How To Build An App Like UberEats?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

June 26, 2023

How To Build An App Like UberEats?

Do you know that about 66M people have downloaded UberEats, making it one of the most popular delivery apps in the world?

Much of its growth is credited to the pandemic era when food outlets were shut. There are many food delivery apps in the market, but UberEats is the most popular one. It became more popular with its hygienic delivery protocols and fast service.

Are you a food business owner wondering how to build an app like UberEats? Then you have arrived at the right place. At Hyperlocal Cloud, we carve apps that are bug-free and robust enough to lead every competition.

In this blog, we will understand the basics of an app like UberEats and why it is the ideal choice for food business owners.

Stating Some Stats

During the lockdown phase in the pandemic era, the number of account registrations on UberEats increased by 30%. As a result of this hike, the restaurant sales also went above 20% in just a month.

Online food delivery apps like UberEats cater to the needs of local residents who need a ready-made meal delivered directly to their doorsteps. As per recent research, the online food delivery market on a global scale was estimated to be $189B in the year 2021.

However, the online market for UberEats was estimated to be $4.8B in the year 2020, and in the year 2021, it jumped to $8.3B.

What Exactly Is UberEats?

UberEats is the greatest meal ordering app available in the United States. It lets users order meals online from delectable menus at nearby eateries and delivers the food right to their door.

UberEats is one of the best platforms for ordering food online in the United States. Customers can simply place their orders via the app and get their food delivered right to their doorsteps. UberEats will be successfully accessible in more than 6,000 cities and 24+ countries by the end of 2023. This business is taking all necessary measures to protect its clients and employees from the pandemic's massive setback to the restaurant industry.

Despite being a well-liked service, UberEats tends to reduce food outlets’ profit margins. According to many restaurant owners, 6.3 billion Uber trips were made altogether in 2021, as opposed to 7 billion in 2019. This implies that there is a gap and that new competitors are devouring UberEats' market share.

Reach The Competitive Edge With An App Like UberEats

Hyperlocal Cloud will help business owners build an app like UberEats and provide timely food deliveries to customers.

Advantages Of A Food Delivery Service Like UberEats

Let's look at the advantages of establishing a food delivery business like UberEats. The platform can be built by a renowned food delivery app development company like Hyperlocal Cloud:

Easy Ordering Procedure

Your customers can avoid long lines by placing orders from the comfort of their homes using a food delivery app.

Large Customer Base

The restaurants can only seat a small number of customers at their tables, but with a food delivery app, they can easily serve hundreds of clients at their homes.

Convenient Orders

Ordering food via this app is more convenient than over the phone or in a queue at an outlet itself. You can easily construct the app of your dreams with the aid of Hyperlocal Cloud.

Huge Business Possibilities

By creating food delivery apps like UberEats, you may expand your business prospects to include catering at events and much more.

Greater Reach

The best thing about a food delivery app like UberEats is that it has a wider audience than just your regular clients. They may be recent neighborhood movers or customers ordering for their families from anywhere in the world.

Recent Consumer Data

Consumer data is more actively kept with app development in the delivery business, and you can quickly track the customer retention rate using cutting-edge graphical representations.

Must-Have Features Of Your UberEats Like App

An app like UberEats developed by us will have multiple features to lure audiences and increase your customer engagement scores to the extremes.

Easy Registration

An app like UberEats will make it simple for people to place meal orders. To achieve this, it is essential to make sure that each user's registration process is sleek, swift, and simple. Your users can easily access your app by logging in using their phone numbers, email addresses, or social network account.

Explore Restaurants And Cafes

People will always search for nearby cafés and restaurants to place food orders. Hyperlocal Cloud will help you achieve this by adding a GPS tool to help users find the best and closest restaurants. With the use of this function, your users may choose their food quickly and order them.

Order Tracking

As was already said, GPS technology is essential for building an app similar to Uber Eats. Include options that allow customers to follow their orders as they wait for their food, such as order placement and tracking. You can send notifications at various points, just like Uber Eats.


You can alert users when the kitchen/restaurant accepts the order by sending in alerts about the position of their order. The alerts will be:

  • Order Acknowledged
  • Order Preparation Started
  • Expected Completion Time
  • Delivery Person's Location
  • Estimated Arrival Time

Order Scheduling

Your customers can use this option offered by an app like Uber Eats to schedule order deliveries. People struggle to find time every day, so choosing this choice is more like a time-saving measure than a means to eat after a meeting or make a phone call.

We will also give them the option to "Repeat Order" so they may schedule the order delivery over a week or at a specific time and day.

Multiple Payment Options

Provide users with a variety of quick, secure, and safe online payment options for their delivery. Consider gateways for integrating payments such as Stripe, Paypal, CC Avenue, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, and much more.

Prompt Communications

This feature will ensure that your customers have access to the alerts option so you can keep them informed. Utilize this function to buzz consumers about bargains, exclusive promotions, discounts, and restaurant deals.

Chatbot Assistance

Chatbots are the most effective way to utilize AI. These computerized agents will respond to queries from customers and suggest solutions based on previous orders.

You can even program chatbots to send personalized messages based on the way people converse with one another as they become more intelligent.

Ratings And Reviews

People enjoy sharing their experiences with ordering. Here, giving them a place to comment on and rate the food can foster trust and compel additional customers to place orders without hesitation.

Thinking About How To Build An App Like UberEats? We Will Help!

At Hyperlocal Cloud, we keep the needs of our clients first and help them get a top-notch app that can help them get a constant revenue stream.

Choosing The Right Business Model Of An UberEats Like App

The components of UberEats' business plan that distinguish it include its multi-site platform, aggregator business model, and on-demand business model.

The UbereEats Clone app can be used by customers, delivery services, and restaurant partners to place orders for food delivery. Customers can order meals from restaurants by looking at the menus online.

Convenience Fee

No matter how much food a customer orders through Uber Eats, they will still be charged a delivery/convenience fee. Costs may vary from $1 to $5 per delivery based on the market they serve and the accessibility of nearby riders during rush or peak hours.

Each order filled by one of Uber Eats' restaurant partners is subject to a cut that can range from 15% to 40% of the total revenue. Based on the market's age and maturity, an app like UberEats determines the commission rate.

Marketing & Advertising Fee From Restaurant Partners

Uber Eats assists its restaurant partners in growing their clientele by providing consumer-facing brand campaigns, relevant social media postings, and email marketing to Uber's rider base.

Promotional Offers

An App like UberEats will surely assist its restaurant partners in growing their customer bases and attracting more business by providing consumer-facing brand campaigns, relevant social postings, and email marketing to Uber's rider base.

Your app will use a dynamic pricing mechanism known as surge pricing to change costs when there is a spike in demand. This "surcharge" is determined by taking into account the availability of the delivery partners and the volume of concurrent orders.


The process of creating the software from the ground up takes a lot of time, money, and effort. Any app like UberEats or Just Eat will have catchy features to help businesses reach the next level of success.

Being white-label, the solution also has the capacity to create a platform that is tailored to the needs of the business and stands tall to compete fiercely in the market. A leading app development company like ours will be there right from the start to the end of your journey.

Feel free to contact Hyperlocal Cloud and start building your app like UberEats to avail of flooding revenues. We have all the expertise it takes to make you lead the competition!

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