How To Start An Online Tutoring Business?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

May 31, 2023

How To Start An Online Tutoring Business?

Modern education is transforming at a rapid speed. It is observed that by 2026, the global eLearning market will be worth over USD 375 billion, according to Global Market Insights. It will increase by over 8% annually from 2020-2026. (Source)

Although some countries have adopted the trend of online education and distance learning, other countries are also exploring their ways in this trending business. ICEF Monitor (a market intelligence resource for international education) reports that the United States of America, India, China, South Korea, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa have stepped up their game. These nations are also adopting online tutoring, language learning, music instruction, fitness instruction, and many other specialized areas of education.

Online tutoring has rapidly expanded in recent years due to its benefits to tutors, parents, and students.

Are you an entrepreneur looking to enter an online tutoring business and earn serious revenue? This blog post discusses the advantages of starting an online tutoring business, the necessary steps for your online tutoring platform development, and the must-have features.

Online Tutoring- The Billion-Dollar Business

As the demand for personalized learning has increased and smartphones, tablets, and other smart digital devices have proliferated, people have increasingly favored online tutoring.

Online tutoring offers amazing schedule flexibility and provides the opportunity to do meaningful work. Offering tutoring services online through an ace platform development service will allow tutors to set their hours and prices, a major perk.

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Advantages of Starting An Online Tutoring Business

As mentioned, the online tutoring industry has rapidly replaced the conventional educational model in recent years. This has created numerous opportunities for people to launch successful online tutoring apps. Let's explore some reasons to launch an online tutoring service here.

Global Reach: Starting an online tutoring business can reach a worldwide audience.

Reduced Operating Costs: Setting up online tutoring business reduces the expenses of tutors on things like gas, repairs, and office space, thereby lowering overhead costs.

Flexibility: Tutors and other stakeholders in the online tutoring industry can tailor their tutoring sessions to their busy schedules, enjoying a great deal of flexibility.

Customer Data: An online tutoring platform allows you to collect information about your customers, which you can use to improve your marketing efforts and attract more students.

High Demand: Efficient and easy-to-schedule online tutoring services are experiencing high demand.

Revenue Streams for An Online Tutoring Business

Why starting an online tutoring business is a profitable idea? Here we explore the revenue opportunities for online tutoring businesses:

Commission from Tutors: Tutors pay a commission to the business owners for each completed session, and the owners keep a percentage of it.

Subscription: Making money online through a subscription is one of the most common ways. The tutoring platform offers unlimited access to lessons for students who pay a monthly or yearly fee.

Pay-Per-Session: The tutoring platform offers free resources, but business owners can also promote paid sessions with tutors to attract more students.

Freemium: Freemium models provide some forms of education and interaction for free. On the other hand, platforms could offer certification upon completion of an advanced course for a fee.

Tiered Access: The site administrator or business owner can establish multiple membership tiers at varying costs. Before committing to a membership, users can see what each tier offers.

Advertisements: Hosting paid advertisements in your online tutoring app can monetize your business effectively.

How to Start an Online Tutoring Business?

Here is a step-by-step guide for starting an online tutoring business. 

Market Survey & Research

In general, tutors instruct students and administer assessments to determine their progress. However, tutoring platforms provide more than just tutoring. Many online tutoring apps sell study materials and offer specialized classes to maximize their revenues.

Conduct extensive market research to identify the current norms and preferences. Knowing the most effective online teaching strategy, understanding your customer's needs, and being aware of your competitors' actions are essential. With this information, you can make more informed decisions as you design the features of your tutoring business.

Define Target Audience

Conducting market research can help you learn more about your target demographic, including their age, education level, household income, and more. Once you identify your ideal clientele, you'll better understand how to deliver your tutoring services.

Have A Business Plan

You must create a solid business plan after completing market analysis and identifying your target demographic. You must conduct extensive research to set your tutoring rates on the platform. It could also mean picking a solution or developing something from scratch.

Build The Online Tutoring Platform

There are two ways to create a platform for an online tutoring business.

  • Custom Development
  • Readymade Solution

Custom Development: Creating an online tutoring platform based on a company's specific requirements is called "custom development." Buying a premade product is faster and cheaper than taking this approach.

Readymade Solution: This is the way to go if you want to start an online tutoring platform without spending much time or money. There is no need for further development. You can easily launch your online tutoring app with readymade solutions within a few days.

Platform Deployment And Marketing

Once the tutoring app is developed, it's time to deploy it and make it available to the public as the next step. Preparation is required for the process, and users should execute it methodically before making the platform available. Additionally, one can employ various promotional strategies to create awareness among the relevant demographic. These include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Advertising

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Must-Have Features Of An Online Tutoring App

Entrepreneurs wonder what they can do to set themselves apart from the competition as the number of websites providing online tutoring services is rapidly increasing. Developers must recognize the right set of tutor app features and understand their role in a teacher's and student's practices for successful online tutoring app development.

Your online tutor platform requires a comprehensive list of requirements, ranging from the most fundamental elements to the most advanced ones. We have compiled a list of essential features to include in the app we will develop for you.

To create an interactive, effective, and feasible tutor mobile platform for tutors, students, and administration, you must incorporate various features that significantly impact each area.

Let's jot down some notes one by one.

Features Of Student Panel

An online tutoring platform should have following features for student panel.

Social Media/ Direct Login: Users can access their accounts by entering their email and password directly or through their preferred social media.

Browse Tutor: The users can browse for instructors who teach the subjects they need help with or the courses that fit their schedules and schedule preferences in the Browse Tutor tab.

Check Tutor Details & Reviews: Tutors' reviews, course requirements, areas of expertise, and experience levels will be available for students to read and learn more about.

Post Requirement: The platform will enable users to post their needs to find the right tutor based on their grades, courses, preferred times, and subjects they want to learn.

Book a Tutor: After reading through the reviews of available tutors, users can book a tutor and immediately start working on their chosen subjects or courses.

Chat with Chosen Tutor: Preferred teachers can converse with users about scheduling, tuition costs, and other factors that can improve their learning environment.

Ratings & Reviews: Users may base the quality of services they have received on their personal experiences and provide ratings and reviews accordingly. Users can rate tutors on various factors, such as teaching quality, schedule adherence, and behavior.

Features Of Teachers Panel

An online tutoring platform should have following features for teachers panel.

Profile Setup: Instructors can set their profile and sign in using their existing credentials from a linked social media or email account through the Profile Creation function.

Edit Availability Timings: Tutors can edit their availability times to make them more or less flexible depending on the number of scheduled lessons.

Accept or Reject Requests: Users can request a lesson, and tutors can accept or reject the request based on availability and schedule.

View or Edit Bookings: Instructors can access and modify their existing bookings and view and check their students' schedules. They can track all current and past lessons.

Check Weekly & Monthly Earning: Teachers can track their weekly and monthly earnings based on the number of ongoing lessons, allowing them to budget accordingly. They can also track individual lessons that resulted in fees being incurred.

Communication with Students: This feature enables tutors to respond to questions and inform students of any schedule changes, allowing tutors and students to stay in touch.

Features Of Admin Panel

An online tutoring platform should have following features for admin panel.

Efficient Analysis: The Tutor Platform Analyzes And Stores All Registered Users And Tutors Who Use The App's Services For Future Reference.

Statistics: The Platform Tracks And Keeps Statistics On Services Used, Popular Locations, And All Transactions.

Managing Tutors & Services: You Can Keep Tabs On All Of The Tutors Who Sign Up For The App And Their Services, As Well As Their Credentials And Areas Of Expertise In 'Managing Tutors & Services.

Listing & Management: The Admin has to keep track of and monitor college and school grades, course grades, and specializations offered.

Reports & Earnings: The admin can keep track of all tutors and their payments on a monthly or weekly basis to maintain a productive educational ecosystem.

Student Manager: The Student Manager enables the Admin to manage all students' course and fee information.

Jobs Assignment & Manager: The Administrator processes all requests for tuition assistance.

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Advanced Features Of Online Tutoring Apps

An online tutoring platform should have the following features.

Smart Search Option

The first step for the user is to search for information that will assist them in learning. How can one perfect this essential process best? Quickly identify relevant keywords by implementing a sophisticated search. Ensure that your algorithm considers incorrectly typed keywords. Include auto-suggest in the search bar to help users quickly find the content they want and improve their experience.

Best Courses Updates

Putting the most popular courses on the home page gives students a general idea of what your platform is best for and how people like to learn. Ensure you vary your course list and add value, regardless of what you intend to teach students. The big numbers would interest anyone who looks at them.

Know Where You Leave

The convenience of saving their shopping cart progress and returning to finish the transaction later is loved by users. People have applied the same idea to education development. The online platform should allow students to resume a previously paused recorded lecture.

Offline Access

All other online tutoring services offer this as a standard offering. Digital companies acknowledge that people have varying levels of internet access, regardless of the content they display. Like Netflix and YouTube, our application will allow you to chat even when you're not connected to the internet. This feature in your tutoring app will provide users with appreciated flexibility.

Interactive Assessments

Teachers can use quizzes to wrap up a lesson and test students' ability to retain information in a fun way. An online tutor platform would be no better than an electronic book without engaging in some two-way communication with users. Including chapter-specific tests can take it a step further. For instance, students often revisit tutorials for a second or third time. Students can test their progress on new challenges if your platform includes a revision tracker.

Instructor Log

Posting multiple-choice quizzes in the middle of class allows teachers to gauge students' engagement and performance.


We can easily prepare for and depart from school on time. What about e-tutoring? That's why online tutoring platforms should have a notifications feature. Send alerts to keep students glued to their screens or to remind them to finish a recorded session they left in the middle of. Notifications must be useful to the user, who should be treated as a person, not just a customer.

Multi-Device Compatibility

Ensure your platform is compatible with all major mobile and desktop browsers, as users may try it out on different devices.


Online tutoring platforms must provide language support since customers from all over the world will use it.

Best Tutor Booking Apps and Websites

These online tutoring platforms have made their mark in the industry by providing various indispensable services and programs. Here's a rundown of the most well-known and highly-regarded ones.

1. Byju's Students

2. Chegg Tutors

3. Flipclass

4. Tutree

5. Genext Students

Popular Tech Stack For Tutor App Development

To stay ahead of the competition and meet the diverse needs of your users, you should build your tutoring platform with the best possible technology stack.

  • Push Notifications: Twilio,
  • Voice, SMS, and Phone Verification: Twilio, Nexmo
  • Payments: Stripe, EWallets, Braintree & PayPal
  • Real-Time Analytics: Cisco, IBM, Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink
  • Database: Cassandra, MailChimp Integration, MongoDB, HBase, Postgres
  • Cloud Environment: Google, Azure, AWS

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Benefits Of Online Tutoring Business: Have A Look Right Away!

Saves Time And Money

To provide traditional tutoring services, you must arrange a place for students to sit and charge them for their electricity use. However, you can save the expenses by making your online tutoring platform. The digital platform benefits students of all stripes because they can access the course materials easily and quickly.

New Learning Methods

An online tutoring platform is best for students to receive help with a difficult concept. Students benefit greatly from the ability to communicate with experts one-to-one and gain access to engaging resources.

Earning Options

Do online tests or classes that start at a certain time sound familiar to you? Charge students a fee to sign up for an online test. One could think of it as the best way to make money.

Easier And Faster Process

Informing parents and students of schedule shifts for things like traditional tuition is a tedious and annoying process. However, the push notification function of the tutor app streamlines the process significantly. It systematically manages additional matters in a matter of seconds.

Real-Time Conversation

Many students fear speaking up in class. Various reasons, including their natural shyness, may cause students to be reluctant to ask questions. The tutoring app provides a great platform for having a conversation. A specialist can answer students' questions in real-time with this option.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An Online Tutoring App?

Several variables determine the total amount spent on creating a tutoring app or any app. In some places, developing a tutoring app can cost a lot, while in others, it can be inexpensive. Finding a competent app developer in a convenient location always benefits. Making an app costs between $7,000 and $30,000 for just one platform (iOS or Android) when you add up all the associated costs.

Researching and deciding on an app that supports multiple platforms like mobile, ios, tablet or Web or includes additional features can increase the cost of developing an app by as much as $45,000. Spending around $70,000 guarantees your place in the competitive market.

Tutor App Development Price In The USA

Development companies in the United States typically charge between $160 and $250 per hour to develop a tutoring app.

Tutor App Cost in India

Developers charge $20 to $40 per hour to create an app for virtual tutoring in India.

Tutor Application Development Cost In The UK

Tutoring companies in the UK charge anywhere from £90 to £175 an hour for developing a tutoring app.

Tutor Application Development Cost In Australia

Hiring a tutor app developer in Australia costs between $100 and $150 per hour.

Tutor App Building Cost Tn UAE

Tutoring app developers in the United Arab Emirates can charge anywhere from $40 to $90 per hour.


A teacher or textbook can help you learn with some time. The ever-increasing pressure to excel in one's chosen field has led to a high demand for private tutors. More people are willing to pay for private tutors, which has increased the demand for their services. Innovative teaching methods have caught up to the market as a result.

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