AR Furniture Placement App

By Hyperlocal Cloud

November 06, 2023

AR Furniture Placement App

Augmented Reality is the new era of visualizing the world. It provides proper control to add a particular shape or style and create a unique view. AR technology is taking place swiftly in different industries like medicine, gaming, repair & maintenance, design, branding, and modeling. Nowadays, civil engineers are also using AR technology to take measurements for their projects.

So, the following blog consists of a comprehensive guide on how an AR furniture placement app works. We will also discuss why a furniture placement app rich with AR technology will be helpful in the future.

Future Of AR Software

If we talk about the future, we can expect to witness profound changes in the 3D visualization segment. Here are some stats that manifest the features of AR software:

  • The economic growth in AR software is estimated to reach $11.92 billion before the end of 2023.
  • Demand for AR software's is rising, and it shows a CAGR of 7.67% between 2023-2027.
  • AR software revenue is projected to reach $16.02 billion before 2027.
  • The ARPU segment tends to be $3.69, which indicates 3.6 billion new registrations of users before 2027.
  • Hence, the mentioned stats above denote that the upcoming future for AR software's is quite lucrative.

How Does An AR Furniture Placement App Work?

Such applications let users or engineers to pre-determine their work. It helps users visualize furniture placement and arrangement. At the same time, engineers, constructors, and builders determine land size before building a flat or home. Now, let’s look at how it works:

  • Users open the built-in camera and place the location that needs to be customized in the frame.
  • They choose icons for furniture placement, such as cushions, beds, chairs, and tables.
  • Users can enlarge or shorten furniture with their fingers and place it according to their preference.
  • Users can click on the place button to find a suitable spot for a particular piece of furniture. It will stick the furniture icon to the desired space.
  • The app allows users to choose & place multiple types of furniture and create a decor of their home virtually.
  • An AR furniture placement app also lets users save pictures of the created decor and share them on other social media platforms.

AR Furniture Placement App Device Requirements

There are some specific requirements for an AR furniture app to render on a device. Here is the list:

Dot Projector

A dot projector in a mobile phone creates 3000+ dots that help create a mathematical representation of a character. It keeps the perspective of the furniture aligned with the user’s view.

7+ MP Camera

In order to catch high-resolution and pixel-perfect virtual furniture, it is recommended to have a mobile phone with a 7+ MP camera. It aids in cropping with perfect pixels, captures high details, and increases sharpness.

Proximity Sensor

Proximity sensors help detect the physical distance from furniture. It helps in keeping a furniture stick to where it is placed with accurate height and weight.

Powerful Processor

A powerful processor is required to prevent furniture from lagging while rotating 360 degrees.

Get A Feature-Rich White Label AR Furniture Placement App From Hyperlocal Cloud

We have researched the market and seeded top features that can stand out a furniture business from its competitors. We also create custom features according to the demands of our clients.

Core Features Of An AR Furniture Placement App

Our AR furniture place app offers unique features to clients. Let’s discuss a few of them:

AR Ruler

The AR ruler is a helpful feature that helps in measuring the room size and adjusting it along with the furniture’s dimensions.

3D Model Modification

Adjust the color, size, and other attributes to set a piece of furniture to a specific place.

Virtual Lighting

To test furniture placement, toggle day and night mode with a virtual lamp.

Augmented Design Templates

This feature contains some ready-made designs that can be found by providing length. These designs can be applied to any room.


With the help of Snapshot, users can take a screenshot of their virtually placed furniture and save it to their gallery.

Social Sharing

Social sharing allows users to share their creativity with friends and family using almost every social media platform. It helps them make better decisions.

Furniture Customization

The furniture customization feature helps change color, size, fabrics and adding extra items along with a particular furniture for better measurement.

AI Furniture Placement

The AI furniture placement helps users decorate their homes by taking some information like height, length, and type of furniture. It takes a few seconds, and AI places furniture automatically in the right place.

What Are Some Advantages Of AR Furniture Placement App?

Determining the home decor with the help of AR technology is the next-generation approach to creating novelty infrastructure. So let’s take a dive into a few benefits of AR furniture placement app:

Increases Customer Engagement

A furniture placement online app rich with AR technology lets users create their dream home virtually. It lets them customize the furniture and settle it to their desired home, which increases the likelihood of making the purchase of the app.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Businesses can showcase their furniture by using AR technology more effectively than opening a physical storefront. It helps save lots of costs and reduces returns from customers, which is helpful in maintaining income flow in the business.

Improving Sales Conversion

By providing a virtual platform, businesses can reach maximum audiences, allowing them to try furniture before buying. It helps businesses to convert browsing customers into buyers.

Competitive Advantage

Having an augmented reality furniture placement app creates a unique business image and provides a distinctive furniture shopping experience for customers. It helps businesses to engage with new customers, retain existing customers and gain a leading position in the furniture industry.

Technologies Used To Build An AR Furniture Placement App

Creating such a first-grade solution requires accomplished knowledge of dynamic technology. We at Hyperlocal Cloud have proficient developers who are experts in giving AR-based applications to match businesses’ needs. So, here is the tech stack we use for developing AR-based furniture placement apps:

UI/UXAR3D ModelingCloud Infrastructure
InVision StudioOculusBlenderAWS
Proto. loQuest SDKMayaHadoop
FigmaARKit3Ds MaxGoogle App Engine
Adobe XDCRYENGINECinema 4DMicrosoft Azure

An AR-powered app must have these technical segments mentioned above. The UI/UX helps to create unique interfaces, AR technologies create realistic furniture, and the 3D modeling helps rotate the chosen furniture 360-degree with pixel-perfect quality. The cloud infrastructure helps store images and videos on the cloud.

Try A Free Demo Of Our White Label AR Furniture Placement App

We let our clients first use then trust. Try our demo-ready AR furniture placement app yourself, which will help you decide on custom features and designs.

Examples Of Some AR Furniture Placement App

There are various apps that set a perfect example of furniture placement using AR technology. Let’s go through some apps and know their features:


Houzz provides its users with the best experience in renovating and designing the infrastructure. The founders of Houzz, Adi and Alon, started from their home and set an example of how their application works. Houzz lets its customers discover new design ideas and know pros and designs with suggestions.


DecorMatter lets its customers decorate their rooms by applying numerous pieces of furniture. They also let customers play design games and earn rewards based on their performance. They provide 3D tree shadows, sunshine effects, and more to make a view more realistic.


HomeStyler lets their users design their dream home with a 3D view. They let users conduct floor planning modeling and render it to save and share as a multimedia file. They grant top features like AI decoration, material editor, lighting editor, interior finishing's, and save the created drawings.

IKEA Place

Embedding AR technology for furniture placement is not new for IKEA place because they have been working on this since 2013. They offer limited categories of furniture but offer their customers a full experience through live trials. In terms of UI/UX, their 3D-built furniture doesn’t glitch in any aspect of pixels.


Wayfair is more focused on shopping AR technology solutions, which helps industries to set up their offices by pre-designing their virtual presence. They are still in the development stage, which is why some of their furniture models are only usable in 2D format. Apart from all, their 3D models' fidelity is high, which provides users with an immersive visual experience.

Cost To Build An AR Furniture Placement App

Making an AR-powered furniture placement app requires modern technologies and software's that are paid. Apart from this, requests for any custom feature and design can also extend the complete development cost and increase time. So, how much does it cost to get a white label AR furniture placement app? Let’s take a look at the breakdown:

ElementsEstimated Cost
Designing & Prototype$2,000 - $4,000
Custom Features$5,000 - $7,000
Developer’s Hourly Rate$25 - $50/hr
Project Manager’s Cost$4,500

These are some major elements that can affect cost significantly. There are some other factors that can raise & lower the cost. So what could be the complete development cost and time?

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For AR Furniture Placement App Development?

Hyperlocal Cloud, a New York-based professional on-demand app development company, holds every suitable record of technology and team that can provide a pre-eminent AR-based furniture placing app. Here are the reasons to choose Hyperlocal Cloud:

Vast Experience

We have 13+ years of experience developing on-demand apps for different sectors like banking, transportation and hyperlocal businesses.

Professional Developers

Our 150+ experienced development team is aware of every modern tech stack required to cater to clients’ business needs.

Global Clients

Our website and app development team has helped over 1250 clients worldwide digitize their business.

Timely Output

We respect our clients as well as time. We commit to deliver the project before the arrival of the deadline.

Faultless Platform

Our QA team double-checks any website or application without deployment. We help our clients to avail a bug-free and errorless white label platform.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

We legally bind the delegated project from our client and ensure privacy and security.

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