How To Build An Online Tutoring Platform?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

May 31, 2023

How To Build An Online Tutoring Platform?

The education industry has witnessed a revolution after the pandemic in 2020. The mode of education shifted from physical lectures to online ones. Through online classes, students had no need to travel to educational institutions and could take their classes from the comfort of their living rooms. Tutoring has also become easier with digitalization; students can get much of their lessons from online tutoring classes. An online tutoring platform will help them to learn in their comfort zones and dodge the travel to coaching institutes.

Are you a tutoring business owner looking for a way to start your very own online tutoring platform? Then Hyperlocal Cloud is the perfect place for you to get a bug-free tutoring platform. Our trained professionals are well aware of the current education market and will embed the best features to meet even the smallest of your business needs.

To understand better, let us go into the depths of this blog and understand the vitals of the online tutoring platform. The tutoring business will rise considerably; seeing the constant world issues, many universities have permanently adopted online teaching modes to impart their education.

Stats For The Online Tutoring Market

The market size and statistics predict that this business is heading toward a brighter future.

The tutoring market is expected to reach a massive amount of $369.69B by the year 2025. And the elearning market in the K-12 section will jump even higher. The market is predicted to jump at a high CAGR of 12% from 2019 to 2023.

By the year 2026, the private tutoring market will be expected to grow by $8.37B, and the growth rate will be 7.61% over this period.

As per the above stats, this is indeed the right time for you to take your tutoring business to the next level.

Benefits Of Building An Online Tutoring Platform

Let us have a look at some of the benefits of the tutoring platform in the points below:

Personalized Experience:

Online teaching gives students and teachers a more personal experience. Most online classes are one-on-one, making students more candid with the teachers. Many pupils struggle with group questioning, and through online learning, they can open up better. In the online tutoring platform, students can ask questions in a one-on-one session. Teachers can also spend more time with students. Teachers can tailor lessons specific to a student’s needs.

Higher Flexibility:

Most online classes are flexible with time and location. Teachers and students agree on the study time. They can also choose the day, type, venue, and number of students in a class. Online teachers can be in another state or nation and yet educate well. The learner and teacher don't need to meet in the same place. Online education is clearly the pathway to the future.

Enhanced Accessibility:

The online tutoring platform will be comfortable and accessible—Students and teachers can study at home or elsewhere. This was the greatest option for most students and teachers during the pandemic and still is. Students and teachers only need an internet connection to attend such an online class.

Guaranteed Safety:

Most people worry about their own and others' safety during and after the pandemic. Online education is the safest and most effective way to learn. Students can be in the comfort of their homes and learn in an interactive class.

Revamp The Education Industry Through An Online Tutoring Platform

Features To Be Included In The Online Tutoring Platform

Making an online tutoring platform from scratch sounds motivating, but then it comes with a larger amount of time and money spent from both sides. At Hyperlocal Cloud, we prepare white-label apps that are ready to serve our clients with the latest market trends. Our online tutoring platform will have all the features and panels to help your business attain a constant revenue flow.

Features of Student App 

The online tutoring platform will have separate interfaces for students. Here are some of the important features:

  • Faster Registration Process:

The online tutoring platform will have a faster registration process through which the students can simply log in with their phone numbers.

  • Push Notifications And Alerts:

Push notifications will help the students get all the necessary updates and lesson reminders through the notifications themselves.

  • Browse For Tutors:

Students can browse for multiple teachers as per their requirements. Be it a biology teacher or a chemistry one; your app will provide them all.

  • Ratings And Reviews:

The students can easily rate the lectures of the tutors on the platform, which will inform the admin of the staff’s performance. The admin will then display the best teachers first to the students per the reviews.

  • Tutor Profile:

The students can easily visit the tutor's profile and check his/her educational background. They can also check the reviews of other students on the tutor profiles.

  • In-App Communications:

The students can communicate with the teachers with the help of an in-app chat and get to know the teacher better.

Features Of Tutor App

The tutor app will have all the necessary features for the teachers to impart their academic knowledge through the power of digitization.

  • Easy Registration:

The tutors in the online tutoring platform can register easily with a few email and phone number verifications.

  • Background Checks:

The tutors can verify their educational backgrounds through a simple verification process which will involve them uploading their documents. The admin will then confirm their registrations.

  • Track Earnings:

The teachers can track their earnings on the app through a separate earning dashboard on their app.

  • Adjust Class Date/Timings:

The teachers can also adjust the time of classes as per their availability and schedule.

  • Lesson History:

The lesson history can be viewed by the teachers, and with it, they can keep track of their lessons.

Features of Admin Panel

The admin panel of the online tutoring platform will have the entire set of management features to help the owner run the business smoothly.

  • Profile Management:

The admin can manage the business by verifying the student and teacher profiles through tools. He can check the student profiles and check the course plan and payments made by each student assigned to the list of courses provided.

  • Reports And Analytics:

The admin can check all the necessary revenue reports on the panel to see exactly where the business stands.

  • Assign Tasks To Tutors:

The tasks assigned to the tutors will be by the admin. He/she can remove or add tutors or students based on their performance and behavior.

  • Real-Time Updates/Alerts:

As the owner of the business, the admin will be the first to get all in-app notifications, and he will also decide the subscription fee for each and every course.

Revenue Models For Running The Online Tutoring Platform

The online tutoring platform will have numerous revenue modes for helping the clients reach a competitive edge. Let us have a look at some of the revenue models below:

Publish Banner Advertisements:

The business owner can publish ads from other players in the education industry on the online tutoring platform to add a constant stream of revenue to the business.

Commission per Booking:

Earn revenue from the tutors on your platform on each paid lesson they take.

Tutor Sponsorship:

Allow the tutors to pay you to list them in special sections.

Subscription Model:

Enroll students in different subscriptions through weekly, monthly, or yearly plans.

Smart And Reliable Online Tutoring Platform

Why Use Hyperlocal Cloud’s Online Tutoring Platform?

Hyperlocal Cloud has developed several market-leading software's during the past thirteen years. Our top-notch software development lets users quickly scale their business.

Best App Design:

Hyperlocal Cloud adds the best features and designs to your platform to make it outstanding. The beautiful app design will attract more customers.

Simple Interface:

We make the internet easy to use so clients can utilize it well. A user-friendly tool helps the admin communicate with their teachers and students.

Fast Loading:

Maintenance checks and bug fixes make our applications load quickly. We update the platform periodically to give your consumers a phenomenal experience.

Best UI Designs:

Our top designers employ the latest graphics to help business owners, and customers understand the program. An innovative graphical interface simplifies program features and makes it appealing to the users.

Timely Delivery:

We always keep our valued clientele happy. We test the app numerous times before delivering it to our clients on time.

Ready to invest in the online tutoring platform? Contact us now to begin your journey!

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