How To Make An App Like Practo?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

August 04, 2023

How To Make An App Like Practo?

Technology is spreading its roots rapidly, and the healthcare sector is one of the most dependent on it for medical treatment. As the healthcare sector evolves, the demand for an on-demand doctor rises daily. A healthcare app like Practo helps consumers find a doctor who can attend to them through a video call. Our Practo clone app comes with convenience, affordability, expertise, and privacy.

So in this blog, we will talk about how to make an app like Practo and what it requires. We have gathered exclusive information in the blog to help you achieve an online doctor consultation app with many benefits. Whether you are a startup or an established business, this blog is beneficial for you. So let’s get started exploring:

Stats About Online Doctor Consultation

  • Revenue from online doctor consultations is predicted grow to $25.31 billion before the end of 2023.
  • The economy of online doctors is growing at a CAGR of 8.76%.
  • Before the end of 2027, the cumulative revenue is expected to reach $35.41 billion.

We have some stats above, which reflect the growth in the online doctor consultation segment. The healthcare industry is rising, and investment in an app like Practo can be quite beneficial.

Benefits Of An App Like Practo

Suppose you now have your app, so what are the benefits you would be having? Here we have mentioned some of them:

Increase Sales

As the Practo clone app provides convenience to patients and users, it instantly helps them get online consultations. This app will increase sales considerably.

Easily Accessible

Our developers have the power to develop an application solution that any type of user can access. With an attractive UI design and easy navigation pages, anyone can adhere to and use the app, leading to high sales and income.

Native App

A native app is an app that has the compatibility to run on every type of operating system. With such an app, users can easily download, access, and book doctor consultancy. The easier it is for them to use your app, the easier it is for you to make money.

Automates Medical Facility

Our Practo clone app eliminates unnecessary human efforts and provides instant medical support and ambulance on a click, reducing unnecessary work effort and more. And doctors and clinics are already seeking such applications for possible automation. That’s how your subscription model will be widely used to support your wealth.

Empowering The Healthcare Business With An Online Doctor Consultation App

Hyperlocal Cloud offers its clients a healthcare app that can assist your targeted audience to consult with an online doctor and generate high revenues.

Must-Have Features of An App Like Practo

Features in an app decide the accessibility of the app for users and owners. We implement top-tier features that make the app stand out from the crowd. We have categorized the app features into 3 parts: patient, doctor, and an admin panel.

Patient App

Patients need to access the app clearly with transparency, so we tend to embed the most top-tier features in the application.

Patient Profile

A patient must create a profile with important information like name, age, gender, contact, location, and type of disease they suffer from.

Appointment Booking

It will let patients book appointments with doctors. It also helps them schedule their time for face-to-face consultation.

HQ Video Calling

With this feature, patients can connect with their doctor via video call. We ensure the implementation of HD video calling and quality audio transmissions.


The Geo-location feature helps the patient locate a doctor's clinic and guide them toward the destination.

In-Built Payment

It will let patients pay using various payment options like Google Pay, Amazon Pay, UPI, net banking, and in-app wallet.

SOS Button

It is an important feature to have in an app like Practo. It will assign a nearby ambulance to the patient in case of an emergency.

Rating & Review

Patients can rate & review and write about their experience of consultation with the assigned doctor.

Search Options

With this feature, users can search and filter for doctors according to the problem they are suffering from.

Doctor App

Doctor app features in an app like Practo must be advanced so they don’t miss any opportunity to cure their patients. Here is the list of them:


This feature will let doctors sign up with some information like their name, locations, service charges, experience, and expertise in their field.

Calendar With Schedules

With this feature, doctors can adjust their appointments and see when a patient has booked them in the app’s calendar.

Access To EHR(Electronic Healthcare Records)

This feature interacts with the EHR system consisting of patient records that display the patient's body vital signs for proper diagnosis.

Scanning & Sharing Prescriptions

The app lets doctors share documents with the patient, like prescriptions, diagnosis reports, lab test results, etc.

Accept Payment

It lets doctors receive patient payments online like e-wallets and bank transfers.

Admin Panel

The features for the admin need to be unique because they will monitor the business. Here are some advanced features for admins:

Doctor Profile Management

This feature lets doctors approve or reject incoming requests of consultations.

Patient Profile Management

Admins can easily add/replace a patient's profile whenever possible. It helps admins to balance their user base.

Notification Management

With this feature, admins can notify patients and doctors whenever they want. It can also help admins to manage their subscriptions and alert people about the renewal date.

Online Queue

This feature lets admins view the waiting list of the doctor's appointments and give custom priority appointments to a patient upon request.

Insight & Analytics

It is a visual collection of data like sales, number of doctors, current waiting list, subscription renewal, etc.

Turning Your Healthcare Business To Success With A Practo Clone App

Our developers can help you treat your healthcare business with a Practo clone app that caters to all of your business needs.

Revenue Generation Model Of An Online Doctor Consultation App

Here are some revenue generation models for your app that help you generate income from various sources:

Subscription Model

It is an old but very effective model for making money. In this model, you can offer exclusive features like quick scheduling, free consultation, viewing doctor numbers & locations, etc., in return for a subscription fee. It is a good way to generate income directly from users.

In-App Advertisement

This model allows you to collaborate with other pharmacies and medical companies to advertise their medicines or products on your app. You will be entitled to a promotion amount on every click or view.


The sponsorship model allows you to connect with a social media model or celebrity to promote your app. This is a great way to generate leads and income.


This model lets you offer exclusive features for a certain period of time for your users. When the trial period expires, they have to pay to use those services again.

How To Make An App Like Practo?

The development process of the Practo-like app needs to be handled in a manner to cater to the needs of both technical and non-technical users. So let’s get started with the development process for the Practo app clone:

Market Analysis

The first need is market analysis for the app. You can find some other types of apps working in the same niche. Also, try to figure out what features they are providing, pricing, customer review, feedback, and client reviews. Thus you will successfully create a business plan and strategy for your targeted audience.


The design phase determines the UI/UX for your app. It is where elements like color panels, navigation pages, buttons, and textual contents occur. The design part of your application must be crafted in a way that shows relative content in a symmetric way.


In the development phase, all the design parts are coded using programming languages. The development stage of your app, like Practo, is undertaken by multiple seasoned developers. Generally, two types of development occur: front-end development decides the UI/UX, animations, images, content on the page, and header/footer. The essential technologies used here are CSS, Javascript, React, Angular, and Bootstrap.

At the same time, back-end development also needs to be done because it grants security to the application and provides smooth operations. The API integration, payment gateways, and any 3rd party integration are part of this development. It can be completed by technologies like PHP, C-language, Java, GoLang, and Swift.

Choose A Platform

You need to choose a platform on which your app can run. Here is a list of some platforms you can consider:

For Android App

Millions of users are active on the Android platform globally. To provide a bug-free healthcare app on Android platforms, the essential technologies are as follows:


For iOS App



These apps are compatible with multi-mobile operating systems. These apps have the power to run on the mobile OS without any lag. Essential technologies to use for:


A QA and testing team is assigned here to run the program in different aspects, like ordering multiple items at once, defect clustering, and running the application in different IPs. The motive for testing an app is to ensure that it is bug-free, errorless, and working as it’s expected.


After complete deployment and testing, the next stage is to deploy the application on global servers like Google Play Store and Apple Store. Hyperlocal Cloud offers its clients to deploy the app for free and provides a 3-month post-deployment service.


An application like Practo helps a patient reach the right doctor having the right knowledge of the disease. It lets them consult online, visit clinics and discuss medicine using presentations. As it helps patients to understand well about their problems, the tendency to use such applications is high. A Practo clone app fulfills a patient's needs and demands and helps doctors perform diagnosis over a video call, which is time-saving and affordable. Hyperlocal Cloud provides a top-tier on-demand doctor service app, medicine delivery app, and Practo-like apps to upscale your business.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do You Provide After-Deployment Support?

Yes, we are ready to serve our clients even after the deployment of the application. We provide 3-month free service support in case of any changes in the app.

What Is The Cost To Develop A Practo Clone App?

The development cost for a practo clone app ranges between $8,000 - $15,000, and it can increase and decrease depending on several factors. The app’s features, server integration, and 3rd party-paid API, etc., can increase the development cost.

How Long Does It Take To Build An Online Doctor Consultation App?

A complete online doctor consultation app can take 6 - 10 working days to develop. The development time can rise higher due to the app's complexity, the workforce, and the company's location.

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For Doctor Booking App Development?

Hyperlocal Cloud has 3+ years of experience developing such applications. We have served 250+ clients worldwide from every business size. Our 250+ workforce is well-versed and qualified to create an app like Practo to take your business to the next level of success.

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