Vrbo Clone | White Label Vrbo App & Website

By Hyperlocal Cloud

November 07, 2023

Vrbo Clone | White Label Vrbo App & Website

Digitize your rental business with our ideal VRBO clone app. Be ahead of your competitors with the best rental booking app of all time. Connect with our tech experts and develop a feature-rich Vrbo clone app that helps you manage your business effectively.

HomeAway Now Vrbo!

Recently, in May 2019, “HomeAway” transitioned itself with a new name, “Vrbo.” The acronym for Vrbo stands for "Vacation Rentals by Owner." This app allows the property owners to list their spaces for rent, and on the contrary, the travelers will be able to book the homes as per their desire. Vrbo clone is the one-stop solution for entrepreneurs who want to excel in the online rental business by offering solid rental services to their customers.

Looking To Develop A Quintessential Rental App Like Vrbo For Your Business?

Collaborate with our exceptional team of experts and build an interactive and customer-friendly Vrbo clone app embedded with top-notch features and design. Drop an email and have a direct conversation with our experts at Hyperlocal Cloud!

Top-Tier Features Of Our Vrbo Clone App

Our Vrbo clone possesses remarkable features that enhance the performance and working of the application. Here, we have categorically mentioned the attributes from the user’s, property owners and admin’s point of view.

For Travelers

User Profile Management

Allow users to create their profile on the app by submitting their personalized details like name, email, and phone number. etc., and handle their personal information effectively.

Search Filters

Implement advanced search functionalities with filters for location, dates, property type, price range, and amenities to help users find suitable accommodations.

Booking Option

Offers a secure booking system that allows users to make reservations for properties for availability.

In-App Messaging

With this feature, direct and seamless communication between the property owners and renters takes place.

Reviews and Ratings

Allow users to write reviews/ratings for the properties or rented homes, helping future renters to make informed decisions.

Payment Gateway Integration

Integrate a secure payment system that allows users to make payments for their bookings.

Property Owners

Property Listings

Allows property owners to enlist their properties on the app and add information like location, amenities, prices, images, and availability.

In-Built Google Calendars

Allows fast booking with the perfect synchronization of Google Calendar with the daily calendar to prevent the issue of overbooking.


The owners will also be able to rate their guests on the basis of their stay in the rented homes after the end of the trip.

Seasonal Pricing Calendar

The property owner panel uses this feature to fix prices for the rental spaces as per different seasons.

Push Notifications

Provides notifications to both property owners and users about booking confirmations, inquiries, and other important details.

For Admin

Manage Bookings

Admin possesses access to every reservation detail by the users and handles the reservations quite effectively.

Admin Dashboard

An intuitive dashboard helps manage listings, users, and payments and resolve disputes if they arise.

Auto Payment

Allows admin to generate payments automatically and helps them predict the monthly revenue generation to keep themselves updated with the budget forecasting.

Admin Panel

Provides insights about customer engagement, activities, and overall sales previews in real time. It depicts details like recent bookings, support requests, cancelled bookings, showing continuous status, etc.

The above-mentioned features help contribute to creating an extensive platform that is at par with the original Vrbo app. We have the potential to add features as per the client’s demand, therefore offering full customization services.

Development Steps Involved In Vrbo Clone App

Our Vrbo clone app development undergoes the following steps by our team of seasoned professionals who are adept in cutting-edge technologies. Let’s discuss the development process as follows;

Market Research And Analysis

Before proceeding with any project, it is required to gather every bit of information about the product. Since the app does not have to be built from scratch, we work towards building the app that is instilled with all the attributes present in the original app. Moreover, we are open to customizing the app according to the client’s demands.

Design And Development

When the whole blueprint of the app is decided, it's time for the actual development. During this stage, the UI/UX design of the app is designed to be intuitive so that it is easily navigable. All the visual components, like icons, screens, and buttons, are added to make the app look attractive.

With the use of advanced programming languages and futuristic technologies, our developers help build a robust, reliable, and secure app.

Integrated Features

The Vrbo clone app is integrated with unique features that perform specific functions. The app supports the attributes of app owners, property owners, and the end-users. The main reason behind adding features is to offer a fantastic user experience and accredit customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance And Launch

After developing the app, it is tested multiple times to optimize performance and efficiency by performing several testing techniques. When all the bugs are eliminated, then the app is successfully launched on the desired Play Store.

Post Maintenance Support

There are times when the app crashes suddenly or is followed by several glitches. For such times, our technical support team offers constant support services. To remove the irregularities and faults that cause hindrances in app functioning.

Gear Up For The Marvelous Launch Of Your Own Vrbo Clone App In A Flash!

Hire our skilled and experienced developers who will help you build a marvelous app like Vrbo in no time. Grow your business and gain a competitive edge in the market. For in-depth details, book a consultation with our specialists!

Vrbo Clone- Business Benefits

Taking your business on the online platform provides a significant boost to your business. Our Vrbo clone app offers amazing benefits that work in favor of business growth, some of which are mentioned below;

Customer Engagement

With our Vrbo clone app, you will be able to build a strong connection with the customers by sending them constant notifications about new living spaces, offers, promotions, discounts, etc. Also, with effective social media integration, you can get connected with your customers on several social platforms, thereby capturing new audiences.

Increased ROI And Amplified Sales

Launch your own app like Vrbo fed with intuitive features and design. Spectacular and distinct features and functionalities attract customers, resulting in elevated sales and high ROI.

Unique Business Identity

Our Vrbo clone app will facilitate a unique brand identity for your business. With the help of the insights, you can gain a significantly better understanding of the target audience, which leads to optimized quality of services.

Customer Loyalty

Our Vrbo clone app offers loyalty programs, which is the best way to boost revenue. Benefits like providing discounts and rewards help entice new customers and retain older ones.

Revenue Model Of Our Vrbo Clone App

Extensive lead generation while earning huge amounts of money is the ultimate purpose of developing an application. Leverage the potential of our Vrbo clone app and take your business to new heights.

Commission Fees

The app owner will receive a fair amount of commission fee against the listed services from the property owners on the Vrbo clone app.

In-app Advertisements

The third-party advertisements posted on an app like Vrbo help generate increased money, which results in huge revenue generation.

Subscription Fees

There are several premium features and exclusive rental spaces that require a specific fee to get unlocked. This is known as the subscription fee that the users charge on a regular monthly/yearly basis.

Listing Fees

A subsequent amount of fees is charged from the property owners in the form of listing fees that add up to the revenue.

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Vrbo Clone App?

Our Vrbo clone app development cost ranges from $20k-$50k. Based on the level of personalization, the prices are subject to vary. Check out some of the factors that influence the overall budget.

  • Location Of The Developers
  • Latest Tech Stacks
  • Integrated Features
  • UI/UX Design
  • Size Of The Development Firm
  • Development Process
  • App Complexity

Hire Hyperlocal Cloud As Your App Development Partner!

Hyperlocal Cloud is a prominent app development company that has aided various businesses globally in developing clone apps for diverse niches. With more than a decade of experience in the IT industry, we have the expertise to develop an ultimate Vrbo clone app.

Not convinced yet? Check out some of the reasons that make us distinct from the rest of our competitors.

  • Quick Launch
  • 100% Customization
  • Result-Oriented Approach
  • Expert Professionals
  • On-Time Project Delivery
  • No Language Barrier
  • Pocket-Friendly Prices
  • 24*7 Customer Support
  • Agile Methodologies

Don’t hold back; get in touch with our team and kickstart your development journey today!

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