How To Start A Delivery Business Like Doordash in 2024?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

April 18, 2024

How To Start A Delivery Business Like Doordash in 2024?

Do you know that one in three Americans uses a food delivery app weekly? Food delivery platforms have revolutionized the food delivery industry. Conveniently, ordering food online is a matter of a few clicks, and that’s why the demand for a food delivery business like DoorDash is rising at a high speed.

Looking at the popularity, businesses find it a great opportunity to invest in such apps and thereby gain massive profits. If you are new in this industry and don’t know about the nitty-gritty, then this article will be of great help. We have covered every important aspect, including development aspect, feature, workflow, revenue models, etc.

Starting a delivery business like Doordash in 2024 might sound daunting, but we have covered everything. If you are still wondering where to start, follow our guide, and don’t hesitate to contact our talented team of experts. But before that, let’s quickly have a look at the stats below;

Statistics Of The Food Delivery Market

The food delivery market is rising and expected to grow rapidly. According to the latest reports, this market will generate massive sales and gain maximum public attention.

  • The online food delivery market revenue is estimated to reach $1.22tn in 2024, with a CAGR of 9.49% (From 2024 to 2029).
  • The economic growth in the food delivery market is predicted to reach $109 billion by the end of 2027.
  • Internationally, China is expected to generate its highest-ever revenue, i.e., $448.90bn in 2024.

Benefits Of Starting An Online Food Delivery Business Like Doordash

Starting an online food delivery business results in enormous business advantages. It helps generate amplified sales, boost revenue, increase customer engagement, etc.

Revenue Opportunities

An online food delivery business helps generate revenue through various modes like subscription, advertising, collaborations, etc.

Data Insights

Helps collect meaningful data based on market trends, patterns, and customer behavior, which helps optimize the service for boosted sales.

Customer Loyalty

Helps build strong relationships with customers by offering personalized experiences that lead to repeat business and long-term loyalty.


Food delivery businesses help scale the business to new heights by encompassing new regions and places that help boost revenue.

How To Start A Delivery Business Like Doordash?

Getting started with any business requires proper planning and effective strategy. Collaborate with our team, discuss your ideas, and give wings to your ideas.

Market Research

Before entering the food delivery industry, it's necessary to research the market, identify the target audience and demographics, analyze your competitors, and gain a thorough understanding of the niche.

Create a Business Plan

The next step is to create a robust business plan that defines the goals and specifies the marketing approach, business model, etc. The roadmap should be built considering the target audience and the ongoing costs.

Choose Appropriate Business Model

Apart from food delivery, other business models can be incorporated, such as grocery, flower, medicine, alcohol, pet sore, etc. Consult with skilled professionals and decide which set of businesses will work well for your business.

App Development

Having a digital presence is important to taking your business to the next level. With app development, businesses can showcase their services to a wider range of audience to gain popularity. A leading food delivery app development company can help you fulfill your dreams into reality.

Technology Integration

Tech integration is the most important aspect of app development. Building an intutive UI/UX design, integrating features, adding functionalities, choosing the tech stacks, etc, becomes pivotal parts as it help perform seamless operations.


To capture more attention, strong marketing is involved to raise awareness among the people. With unlimited marketing channels and using digital collaborations, it serves as the best receipe for business promotion.

Licenses And Permits

Valid licenses and permits are essential to keeping the business in the safest hands. This prevents the business from getting into legal issues or trouble.

To get more business insights, talk to our experts at Hyperlocal Cloud and kickstart your business journey. If you want to amplify the online presence of your food delivery business, build an intuitive and scalable app integrated with top-notch features and design.

Must-Have Features In A Food Delivery App Like DoorDash

There are multiple panels involved in food delivery apps that are embedded with phenomenal attributes. Check them out below;

User App

This app helps customers to browse, navigate, and order food in a seamless manner.

Search & Filter

With this feature, users can search for the restaurant or their favorite food item.

Menu Browsing

This feature allows users to browse the menus and pricing of restaurants nearby or far away.

Order Placement

Users can easily place their orders within the app with just a few clicks by entering their payment method and a valid delivery address.

Order Tracking

After successfully placing the order, users can track the ETAs, delivery partner name & contact no. in real-time.

Multiple Payment Options

The user can make payments via different modes like credit/debit cards, UPI, COD, etc.

Rating & Reviews

It allows users to rate and review their experience with food and the behavior of delivery personnel.

Push Notifications

Allows users to receive notifications about order acceptance, order dispatch/ arrival, announcements related to offers/discounts, etc.

Restaurant App

This app has stupendous features that help restaurant owners streamline their operations.

Restaurant Registration

Allows restaurants to register themselves on the app by entering valid details about the services they are going to provide.

Order Management

Helps restaurants to systematically manage their orders while keeping track of the order details.

Reporting and Analytics

Offers insights about earnings, expenses, etc, that help make informed business decisions.

Customer Reviews

The app allows restaurants to view and reply to customer reviews to build better customer relationships.

Marketing Tools

Helps generate coupon and discount codes, depending upon customer purchase history and preferences.

Integrated Delivery Logistics

Helps restaurant owners manage their own delivery fleet for effective route optimization and tracking the status of orders.

Driver App

Helps drivers to navigate towards their destination in a hassle-free manner.


Drivers can sign up with their name, contact number, vehicle type, vehicle number, preferred location, etc.

Order Acceptance

Allows drivers to accept or decline an upcoming order from a restaurant based on their availability.

GPS Integration

Helps drivers reach their destination on time with optimized routes, telling them about traffic conditions, estimated distance, and arrival time.

Payment Integration

The app is embedded with a payment feature where a driver can accept payment via wallet, UPI, or direct cash.

Admin Panel 

We help admins to monitor the workflow of their business with top-tier features. Here are some:

Business Management

Allows admin to properly manage the user, driver, and restaurant profile for smooth business operation.

Content Management

Helps the admin to manage the content on the app by adding, deleting, and editing the content, images, videos, etc.


A user-friendly dashboard shows all the key metrics, such as total/ active orders, deliveries, user feedback, and driver performance.

Reporting Tools

Helps admins to generate reports on weekly/monthly basis analytics on customer behavior, sales performance, driver efficiency, etc.

Monetization Strategies In Online Delivery Businesses Like DoorDash

Let’s explore some beneficial monetization strategies for a business like DoorDash, which can help you generate additional income:

Service Fee

The app owners can charge a service fee for each successful delivery of food. The amount is particularly calculated as a percentage of total sales and depends on the distance, location, and type of food that has been delivered.

Delivery Surcharges

Delivery surcharges can be charged at peak hours, adding to additional income.

Subscription Fee

Users pay a specific fee to receive exclusive features weekly/monthly, which adds a major part to monetization.

In-App Advertisements

The app owners can collaborate with other marketing brands and organizations, showcasing their services on the app, and charge money.


A food delivery business like DoorDash is a successful idea that can help you generate a high income and promote your business worldwide. As people find it convenient to order food online, your food delivery business can earn considerable money through an app like DoorDash. After considering the success of a delivery business like DoorDash in the future, it is the right time to get your hands on a food delivery business that will flood your revenue stream.

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