How To Start A Cloud Kitchen Business?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

June 23, 2023

How To Start A Cloud Kitchen Business?

Ordering food online has become a trend in our lifestyle, and why not? Online food orders give us a lot of comforts, like on-time delivery and fresh food, and you can choose your favorite place to have your meal. It is also very ingenious; you only need the internet, a mobile phone, and a craving to eat something delicious. Then, your food item gets delivered to your doorstep in a few clicks.

The cloud kitchen business kick-started during the pandemic. Online food orders escalated higher as the government had bound people to stay inside their homes to avoid social gatherings. The demand for cloud kitchen businesses has risen as it has become a trend or a comfortable option for food lovers.

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What Is A Cloud Kitchen?

A cloud kitchen is an online food platform that offers incoming orders only. It doesn’t allow dine-in. It is a service provided by vendors who accept customer offers and deliver it to them at a given time. Operating a cloud kitchen business requires a website, an online platform, or an application to conduct a profitable cloud kitchen business. The cloud kitchen is also famous with some other names like ghost kitchen, virtual kitchen, satellite restaurant, etc.

As the primary source of income for such platforms is an online mode, it’s important to have an online platform to start cloud kitchen delivery businesses like Swiggy and Zomato.

Stats Based On A Profitable Cloud Kitchen Business

Let’s understand the scope of the cloud kitchen business by undergoing some stats:


Image Source & Stats: Grand View Research

The worldwide cloud kitchen business was a record $51.69 billion in 2020, and it is expected to rise high with a CAGR rate of 12.4% between 2021-2028.

There are almost 1550 cloud kitchen businesses running in the USA.

As the Cloud kitchen business in the USA rises, it is competing with other restaurants, and almost every individual uses services from cloud kitchens as it is reliable.

Different Types Of Cloud Kitchens In The USA

Different types of cloud kitchens services will help you to decide which type of cloud kitchen you want according to your business niche:

Independent Cloud Kitchen

These kitchen types are self-reliant, receive the order, and take responsibility for packing and delivery. It can be operated in an indoor kitchen without needing a physical shop. Independent cloud kitchen consists of a single shop with one brand name and has limited places to deliver food.

Multi-Brand Cloud Kitchen

As the name suggests, a multi-brand cloud kitchen is a service platform where multiple brands work together in a kitchen. In such kitchens, the food preparation shares the revenue and ingredients, whereas different brands fulfill the needs and prepare delicious food. Apps like Uber Eats share their partnership with other brands to deliver food to their customers. You can get a white-label Uber Eats clone to start your business with a successful idea.

Hybrid Cloud Kitchen

Hybrid cloud kitchens have an online platform to deliver food to their customers, and they also occupy a physical front store where people can visit and enjoy their meals. It means that they offer take-away and dine-in services. The delivery process for such kitchens is liberal, or they partner with other delivery apps to provide services like Zomato and Swiggy.

Cloud Kitchen Associated With Delivery Apps

A cloud kitchen owned by a food delivery app is a profitable business model where these delivery apps can lease locations to prepare food. This process works as a single vendor marketplace where the brand name and delivery apps remain the same. This model is effective for food brands because food brands reach the delivery apps and dispense their food to customers. It can help your business with free promotions and high consumer reach.

Ready To Start Your Cloud Kitchen Business?

If you are ready to grow in the cloud kitchen business, then Hyperlocal Cloud can help you with a top-notch food delivery app development solution.

Benefits Of A Cloud Kitchen Business

A cloud-based kitchen business has lots of business for both customers and vendors. Let’s dive into the advantages of having a cloud kitchen business:

Easy Start-Up

Food delivery business with a cloud kitchen is an easy start-up that cuts down costs like having a construction site to operate a business, zoning compliance, extra labor work etc. It can be started in a couple of days or weeks. It allows you to gain double ROI on a small % of royalty.


You don’t have to acquire a physical space or store outlet in a cloud-kitchen business to get started. It can be started from your home’s small outlet. It saves a lot of money in interior designing and building an active storefront, and you can promote it easily on social media instead of expensive branding.

Small Manpower

The cloud kitchen business is an online food delivery business that can be operated from a small business on the Internet. It does eliminate unsolicited workers and lets you have important hands in the team. Here, the work of a receptionist, feedback caller, and mailers will be eliminated because these tasks will be done on an application.

Increase Customer Reach

With quality food offerings and effective pricing, your application can reach numerous customers. Unlike delivery-optimized restaurants that advertise their business via flyer design, banners, and posters, your online cloud kitchen business will become popular.

How To Start A Cloud Kitchen?

Starting a cloud kitchen is easy but takes a few steps. These steps need to be strictly undertaken to run a successful business. So let’s start exploring how to start a cloud kitchen:


You have to decide your location according to your kitchen type, which we have briefed you on above. You will need a place to do all the necessary cooking and establish all the required setup for the business. The location will be used in your brand name’s address and help to locate the delivery person. So decide the location according to your choice and preference. We prefer you choose a commercial area to catch the attention of customers.


To start a cloud kitchen business, it is necessary to undergo some paperwork like obtaining a government license and other permission. You will need an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) clearance from the central food authority of America. Also, get a safety clearance from CFSAN for regular food. More authorities could provide food licenses like trade, fire and safety, and trademark registration, and they will charge income to claim those licenses. So plan accordingly.

Kitchen Equipment

After completing the documentation, it is time to prepare your cloud kitchen with some types of equipment. It depends on what food you will offer your customers, like veg, non-veg, and continental cuisines. If your cloud kitchen is dessert specific then we recommend you have an oven and ice cream maker appliances at first. You must also have all the basic kitchen tools that help with cooking.

Market Plan

You need to work on a suitable market plan to grow your business. Without any market plan, you will start a cloud kitchen business without any goal. You have to develop a strategy to make it sustainable in the market and beat your competitors. You can analyze your competitor’s activities and find any weak spots for this. If you find it and fill the gap, it is a win for you.

An Application

As cloud kitchen is a business that works on the internet, you need a cloud kitchen app to deal with transactions and delivery with your customer. A top-notch cloud kitchen app can help you gain insights and receive orders on the admin dashboard. It can also help gain customer feedback or reviews, work with target audiences, and supply food anywhere you want. You need an application where customers can place orders and beat their hunger.

Features Of A Cloud Kitchen App

Adding the right feature-setting to your cloud kitchen app is very important. A cloud kitchen app should have features that benefit customers and suppliers. Here are some features that a cloud kitchen app should acquire to start a profitable cloud kitchen business:

Easy Order Placement

Hungry people don’t like to wait, right? So by undertaking this, you need to have an accessible food order interface where a starving individual can place their order in 4-5 clicks. The more you let them wait, the fast they’ll lose interest.

Admin Dashboard

Admin dashboard will let you track and monitor your activities, sales, generated revenue, received orders, and customer campaigns. It will let you work according to your audience’s interest to increase sales.

Live Tracking

With this useful feature, customers can rely on your service more effectively. Live tracking will let a user know their order status, the live location of the delivery partner, order acceptance & cancellation, payment status, and the estimated time of food preparation and delivery.

Multiple Payment Gateways

As you are going to target an immense audience, it is important to provide multiple ways for your audience to make payment for their order. A few payment interfaces included in this feature are UPI payments, credit card & debit cards, pay on delivery, and net banking.

Discount & Rewards

To gain mass customer retention, you must provide them with something post-meal. You can plan it while preparing your business strategy when to give rewards or discounts to a user. For instance, a user has placed 3 orders in a week using your app. Now he or she becomes eligible for a reward and some percent of discount.

Need Guidance On How To Start A Cloud Kitchen Business?

Avail first free consultation with our experts and take the right guidance on how to start a cloud kitchen business to reach the height of success. 

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For Cloud Kitchen Business?

The cloud kitchen business is completely based on the internet and online mode. We offer spearheading food delivery app development solutions that can stimulate customers to use your app. Here are some reasons for choosing us:

Years Of Experience

Hyperlocal Cloud has years of experience in launching food delivery apps to start cloud kitchen delivery business. Our experienced developers can transform the food business into modern concepts.

Timely Output

Hyperlocal Cloud ensures delivery with respect to a given delivery time. It doesn’t matter how complex projects are; we always ensure they complete before the deadline.

Skill Staff

At Hyperlocal Cloud, you will meet well-qualified developers who can deal with any project with smartness. Our developers have the capability to upscale any business niche.

Worldwide Service

Hyperlocal Cloud has worked with 1200+ worldwide clients and has supplied them with robust technology solutions. From food delivery applications to multi-vendor marketplace, we have granted all top-graded technical solutions to our clients.


Food delivery business has a vast scope in the future. As everyone nowadays adheres to mobile phones with the latest generation internet connection, it is easy to reach an immense number of customers and serve them their desired taste. A profitable cloud kitchen business online can help you reach the peak of success. With proper business strategy, licenses, quality food, and a business plan, you can become a business tycoon amongst cloud kitchen businesses.

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