How To Start A Delivery Business Like Doordash in 2023?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

August 07, 2023

How To Start A Delivery Business Like Doordash in 2023?

Do you know that one in three Americans uses a food delivery apps weekly? Food delivery platforms have revolutionized the food delivery industry. Conveniently, ordering food online is a matter of a few clicks, and that’s why the demand for a food delivery business like DoorDash is rising at a high speed. It offers various cuisines, dishes, and desserts around a specific location, making it easy for users to satisfy their cravings according to their mood.

So this blog consists of a proper guide on starting a delivery business like DoorDash. We will cover each development aspect, feature, workflow, and monetization option for businesses like DoorDash. Now without taking more time, let’s start exploring:

Scope Of Food Delivery Market

The food delivery market is growing rapidly. Let’s take a glance at some stats to understand this better:

  • The food delivery market started catching growth during the pandemic. It generated $55.34 billion in revenue in 2020, which was way higher than its previous year’s income.
  • The market size of food delivery businesses is expected to reach $86 billion before the end of 2023.
  • It has been monitored that the economic growth in the food delivery market can rise to $109 billion before the end of 2027.

Hence, these stats secures the idea of investing in food delivery businesses like Talabat, DoorDash, and UberEats.

Benefits Of Delivery Businesses Like DoorDash

Starting a food delivery business like Uber Eats, JustEat, and DoorDash has several noteworthy benefits. Here are a few of the top benefits for your business:

Increase Sales

Food delivery businesses can help customers to reach a wide variety of food and dishes who don’t want to visit the restaurant. As customers can order food from anywhere, this can lead to an increase in the number of sales.

Online Visibility

A food delivery business like DoorDash helps in increasing visibility. Because it allows you to collaborate with third parties and show their product ad on your platform, it is absolutely going to help you attract new customers.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Delivery businesses can help restaurants improve customer loyalty by providing a convenient and easy way for customers to order food. This can lead to repeat customers being more likely to spend money at the restaurant.

Reduces Cost

Delivery businesses can help restaurants reduce costs by outsourcing the delivery process to third-party drivers. This can save restaurants money on things like gas, insurance, and vehicle maintenance.

Boost Your Food Delivery Business Like DoorDash And Soar Your Business Sales

Our professional team of developers can help you achieve a food delivery app solution exactly like DoorDash. Get in touch with today and make your business dreams into a full-fledged reality. 

Must-Have Features In A Food Delivery App Like DoorDash

We have categorized the app features to start a food delivery business like DoorDash into 4 sections: admin, users, delivery person, and restaurant. Let’s explore all of them:

User App Features

We develop features for users where they can easily operate the app, order food, and track delivery status. Let’s take a look:

Search & Filter

With this feature, users can search for the restaurant or their favorite food in the app. They can also choose it by filters of taste, quantity, and number of eaters.

Menu Browsing

This feature allows users to browse the menu of the restaurants in their area. It includes a list of food items, reviews, pricing, and adding them to the cart.

Order Placement

Users can easily place their order in a matter of clicks in the app. It includes some segments like delivery time, payment method, and entering the delivery address.

Order Tracking

After successfully placing the order, users can track the ETAs, delivery partner name & contact, live status, and live chat.

Multiple Payment Options

The user can pay in various payment modes like credit/debit card, UPI, Google Pay, net banking, and pay in cash.

Rating & Reviews

This feature allows users to rate & review their experience with food and the behavior of delivery partners. It also helps in improving business strategies.

Push Notifications

It allows users to receive notifications about order acceptance, order dispatch, any message, and the arrival of an order in the app.

Restaurant App

We associate quality features for restaurants that help them communicate better with users, admin, and delivery persons. Let’s explore them all:

Restaurant Registration & Management

DoorDash clone app allows restaurants to register with their information like name, location, contact number, type of dishes, special dishes, and rates.

Order Management

This feature lets restaurants manage upcoming orders. They can easily track, accept, cancel, and view order details using the app.

Payment Processing

The payment processing feature allows restaurants to accept customer payments on various platforms like Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal.

Marketing Tools

This feature allows customers to promote their business with coupons, run promotions, and send promotional emails to users for better reach.

Customer Reviews

The app allows restaurants to view and reply to the reviews given by customers. It also helps to build a relationship with other customers.


This feature provides analytics about performance, sales, most loved food, and overall work progress on a weekly/monthly basis.

Driver App

We embed features for drivers that help them deliver the food on time. Here are some of them:


Drivers can sign-up with their name, contact number, vehicle type, vehicle number, preferred location, etc.

Order Acceptance

The order acceptance feature allows a driver to accept or decline an upcoming order from a restaurant. It includes the restaurant name, order details, and delivery location.


An accurate Google Maps API is embedded that helps drivers locate the restaurant and the delivery location using the app. It also tells them about traffic and ETAs.


The app should be embedded with a payment feature where a driver can accept payment via wallet, direct banking, and cash.

Admin Panel Features

We help admins to monitor the workflow of their business with top-tier features. Here are some:

User & Restaurant Management

This feature lets admins add, replace, contact, and modify the list of restaurants and users. They can also approve and reject the accounts of users and restaurants.

Content Management

The admin needs to manage the content on the app easily. It includes adding and editing the content, uploading new pictures, and managing 3rd party requests.

Order Management

This feature helps admins accept, reject, change, and modify the order from the app. Using the app, they can also track status, order details, payment details, etc.

Payment Processing

It includes viewing payment reports, setting up another payment gateway, and managing refunds in the app.


It helps admins to generate reports on a daily/weekly/monthly basis on both users and restaurants. This lets the admin acknowledge how their business is doing in the market.

Backup And Restore

The app lets admins back and restore the platform’s data and protect it from losing it. They can save it on their hard drive as a backup or upload it to the cloud.

Monetization Strategies In Delivery Businesses Like DoorDash

Let’s explore some beneficial monetization strategies for a business like DoorDash which can help you generate an income:

Service Fee

You can charge a service fee on each successful delivery of food. The amount is particularly calculated in percentage of total sales and depends on distance, location, and type of food that has been delivered.

Delivery Surcharges

Delivery surcharges can be charged at peak seasons, such as delivery or lunchtime, any event, and a flat fee. It is designed to offset the increasing cost of food.

Subscription Fee

You can offer some exclusive features like priority customers, free deliveries, and other perks in the business in return for a fee from the user. It will help you generate money directly from the users without connecting with restaurants.

In-App Advertisements

You can collaborate with other marketing brands, organizations, and food delivery services and advertise their products on the app. On each click or view, you will be entitled to earn an amount.

Redefining The Food Service Sector With A Delivery Business Like DoorDash

Get in touch with our food delivery industry experts today and tell us your ideas. We can guide you through exceptional strategies that can raise sales in your business.

How To Start A Food Delivery Business Like DoorDash?

As DoorDash is a successful business idea, starting a business like DoorDash can be daunting. With a food delivery app development company and experienced team, it can be done perfectly through development of a faultless app. Let’s take a peek at the development process:

Research And Market Analysis

As a prime step, you must dig deeper into the food delivery market and analyze your competitors. Find out their business niche and how many customers they are serving daily. Also, invent some advanced features that can fill the market gap.

Choose A Food Delivery Model

Generally, there are two types of business models for food delivery services: marketplace and aggregator. The marketplace model lists the menu on the app, and customers order food directly from a particular restaurant. The aggregator model lets customers access a variety of foods from different restaurants on a single platform.


Your application's design includes creating a prototype, brand name & logo, color patterns, and font styles. It also includes UI/UX development of the app. The design part also decides the number of pages to include, listing style, information, and restaurant menus.


The development part is where the team codes all the design parts of the application to make it live. Typically, there are two types of development: front-end development, where all the UI/UX, buttons, and content of the application to start your business are implemented with tech stacks like CSS, Javascript, React, and Angular. Back-end development helps secure the application’s server, payment gateways, and APIs from restaurants and other sources using programming languages like Python, Java, C# and PHP.


The testing phase of the app ensures that all the embedded features and pages are working as expected. A QA and testing team is assigned here to complete all the testing. It is also important to ensure that the app is bug-free and doesn’t have any glitches.


After completing the testing and deployment phase of the application, it’s time to deploy the app on global hosting servers like Google Play Store and Apple Store. We deploy your application on global servers for free and provide 3-month post-deployment support.


A food delivery business like DoorDash is a successful idea that can help you generate a high income and promote your business to multiple customers worldwide. As people find convenience in ordering food online, your food delivery business can earn a considerable amount of money through an application like DoorDash. After considering the success of a delivery business like DoorDash in the future, it is the right time to get your hands on a food delivery business that will flood your revenue stream.

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