How To Start An Online Food Delivery Business?

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May 26, 2023

How To Start An Online Food Delivery Business?

The world has seen a rapid change in times after the pandemic era. People stopped visiting food outlets and started ordering food online. Pandemic protocols backed the food delivery business; this brought a sense of trust amongst the customers and made them come back for more.

What sounds better than our favorite dish from a food outlet delivered right to your doorstep?

The food delivery industry rebirthed from the pandemic flames like a phoenix and hasn’t stopped its flight ever since.

Online food deliveries cater to the needs of local residents right to their doorsteps.

As per the recent studies, the global online food delivery market was estimated to be $189B in the year 2021. And the CAGR growth rate to be 10.8% from the year 2022 to 2028. The market seems bright, and this is indeed the right time to invest in a food delivery app.

Are you a food business owner and looking for a way to start an online food delivery business? Hyperlocal Cloud is the best place for you to be as we have already delivered multiple food delivery app projects. With more than 150 developers, we ensure you to provide the best service.

To understand better, let us go through this blog in detail.

The Food Delivery Business And The Law

Many smartphone users, including those busy with tight schedules, dominate the current market. The growing trends in the food delivery business and the new-age technical advancements have contributed majorly to the growth. The food delivery business requires a few legal procedures done to provide hassle-free services to its customers. 

Employment Contracts:

This requires you to get legal paperwork done to hire delivery drivers and legally register them within your company. Your business shall also comply with the safety standards, and you must provide adequate equipment to the delivery partners.

Food/Health Regulations:

As per the regions your business operates in, you will need to have food regulations checked to ensure the outlet’s food hygiene.

Transport Licence:

As per the type of food, you can obtain a transport license. This is highly recommended if the delivery has to be made from your food outlet.

Criminal Background Check:

For this to happen, you need to submit each of your delivery partner’s information to the authorities for them to run background checks.

Business Models To Start A Food Delivery Businesses

The food delivery business will have several business models with separate apps to cater to individual needs. The models will consist of aggregators, independent delivery services, and cloud kitchens.

Aggregator Model:

The aggregator model will have multiple restaurants in a tie-up to provide customers with multiple food options in one place. The model is used by many food delivery giants like Uber Eats, Grubhub as well as DoorDash.

Independent Delivery Services:

They will be the business partners in your food delivery services, and the deliveries will be made for these particular food outlets only.

Cloud Kitchen Model:

This model will work with a single kitchen delivering orders to the customers. This model works best for kitchens that do not wish to dine customers and only provide fresh online deliveries.

Benefits Of A Online Food Delivery Business

To understand better, let us have a look at the benefits of starting a food delivery business through a top-notch delivery app developed by a leading food delivery app development company like Hyperlocal Cloud.

Easy Ordering Process:

Through a food delivery app, your customers can dodge long queues and order from the very comfort of their houses.

Wide Customer Pool:

The outlets can only dine a few diners in their food outlets, but with a food delivery app, they can easily serve hundreds of their customers at their houses.

Convenient Ordering:

This food delivery app is more convenient than ordering via phone conversations or long queues. With a leading food delivery app development company like Hyperlocal Cloud, you can create the app of your dreams.

More Business Opportunities:

Get more business opportunities through food delivery app development, like catering services at gatherings and much more.

Higher Reach:

The best part about a food delivery app development is the fact that the audience of the app is not simply your regular customers. They can be new additions to the area or maybe from anywhere around the globe ordering for their loved ones.

Updated Consumer Data:

With app development in the delivery industry, consumer data is more actively maintained, and you can easily monitor the client retention rate through high-tech graphical representations.

Reach The Competitive Edge And Expand Your Food Delivery Business

Important Features Embedded In The Food Delivery App

Interactive Searches:

This feature can be leveraged by customers who can search for exactly what they wish to order from your food delivery app. Interactive searches with advanced filter options can help customers to filter out any undesirable searches.

Track Order:

Customers can track all orders with the estimated arrival time of the order. They can communicate with the delivery personnel to be updated on the order delivery status.


Customers can get valuable recommendations based on their searches on the food delivery app. In case their preferred food item is not available on the profile of their desired food outlet, they can try a new outlet and even get valuable discounts on it.

Ratings And Reviews:

The customers can rate the overall delivery experience, with ratings and reviews which can be viewed by other customers before they order from that particular outlet.

Multiple Language Support:

The customers and the delivery personnel can operate the food delivery app in their mode of language for the best app experience.

Multiple Payment Options:

Customers can pay via a variety of payment options like PayPal, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and much more. The customers will also have the option to pay via cash.

Live Chat With Voice Prompts:

For the comfort of the delivery man, the app will be loaded with an option for live chat; through this, the delivery personnel can contact the customer and also communicate with voice commands.

Social Media Integration:

Through social media integration, customers can easily log in to the app through their social media accounts.

Review Order History:

The customers, drivers, and the admin can view the order details and the delivery time frames. The admin can track the entire delivery right from when the order is placed to when it is delivered.

GPS and Navigation:

The drivers can utilize this feature to reach the delivery location on time and avoid heavy traffic through shorter route predictions via the in-app map.

In-App Wallet:

Customers can also add money to their app wallet and pay via it during bank server issues. The In-app wallet feature will help the customers to get additional promos and discounts.

Repeat Order Scheduling:

Customers can reschedule their prior orders and order them again directly from their cart.

Examples Of Online Food Delivery Businesses

Before investing in any business, the most important thing is competitor analysis. To understand better, given below are some examples of successful online food delivery businesses.


Uber Eats is the best food ordering app in the United States, just as the on-demand taxi app Uber is also popular in the transportation industry. It offers delicious menus from local food establishments and restaurants and allows users to have food delivered directly to their homes. It offers complete menus from local food establishments and restaurants and allows users to have food delivered directly to their homes. It is among the finest online food ordering platforms in the United States. In 2023, UberEats is available in over 6,000 cities and 24+ countries worldwide. Due to the pandemic, the company is taking every precaution to safeguard its customers and drivers from the contagious virus.


The most famous online food delivery app in the Middle East, Talabat, is a subsidiary of Delivery Hero. Talabat was founded in the year 2004 and has grown to become popular in areas around Jordan and other Middle-Eastern areas. This has been a landmark moment in making it the region's largest and most popular food ordering app, connecting users to restaurants serving cuisines for every taste. Talabat is the go-to platform for online food ordering in the Middle East, boasting a directory of more than 5,500 restaurants, never-ending discounts, offers, and a secure and simple online payment system.


DoorDash is an American food delivery service that primarily connects restaurants with online food delivery businesses. It is a local delivery powerhouse driven by the community. The year 2013 marked the beginning of the company's operations. DoorDash surpassed Uber Eats in the first quarter of 2019 regarding market share and valuation. It is among the most prominent companies in the 16 billion-dollar food delivery app industry. The company offers its most lucrative food delivery service in over 800 U.S. cities. During the Covid-19 pandemic, DoorDash implemented 'contactless' delivery to ensure the safety of their drivers and consumers.

Hungry Panda

The company was established in 2016 in the United Kingdom as an online platform for food and beverages from Asian restaurants. The Chinese food-focused startup is presently operational in six countries and over thirty cities, including the United Kingdom.

Don’t Just Survive, But Thrive With A Food Delivery Business App

Conclusion – Leading Towards A Promising Future

The internet has entirely transformed traditional ordering and delivery methods. Customers tend to spend more money than usual when they can readily order food from the comfort of their homes using their smartphones. The restaurants, on the other hand, will have access to a larger consumer base, which will increase their revenue, so the situation benefits both parties.

To be the finest online food delivery business, you must ensure that your team is constantly improving. To build a solid on-demand application, developers must have the highest level of expertise, so they can choose the best food delivery management software for the business and the best tech stack for food delivery app development, as technology is the new buzzword. And Hyperlocal Cloud is the technological hub for several startups and enterprises who wish to expand their business.

If you need assistance with the development of an app for on-demand food delivery, please contact us, and our team of experts will respond with all the assistance they can provide.

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