.
  • Klarna clone has about 150mn active users worldwide including 500,000 retail partners across 40+ countries.
  • Some of the popular apps like Klarna are PayPal, QuadPay, Zip, Affirm, Sezzle, etc.

What Is Klarna App And How Does It Work?

Klarna is an e-commerce platform offering top-notch payment services for online storefronts. This buy now pay later app allows customers to make purchases first and pay later in feasible installments.

Klarna- one of the best apps helping users to manage their budget. It allows users to make online purchases and checkout with Klarna. The payment is typically made in weekly/bi-weekly/ monthly installments, depending upon your plan. The transaction taking place is super smooth, and no interest is charged, making the process extremely quick and easy.

Hyperlocal Cloud, a prominent on-demand app development company, is known for providing BNPL app solutions integrated with fantastic features and attractive design.

Alluring Features Of Our Klarna Clone App

We include first-class features in the Klarna clone app, ensuring seamless transactions with an amplified user experience.

User-Friendly Interface

Helps in the swift navigation of the app with an intuitive interface. Ensures a logical and exciting experience for the platform users.

Real-Time Order Tracking

Helps monitor the purchases up until they appear at your doorsteps, maintaining utmost transparency.

Tailored Recommendations

Get exclusive suggestions and recommendations based on your choices with advanced algorithms that recognize your shopping behaviors and habits.

One-Click Checkout

Helps save time, makes the shopping period effortless, and streamlines the checkout process with a simple one-click attribute.


Guarantees that all payment methods, such as credit/debit cards, are categorically organized, making it easier for users to select their form of payment.


With strong security protocols, cybercriminals are restricted to malign the sensitive details in the app, thereby, securing massive user/business data.

Payment Notifications

Prompts users about their pending payments in the form of notifications so that they never miss any alerts.

Account Management

Every forthcoming payment is organized in a synchronized manner and then outlined to the user on a timely basis.

Benefits Of Our Klarna Clone App

Embrace the bright future of payment with features like flexibility, tailored recommendations, and mind-blowing discounts. Witness a fabulous shift in your business growth with an app like Klarna.

Market Expansion

Broaden your market reach by providing users with wonderful payment methods that offer flexible financing alternatives, resulting in attracting a varied customer base.

Data-Driven Insights

Helps gather invaluable data insights through market trends, buying behavior, user preferences, and analyzing data to make well-informed business decisions.

Enhanced Conversion Rates

With the buy now, pay later feature, the app/website will entice a wider user base and increase conversion rates allowing customers to make a purchase.

Financial Inclusion

Klarna clone app facilitates its services to every user irrespective of their financial background, by enabling them to make purchases and allowing access to credit options.

Increased Customer Experience

Offers users a seamless shopping experience via attributes such as an automatic checkout process, one-click purchases, and versatile payment options.

Competitive Edge

In the ever-evolving market, our Klarna clone app offers a BNPL option that captures the attention of huge consumers ultimately aiming toward competitive advantage.

Marketing Opportunities

Merchants are allowed to foster exceptional deals and discounts for their customers with the help of installment payment options.

Brand Trust

The secure and reliable payment methods supported by transparency and efficiency help build a brand that is the safest choice for digital transactions.

Customer Loyalty

The rewards, discounts, and loyalty programs, through the app aid in gaining customer loyalty leading to massive business growth.

Risk Mitigation

With solid risk management systems, businesses are able to eliminate the potential financial risks related to flexible payment methods that guarantee financial stability.

Revenue Model

The Klarna clone app provides innovative ways of revenue generation via different monetization strategies. Here we have enlisted a few revenue models that will make your business worth a million dollars.

Transaction Fees

This payment app charges a significant amount of fees from the users while offering transaction services eventually forming a part of the revenue model.

Subscription Models

Provides exclusive subscription plans to users that consist of premium features and functionalities on a monthly or yearly basis.

Overdue Fees

These charges are acquired every time a user misses a payment. to avail of the services or be a part of using the app, a certain amount is charged as late fees.

Affiliate Marketing

With collaboration with other websites, the app owners are able to earn a commission for every user referred to their services.

In-App Advertisement

Fees are charged from the merchants for providing an advertising space for third-party products within the app for promoting their products/ services.


Partner with merchants and earn a considerable commission on sales generated through your platform.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Klarna Clone App?

The Klarna Clone app ranges between $15k-$60k. The cost varies depending on the following factors;

  • App's Complexity
  • Integrated Features
  • Technological Stacks
  • Development Time
  • Developer’s Location, etc

To know the exact cost of the Klarna clone app, talk to our experts at Hyperlocal Cloud and get a detailed cost breakdown as per your project requirements.

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For Klarna Clone App Solutions?

Hyperlocal Cloud is a top Fintech solution provider company helping entrepreneurs elevate their business growth. Our apps are built with state-of-the-art technologies that are bound to grab eyeballs. We are a team of seasoned developers who have a knack for ultra-modern tools and technologies.

  • Scalable Solutions
  • Unparalleled Technical Expertise
  • 24*7 Customer Support
  • Agile Methodologies
  • 100% Customization
  • On-Time Project Delivery

Connect with Hyperlocal Cloud team and develop a premium Klarna clone app today!

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