White Label Support Ticket System

By Hyperlocal Cloud

October 27, 2023

White Label Support Ticket System

A support ticket system helps businesses to manage & resolve customer’s queries. It is a new way to satisfy and engage customers in a business. Nowadays, the demand for a support ticket system, also known as help desk software, is rising because it helps track issues, manage queries, and communicate to solve doubts.

We provide a top-tier white-label support ticket system that helps businesses fulfill customer requests and bulk ticketings. It helps by assigning a ticket number for each request, which can be tracked easily and resolved. Our software helps in solving common issues that occur while managing bulk requests like loss of context, customer’s context, standardizing approval process, etc. By integrating our white-label ticketing solution, businesses can troubleshoot several problems occurring in a ticket management system.

Industries We Cater To Our White Label Support Ticket System

So, what type of industries can take advantage of our white-label support ticket system? We offer our white-label solution to specific industries, which are:

IT Industries

A white-label help desk software system can help tech companies automate requests of clients and candidates and transfer them to the right departmental manager. It eliminates several kinds of paperwork like resume reading, client’s requirements and passes it automatically to the suitable person who can handle the request.

E-Commerce Business

Our white label support ticket system helps manage queries in one place, making it easy for customers to get their doubts resolved instantly. A support ticket system allows agents to deal with any customer's question and interact with email, phone, web forms, and other communication options in a single spot.


Banks receive thousands of requests daily, and it has always been hard for them to manage bulk requests. Our support ticket system can easily aid banks in tracking customer inquiries and divide them automatically with the relevant department. It also helps in improving customer satisfaction by solving their query in a very short amount of time.

Web Hosting Companies

A help desk software for web hosting companies helps reduce ticket loads, providing technical AI-based support to the portal. Our support ticketing system comes with HTTPS encryption and DDoS mitigation that helps secure customers’ data efficiently. A white-label support ticket system allows web hosting companies to be available 24/7 to address client requests.

Launch Your Own White Label Support Ticket System

Hyperlocal Cloud can help businesses to address customer’s doubts and solve them accurately. Get a customer support ticket system and enhance CRM.

What Features Does Our White Label Support Ticket System Offer?

Attaining our ticketing system comes with various features. We grant a centralized base ticketing system that helps maintain customer service standards. Here are some features we offer:

Automatic Ticket Assigning

This feature helps re-route the incoming ticket or request to the right agent and employee. It helps eliminate stressful paperwork and save time.

Multiple Platform Support

Our support ticket system lets customers submit tickets from different channels like email, website, social media, and live chat.

Ticket Management

The ticket management feature helps track, assign, and prioritize a ticket until it gets resolved or undertaken by an executive.

SLA Management

Monitor the Service Level Agreement (SLA) to ensure that the assigned individual resolves tickets in a timely manner.

Reporting & Analytics

Generate proper reports on ticket volume, customer data, behavior, and response time.

Custom Workflow

This feature helps in customizing the ticket management process that can suit the business owner’s needs.


Our white-label support ticket system is easily accessible on every type of device, which helps in managing tickets from anywhere.


Integrate with other tools like a CSM panel, social media, collaboration with the project management team, and communication platforms. It helps the ticketing system to share the query with the relevant department.

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Advantages Of Our White Label Support Ticket System

Our support ticketing system comes with various business benefits. We have thoroughly researched and implemented everything that can upscale a business. Here are some advantages of our white label support ticket system:

Streamline Business Operations

Our white label smart ticketing system helps businesses smoothen their operations by bringing every customer’s complaint and query together in one spot. It helps businesses to track tickets, set priorities, and send automated responses.

Enhance Customer Experience

Businesses can retain the maximum number of customers by resolving customer’s doubts and queries without delay. By providing quick support to customer’s queries, businesses can improve customer relations, increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases.

Increase Efficiency

Having a support ticketing system helps increase the business’s efficiency by automating monotonous tasks. Our ticketing system tracks the ticket progress end-to-end and helps manage bulk orders.


Opting for a white label support ticket system is more cost effective than building one from scratch. Businesses get the pre-build application with necessary features that save time and prevent investment in other resources and servers.

Try Demo Ready White Label Help Desk System

Get a complete look of our help desk system and know its top-to-bottom functioning and features.

What Is The Cost Of Our White Label Support Ticket System?

Our white label support ticket system costs start from $5,000 and take 5- 15 days for full customization. Please remember, the reflected amount can climb-up and descend depending on various factors like the app’s size, additional features, design, and number of developers on the floor.

Benefits Of Having A White Label Solution Over Building An App From Scratch

So why choose a white label solution rather than create a platform from scratch? It is because of the elements mentioned below:

  • Custom design & feature
  • Budget-friendly
  • Take less time for completion
  • Ongoing maintenance & support
  • Reduce technical expertise

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For White Label Support Ticket System?

Hyperlocal Cloud is a top-tier on-demand app development company that helps industries digitize their business and reach maximum sales. Here are some reasons that differ us from other companies:

Transparent Pricing

We don’t charge any hidden amount other than the negotiated price. We commit to a determined amount before starting the project development.

Unique UI/UX

We create seamless and meaningful UI/UX that is easily navigable, understandable, and accessible for users.

On-Time Delivery

We respect the time and commit to delivering any complex project before the deadline.

Talented Staff

Our 150+ skilled developers are ready to take any development challenge handy. We provide custom white label solutions to match every business's needs.

Agile Methodologies

We focus on requirement discovery and solution improvement by applying creative ideas for development tasks.

Extraordinary Features

Our creative developers embed top features and find solutions to a problem that help a business thrive among its competitors.

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