How To Start a Food Delivery Business In Nigeria?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

June 22, 2023

How To Start a Food Delivery Business In Nigeria?

In Nigeria, it is hard to find a place or street which doesn't have a buka or side restaurant. The food vendors in Nigeria make lots of money, especially at such places where food is cheap and accessible. Generally, the food business in Nigeria runs every day, but it thrives on weekends because of the great bustle of tourists, students, and visitors. So if you are planning to start a food business in Nigeria, this blog will be very helpful to guide you through and start a food business in Nigeria.

Are you a chef or an enthusiastic businessperson looking forward to starting a food business in Nigeria? Don’t worry, Hyperlocal Cloud has got you covered. We deliver the best on-demand food delivery applications, which can boost the reach of your business on another level.

Let us explore the scope of a food delivery business in Nigeria through this blog in detail.

Statistics For Nigeria's Food Delivery Business

The revenue in the Nigerian food market is anticipated to reach $218.10 billion by the end of 2023. Also, the online food business in Nigeria is rising with a CAGR rate of 14.41% annually.


Source By:- Trading Economics

  • As you can see, Nigerian food inflation is growing monthly and is en route to success.
  • The cost of the Nigerian food business has increased by 24.82% in May 2023, and it is expected to rise higher by the end of this session.
  • Food inflation in Nigeria is expected to reach 12% higher by the end of 2024.

How To Start A Food Business In Nigeria?

There are several ways to start a food business in Nigeria. Before starting a business, you must have to prepare yourself for all the necessities. Operating a food delivery business can be done from home. You don’t require any physical location. In such a scenario, consider starting an online food delivery business to maximize your business reach and sales. So it’s the time to get started step-by-step and learn how to take your hand in this business:

Identify Audience

The audience plays an important role in any type of business because all assets and liabilities are made for them. So before starting your food delivery business, you must identify your targeted audience. You can analyze the most selling food on local delivery apps and try to catch reviews and ratings. On behalf of this, you will succeed in deciding your menu.

Market Niche

Determining your niche before starting your business is a very important step. You can’t be selling chicken just because it is popular with people. Try your solid kitchen & cooking skills to get the attention of your audience. For instance, if you are an expert in making puff-puff, do your magic and let people choose puff-puff over chicken. Thus, you will be competing in the market with your own business niche.

Brand Name

For any successful business, naming your brand plays a major role. You must consider you are not opening a typical street food shop just for money. You are about to commence an online food business with a unique brand name. Try to analyze the market and register yourself with a unique brand name for your business. Starting an online food delivery business in Nigeria is easy, but a brand name is mandatory. You can get an Uber Eats clone app with the same features and functionalities as Uber Eats to cater to your food business.


After completing all the processes above, it is time to register your business. Like any other food business in Nigeria, your business needs permission from the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to issue you a license for initiating the food delivery business. You will have to also go through some regulatory bodies of authorities. Also, it is mandatory to get NAFDAC registration for your food delivery business, ensuring your food's hygiene.

Find A Delivery Partner

As your food delivery business in Nigeria will have many customers, your food delivery personnel will reach your customer's doorstep. You should find a reliable delivery partner with a valid driving license. It is a rule that customers won’t enjoy the food if it gets delayed beyond 30 minutes, so find someone who is fast, reliable, and knows the city very well.

Business Advertisement

Without advertisement, your food business will be bound to only a few customers. So advertisement of your online food business is necessary to maximize the reach of your customer. You can take your business on social media platforms, create business IDs, and try posting photos of your meal, discounts, and special eventual rebates to gain customer insights.

Looking For An Online Food Delivery App? Let’s Discuss Together!

Hyperlocal Cloud can help you get a top-notch food delivery app to help your food business reach a high number of consumers. 

Scope Of Food Business In Nigeria

Starting a food business in Nigeria is quite profitable as people in Nigeria love to try delicious food. You can easily achieve double ROI by selling rice and stew on Nigerian streets.

Competitive Landscape

Surveys and comprehensive analysis reports have shown that food and delivery businesses have a competitive landscape. It denotes that if you plan to open a food business in Nigeria, you need to do proper market research, planning, and research on food and business strategy. If you want to compete in the food business, start with the Just Eat Clone app, which occupies every element to run your business on the top level from the beginning.


The profitability of your business depends on location, customer size, and what type of food you are offering. You can make lots of profit by starting your business where ingredients are expensive. To gain a competitive edge, you must beat down existing demand to make your people aware of your business.

Business Niche

To gain an immense profit in your food business in Nigeria, you have to work on a niche that should be easily adaptable. Basically, Nigerian people like rice, potatoes, couscous, grills, and chicken. If you are skilled enough to invent something new with these ingredients, then it’s a win for you.

How Can Hyperlocal Cloud Help You Open Food Business In Nigeria?

Hyperlocal Cloud offers a top-grade online food delivery app that can drive your food delivery business to the next level. Here we’ve mentioned some reasons why you should choose us:

Decades Of Experience

Hyperlocal Cloud occupies decades of experience in launching online food delivery apps. Our app developers are capable enough to transform any vintage business portfolio into a contemporary one and increase sales.

Timely Output

We strictly follow the rule “Don’t wait.” Our team can deliver your desired application in your given time interval after development, deployment, and testing. We also ensure the quality of our development.

Skilled Manpower

The manpower at Hyperlocal Cloud is well-qualified in every latest technology of this era. Our workforce performs their tasks on ethics of professionalism, efficiency, and quality.

Supporting The World

Hyperlocal Cloud has worked with 1200+ worldwide clients and has supplied them with robust technology solutions. From food delivery applications to multi-vendor marketplace, we have granted all top-graded technical solutions to our clients.


Nigeria is one of the fastest-growing economic countries in Africa. It has the highest population in Africa. This indicates that opening an online food delivery or any food business can never go wrong there. Many entrepreneurs are venturing to start the food business, so don’t be left out. Show your cooking skills and passion and start a food business today.

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