How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Clone App Like OnlyFans?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

June 23, 2023

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Clone App Like OnlyFans?

The adult industry has seen massive growth during and after the pandemic era. OnlyFans was initially labeled as an adult app, but with the changing times, it has shifted its approach to lifestyle and health-related content as well.

Do you wish to invest your time and money in an OnlyFans clone app development service via a leading clone app development company? Hyperlocal Cloud is the best choice for a pocket-friendly clone app that can help you achieve millions with the speed of light!

To understand more about the OnlyFans clone app development cost, let us dive deep into the blog.

Stating Some Stats Related To OnlyFans

OnlyFans generally help a single user create $150 on a monthly basis. However, the popular creators on this platform can make $5,000-$10,000 per month. Most of the app's revenue is generated through adult content.

  • About 28,258 users are watching adult content every second and spending almost $3000 every second to access adult content.
  • More than 300 creators earn a revenue of $1M+ every year on OnlyFans.
  • The average number of fans a creator has is 21, and the average subscription amount is $7.20. $1.44 is the platform's share of this amount, and the rest goes into the creator's bag.
  • 55.39% of visits come from direct links, 13.95% come from social media platforms, and 12.04% from Google searches.

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Factors That Affect The Cost Of Developing A Clone App Like OnlyFans

OnlyFans has taken over the internet by storm. Investing in OnlyFans clone app development will help a business owner leverage storming revenues in a shorter span of time. Let us have a look at some of the factors that influence the cost of the OnlyFans Clone App.

The Ideal Platform For App Development

The cost of the app, like OnlyFans app development, will be determined by the platform chosen by the business owner. The cost will vary for iOS and Android apps. It can also be a hybrid app based on the client's wish.

The Choice Of The Features

The features you wish to include in the app will shape its entire functionality. If you are on a tight budget, then including the basic features is the best option. The more features added, the more the cost will rise. The OnlyFans clone app development cost will also be divided as per the app for the users, content creators, and an admin panel.

Let us have a look at some of the important features in each app and the admin panel.

User App Features

The user app will have all the trendy features to increase your customer engagement numbers. Let us have a look at the important user app features that will be in your OnlyFans app development:

Easy Login

The OnlyFans clone app development will have an easy signup option for users to sign in faster with their phone numbers or social media accounts.

Multiple Language Support

The OnlyFans app development will have a multiple-language support feature with hundreds of languages in its database for a better user experience.

Alerts And Notifications

The OnlyFans clone app development will have a feature to notify users in real time about recent updates and alerts.

Content Creator Features

The OnlyFans clone app development cost will be determined by the content creator feature set preferred by the business owner. They will be:

Custom Subscription Prices

The creators can set the price for subscribing to their profile, and the followers will have the option to access their exclusive content.

In-App Chat

The creators can interact with the followers through the in-app chat option.

Live Stream

The creators can live stream their exclusive content for their followers and also accept tips from their followers.

The Admin Panel

The admin panel of the OnlyFans app development will have all the necessary features for the admin to monitor the business closely. Let us have a look at some of them:

Manage Creators

The admin can manage the creators' profiles and even block their profiles if they violate the regulations.

Commission Management

The OnlyFans app development will have the admin panel loaded with a feature to manage the commissions for viewing or sharing content.

Manage Followers

The admin of the OnlyFans clone app development will have the option of managing the followers and tracking their activities. They can also block them from violating the app regulations like offensive comments and more.

UI/UX Design Of The App

The OnlyFans clone app development will have a tremendous UI/UX interface and will be quite simple and intuitive. The users will never sign up if they do not find the UI/UX appealing. The cost will be affected drastically as per the UI/UX design of the OnlyFans app development.

Location Of The App Development Company

The OnlyFans clone app development cost will also be affected drastically as per the location of the app development company you choose. The average cost of the app development company will differ with different geolocations.

The charges in Eastern Europe can be as high as $150 per hour, and the charges in the US and Canada can be as high as $250 per hour. However, an efficient app development company in the USA, like Hyperlocal Cloud, will charge less than $25 per hour for their commendable services.

Integration Of Third-Party App And Services

As per the business models chosen, the need for third-party integration might arise and affect the total cost altogether. As per the choice of the client, third-party payment gateways can be integrated into the OnlyFans clone app development solutions.

Get To Know The Complete Cost Of Develop A Clone App Like OnlyFans

Hyperlocal Cloud will provide the best app development solutions for structuring the ideal OnlyFans app development.

Some Interesting Features That Affect OnlyFans Clone App Development Cost

The OnlyFans clone will have room for many interesting features that can provide more traffic to the admin.

Social Media Integration

The OnlyFans clone app development will have the option of integrating social media accounts and even sharing content on major social platforms so your Instagram and Facebook followers can also stay updated with your content. 

Tipping For Creators

The creators of the OnlyFans clone app have the feature of getting tips from their followers. The followers can tip their creators with some exclusive content on their profiles.

Top Fan Badges

The follower that has engaged the most will get a top-fan badge from the creator and will be featured on the creator's profile.

New Fundraising Campaigns

The creators will have a fundraising option to spread the word on numerous hot topics as the OnlyFans app development will be a good source for raising funds and raising the heat among the followers.

Per Per View

For the creators, another important feature is the per-view option through which the creator can decide the amount that the follower will pay to see their content. This feature will open new revenue-generating options for the creators.

In-App Wallets

For the users of the OnlyFans clone, the option for an in-app wallet can help them pay instantly straight from their wallet to access their creators' private content.

The OnlyFans Clone App Development Process We Follow

We can help you get answers on how to create an app like OnlyFans through our development process. Hyperlocal Cloud will start straight from market research to the delivery of a faultless app.

Business Goals

The first part of the development process is understanding the business goals of any of the app developments we make. We analyze the entire business market to predict a growth prediction chart for our customers. In the case of a project like OnlyFans app development, the target audience will be 18+, depending upon the country's norms.

Planning Of The App Development

The next stage is app planning and strategy creation to ensure that the app created will perform its best. This step is also important to list the offerings of the prototype model that will be created before the final development phase.

The Design Phase

For the OnlyFans clone app development, the next step is to use terrific UI/UX design patterns to ensure user engagement. Both the creators and followers should be impressed with the first look of the app to ensure the client retention rate is always at its peak.

The Final Development Stage

After the prototype is approved by the client, the next step is creating the final product. We add all the client-approved features and use the best tech stack to create our clone apps. The app created will be an exact mirror of the OnlyFans app.

The Testing Phase

After we finish the app development procedure, we start with the testing phase. We have multiple app testers who are skilled enough to spot the smallest of bugs in the app and fix them to prepare for the final launch phase.

Product Launch

The next step is the product launch. We launch our clone apps both on the iOS and Android app stores.

Post-Launch Maintenance

Even after the app is launched in the markets, we provide additional maintenance services to our clients for a certain time frame to ensure that the app is working correctly.

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For The OnlyFans Clone Development?

Hyperlocal Cloud has been a leading app development company for almost a decade, with multiple market-leading products developed to date. We will not only lower the cost of developing a clone like OnlyFans but also create the best products on a low budget. We are always there for our clients, right from the start of the product to the end process.

24*7 Chat Support

We are available day and night to solve even the smallest of client queries.

Team Assignment

We assign separate teams for all our projects with app developers, a project lead, testers, support executives, and more to ensure a top-notch app delivery.

On-Time Project Delivery

Hyperlocal Cloud is well-known for its on-time project deliveries, and we are firm believers in the value of time. We will deliver you the OnlyFans clone right on time or even before it.

Timely Project Updates

Our experts will provide you with timely project updates to help you know the development phases in detail. Even though the product is launched in the market, we ensure that the clients get additional support and maintenance services.

Integration Services

Hyperlocal Cloud provides social media, API, and many other integration services to ensure that the OnlyFans clone app is working flawlessly.


With this blog, it must have been clear to you that the cost to develop a clone app like OnlyFans will affect a number of factors, but this clone app development will prove to be a revenue-generating machine for you. With multiple interesting features for creators, fans and admins, this app will create high customer engagement for your business.

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