Best Ideas to Start Online Food Delivery & Ordering Business

By Hyperlocal Cloud

August 01, 2023

Best Ideas to Start Online Food Delivery & Ordering Business

Food Delivery industry has grown considerably over the last couple of years. The modern world is inclined towards benefitting from technologies for their convenience. The dining business is falling out of trend as people are inclined towards ordering their meals online. Gone are the days when food orders were limited to Pizzas and Chinese. The present-day food delivery apps provide junk to diet foods.

This rapid evolution of the food delivery business came right after the onset of the pandemic, where-in diners got shut down, and people started ordering food online. The outlets also got keen enough to consider the safety protocols through their advanced packaging.

In this blog, we will focus on the best online food delivery business ideas and how to start a food delivery app business, with examples for entrepreneurs before they think of a hefty investment.

Stating Some Stats On Online Food Delivery Businesses

  • The food delivery market is predicted to reach US$1.2T in 2023 with a CAGR of 12.6%. The market is expected to reach $165B by the end of 2029.
  • Even though China has the largest market for food delivery apps, with $42B generated in 2022, the overall revenue predictions on a global scale are massive numbers.
  • UberEats is the most famous of all food delivery apps, while in the US, DoorDash is the most preferred food delivery app. Just Eat leads this game in the UK and Australia.
  • The most popular app, as per statistics, is DoorDash, which has over 50% market share.
  • Grubhub is a leading food delivery app in the United States, with 90% of food deliveries made through its platform.

Investment Ideas For Food Delivery Business Owners

There are countless ways to invest money in food delivery businesses, right from healthy juices to alcohol; everything is worth an investment. Even though the competition seems high in this industry, the scope for small businesses to become a brand is always high. Let's have a look at some of the most famous ideas for starting a food delivery business in 2023.

1. Fruit And Vegetable Delivery App

The fruit and vegetable delivery app is the perfect choice for business owners looking to hit the middle-aged group crowd that is busy working. Fresh fruits and vegetables can be delivered right to the doorstep of the customers through this app. The app will connect the customers to the local fruit and vegetable shop owners.

Fruitguys is the most popular fruit and vegetable delivery platform in the USA. Since the year 2000, Fruitguys have delivered more than 14M servings of fresh fruit to the people of the United States. A leading fruit and vegetable delivery app developed by an app development company will provide the freshest and most upgraded stock.

2. Organic Food Delivery App

Organic food has been adopted by multiple health-conscious families, where organic farming methods obtain food. The organic food market grew significantly in the 20th century, becoming a billion-dollar industry now.

Investing in a multi-billion dollar industry can greatly benefit business owners. Green Chef is the best organic food delivery company that features a nutritionist-approved recipe with premium proteins for its customers. Organic food delivery businesses will involve dealing with farmers, vendors, and a platform through which deliveries will be made through drivers directly to the customers. This food delivery app business idea is phenomenal for attracting diet-conscious customers.

3. Fresh Meat Delivery App

The meat delivery apps have been quite popular given the busy schedules of the present-day working class. Businesses can ensure a more organized delivery system through a meat delivery app. Meat delivery apps will act as a one-stop online marketplace offering users antibiotic and chemical-free, fresh meat. The categories will range from Poultry, Mutton, Eggs, seafood, and more.

Convert Your Online Food Delivery Business Ideas Into Reality

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4. Alcohol Delivery App

Alcohol delivery businesses have gained huge popularity during the pandemic when the shops were closed, and people had no choice but to order alcohol online. The best example of alcohol delivery is the Drizly app which has gained the most popularity out of all alcohol delivery apps in the USA. Their app has a proprietary identity document verification process that allows drivers to verify the purchaser's age and location.

Investment in a Drizly Clone app will be a good choice for business owners, and they can allow their customers to get alcohol with the speed of light. Investors can partner with many liquor stores across the country and carry out a successful business.

5. Eggs And Dairy Delivery App

Eggs and dairy are the main grocery items required in every household. With an egg and dairy delivery app, your customers can find big deals and discounts on grocery items. They can create shopping lists, reorder their favorite products with a few clicks, and view nutritional details about the order. An eggs and dairy delivery app will allow customers to find their favorite dairy products on a single platform and repeat orders. Eggs are fragile items that will be packaged efficiently to avoid loss or spillage.

So, if you are looking to start a food delivery business, eggs and dairy app development solutions from a well-known app development company will help you get guaranteed ROIs and have a loyal base of customers.

5. Pet Food Delivery App

Pets have been a part of countless US families for centuries. As the technological world is quickly moving forward, help is also provided to your customers' furry friends. A pet food delivery app can be made to deliver pet food to your users, depending on the pet they have.

A pet food delivery app is a great business idea to invest your time and energy. Chewy is a pet food delivery app for dog lovers. This app leads the pet food delivery app game with its collaboration with 2000+ brands that offer pet food and supplies. Chewy is also America's number-one pet pharmacy store and has multiple veterinary diet products that are directly sourced from the manufacturers.

Altogether, a pet food delivery app will help you to get better prices, deals and discounts, and even free deliveries. Along with offering pet food delivery services, other services like dog walking will also be covered.

6. Non-Alcoholic Beverage Delivery App

Soon after the pandemic era, online ordering became more frequent than ever. A beverage delivery app is one of the best ideas for food delivery businesses. The independent coffee and juice shops adapted to digitalization and invested in creating food delivery apps. Many started as a medium to dodge debts; now, they are becoming big brands. Who wouldn't love a smoothie bar that serves fresh juices and healthy drinks? The Millennial and GenZ population can do both, be a coffee freak and also be diet conscious. A beverage delivery app will be the perfect choice to cater to such diverse customer needs.

Through a beverage delivery app, your users can find their ideal shop on the app itself and choose what they wish to order from the menu. They would then pay and get the order confirmation. The most important fact about a beverage delivery app is an advanced spillage control packaging system. The order is carefully packed to ensure the beverage is delivered to the customer’s doorstep without any spillage.

7. Office Meal Delivery App

Another food delivery app development idea is a corporate meal delivery app. Trying to choose lunch for an entire company is always a challenging task; an office meal delivery app will help establish a stronger office culture, increase productivity, and engage more employees. This app is highly different from a normal food delivery app. The meals on this app will be pre-decided, and the employees can choose the best based on their individual preferences. All the orders will be delivered at once, organized in racks with independent labels for each employee.

EAT Club has been a leading corporate meal delivery app for almost a decade in the Bay Area; they have sent 21M organized meals to corporate offices. They have served 1,145 companies and are active in 9 US cities.

Discover The Best Ideas For Food Delivery Businesses

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8. Fast Food Delivery App

The fast food industry has approximately 3,450,120 people working alone in the United States. The largest number of restaurants in America is in Alabama. There are about 6.3 restaurants per 10k residents in Alabama, as per Zippia. Zippia also highlights fast food's gigantic revenue market, which has grown 1.1% per year from 2016 to 2021. After the pandemic hit, people missed out on the chance to eat out at their favorite outlet. The fast food industry has a strong customer base ranging from kids to elderly. No doubt, this industry in the US is worth $331.41B. The number one fast food outlet is McDonald's or Subway.

A fast food delivery app like UberEats will be beneficial for food outlets struggling to survive and fill up their diners. The outlets can earn a lot of money through a couple of discounts and offers.


The online food delivery business ideas mentioned above are the perfect way to allow young entrepreneurs or food business owners to gain a steady revenue stream in a shorter span of time.

With an apt food delivery business, you can deliver ready-made meals straight to your customers' houses. You have ample space to enter the industry, yet you have to be prepared to face high competition. Through a top-level food delivery app developed by Hyperlocal Cloud, you can start your journey with the guidance of our experts. Our 150+ app developers are well-trained to craft the best app solutions after keenly understanding clients' business ideas.

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