White Label Transport Booking App

By Hyperlocal Cloud

October 30, 2023

White Label Transport Booking App

The transport industry is dominated by technology. In this technical era, traveling from one place to another is at a fingertip. The demand for transport booking apps is rising as it provides convenience in traveling and pre-planning a trip.

Our white label transport booking app is feature-rich and business-ready. We provide an exclusive platform for businesses that lets users plan their trips and book their preferred travel options from the app. This blog will explain everything about our white label transport app for various bookings. So, let’s start:

What Type Of Booking Can Be Done From Our White Label Transport Booking App?

Our transport booking platform gives access to almost every fleet & vehicle for travelers. Let’s explore in depth:

Bus Ticket Booking

Our white label app allows customers to book buses online by selecting seats, filling in traveler info, and paying fares online.

Train Ticket Booking

Users can easily book train tickets by viewing the route map. Our white label solution lets users book contactless tickets and skip the queue at the station.

Tram Ticket Booking

Passengers can escape the tram queue by booking tickets online from our transport booking app. It also helps in tracking live tram status and estimated time of arrival.

Cruise Ticket Booking

Our cruise reservation section lets passengers book a cruise for transportation from one place to another. It lets passengers book tickets by deciding on deck maps, cabin layouts, routes, and departure & arrival of the ship.

Subway Ticket Booking

It lets users avoid the bustle at the station and take their seats on subways easily. Our app also helps passengers book a curbside pickup at over 11,000+ locations while booking a subway ticket online.

Truck Booking

Our app lets users book trucks online, connecting different agencies to provide shipment services. It enables users to track live tracking and view estimated time to reach and connect with drivers.

Try A Demo Of Our White Label Transport Booking App

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Top Features Of Our White Label Transport Booking App

We provide top features in our transport booking app that let passengers save time and money while traveling. Here is the list:

Real-Time Tracking

We integrate live Google Map API to help passengers track their fleet in real-time with additional information like ETAs, distance left, and ongoing road maintenance.

Multiple Transport Options

In the case of transporting goods, users are independent in choosing their type of vehicle. The vehicle type depends on the good’s weight, size, and quantity.

Advance Booking System

An advanced booking system feature lets users reserve a seat and book their preferred transportation mode before a few days of travel.

Fare Estimate

This feature assists users when they plan to book fleets in bulk. It calculates and reflects the estimated fare based on hour, distance, and type of vehicle.

Secure Payment Options

We embed secure payment options that prevent transactions from getting stuck. Our secure payment gateways have peer-to-peer connectivity, secure socket layers, and compliance with industrial standards.

Rating & Reviews

Passengers can write about their experience of the journey and give feedback. It helps in improving business operations and feeling gaps.

Multi-Language Support

Our white label transport booking app comes with a multi-language support feature that helps passengers to convert the entire app’s content into their native language.

Content Management System

We integrate CMS(Content Management System), which lets admins update and modify the content of the app without any technical expertise.

Multi-Currency Support

We let businesses reach customers beyond the boundaries and pay in their preferred payment options. Our white label transport booking app supports payment in Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Rupees, and many more.

Supercharge Business Sales And Get A Transport Booking App

We let businesses adhere to our white label transport booking app by customizing it according to their brand. It lets businesses reach their target audience effectively.

Key Players Of Transport Booking App

In the USA, there are various transport booking apps that have established their benchmark in transportation services. Here is the list:


Launched in 2012, which lets users help with transportation. Lyft lets drivers drive on their designated schedule and instantly withdraw the earned payment. They have first-grade features to offer their passengers, including sign-up, fare estimation, Lyft Pink for female drivers, gift cards, and rewards.


Amtrak is USA’s leading transport booking application that helps users purchase e-tickets. With the help of Amtrak, users can also purchase tickets while boarding at an unstaffed location. Amtrak allows passengers to book tickets for up to 8 people for an advance period of 11 months.


Wanderu app helps passengers to find better transportation at the lowest price, the best transportation option, and quick & easy support. They have partnered with Amtrak, Miller Transportations, Burlington Trailways, BestBus, and PandaNY Bus. They follow 800,000+ bus routes and 1,340,000 train routes providing transportation services across the USA.


Uber is a transportation company that lets its passengers book their fleet and travel to their destination at any time. Apart from transportation, they offer other services like ride-hailing, food delivery, freight transportation, and package delivery. As it is a popular transportation app, businesses can avail of an Uber clone app and become successful in their startups.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A White Label Transport Booking App?

A full-customized white label booking app for transportation can cost approximately $10,000. The time duration to get the full-cycle app can be within a week. Remember, the reflected amount and time can be affected by numerous factors like the app’s complexity, number of developers, and custom features for different panels like bus booking, tram booking, and ticket booking.

What Benefits Do Our White Label Transport Booking App Offer?

Our white label transport booking app has many benefits to grant in a business. Let’s discuss some of them:

Branding & Customization

We provide a custom transport booking app that can be customized with a logo, color and other design patterns. It helps in promoting the brand identity of the business.

Cost & Time Saving

Our white label solution is affordable and efficient for businesses of all sizes. Unlike developing an app from scratch, white label solutions are cost-effective and have a shorter development time.

Rapid Market Entry

A white label transport booking app requires less time for development. It allows businesses to enter the market quickly and start gaining profits.

Scalability & Flexibility

Our white label booking app for transportation is scalable and allows businesses to cater to the customer’s needs effectively. By customizing it properly and creating a business strategy, businesses can reach a vast number of customers quickly.

Data & Insights

Hyperlocal Cloud revolutionizes the transport industry by providing white label ticket booking solutions that collect data and insights from the customers. It helps in developing and modifying business strategies to increase revenue.

Control & Ownership

With our white label transport booking platform, businesses have the proper control over its design, features, and users. This control allows the business owner to tailor the app as per the needs of a business that grants complete ownership.

Bottom Line

Our white label transportation booking app can drive growth and increase sales in businesses. Our tailor-made app can be customized with the brand’s name and logos to match every necessity of the business. It saves cost, offers scalability, enhances customer experience, and requires low investment and better ROI.

In order to get a top-tier white label transport booking app, Hyperlocal Cloud is an on-demand app development company with vast experience of 13 years and more. We have 150+ professional developers on the floor who help entrepreneurs revolutionize their businesses for better customer reach.

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