Glovo Clone App | Build A SuperApp Like Glovo

By Hyperlocal Cloud

February 01, 2024

Glovo Clone App | Build A SuperApp Like Glovo

Transform your business with an advanced multi-delivery app that offers multiple services on a single platform such as food, groceries, medicines, courier, etc. With our white label solution, you will get a complete feature set with an attractive UI/UX design. Pick the simplistic way of generating profits and driving maximum business growth by offering phenomenal delivery services. Connect with our team at Hyperlocal Cloud and get a custom-fit Glovo clone app available at cost-effective prices. 

How Does Glovo Clone App Work?

The app allows customers to place their favorite orders through the customer panel. On the store panel, the store prepares the package for dispatch. Following this, the delivery personnel, upon receiving the request, picks up the order and delivers it to the desired location. The payment takes place from the preferred payment mode.

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Top-notch Features Offered By Our Glove Clone App

Various features are provided by our application, be it a customer, store, or driver app. These offer a seamless workflow, providing exceptional functionalities while smoothly maintaining all the business operations.

Customer App

Advanced Search

Helps customers browse through diverse categories like groceries, restaurants, pharmacies, etc, to search for various items.

Real-time Tracking

It helps track the order status from ordering to dispatch until delivery, showing arrival and departure times at every point.

Multi-Payment Options

The customers are able to perform payments through various payment modes like wallets, debit/credit, or cash on delivery.

Order History

Customers can check their order history at any moment if they want to reorder their preferred items.

Reviews and ratings

Customers can add feedback through the reviews/ratings feature depicting their experience for every item.

Order Customization

Allows customers to customize their orders with specific preferences and allows them to pick between express or scheduled deliveries.

Driver App

Accept/Decline Orders

Drivers get instant alerts for delivery requests, enabling drivers to accept and decline order requests based on availability.

Route Optimization

Helps access optimized delivery routes, thereby minimizing travel time, resulting in efficient time management.

Performance Ratings

Helps build a positive driver profile through passenger ratings and enhances opportunities for more deliveries with top ratings.

Earnings Dashboard

With this feature, the drivers can track their daily, weekly, & monthly earnings and view in-depth earnings reports and transaction history.

Easy Onboarding

Help new drivers with a simple and quick registration process by verifying documents and accepting delivery requests.

Communication Tools

With the advanced customer support for assistance during deliveries, in-app communication with passengers becomes easier.

Store App

Real-Time Communication

This attribute maintains instantaneous communication with delivery personnel by offering constant order details.

Order Management

On receiving orders, the proper management, including monitoring and fulfilling the customer's orders takes place with this feature.

Order Preparation

It allows the stores to upgrade their order status and show their progress to keep the customers in the loop.


With the built-in navigation tools, the mapping services are fully integrated with the app, with real-time traffic details showing the driver’s every moment.

Product Management

Helps store owners in the swift management of their products by listing them and showing availability within the app.

Special Offers/Discounts

Helps create unique offers and promotional codes that entice customers and generate massive sales.

Admin Panel

Analytics and Reporting

With access to real-time analytics on orders, deliveries, and user behavior, app owners can generate comprehensive reports for business insights.

User Management Tools

These help in the seamless management of passenger and driver accounts, resulting in high efficiency and boosted productivity.

Marketing Promotional Tools

Helps create and manage marketing campaigns, promotions, and discounts to check the effectiveness of promotional activities.

Security And Compliance

Data encryption protocols and adhering to local regulations and data protection laws prevent unauthorized access and fraudulent activities.

Support and Feedback

This feature handles customer support queries and issues effectively by reviewing feedback and making improvements based on user suggestions.

Service Management

Helps in the addition, modification, and removal of on-demand services and updates menus & offerings from partnered businesses.

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Expand Your Business's Customer Base With A Glovo Clone App

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Business Benefits Of Glovo Clone

Enjoy the multitude of benefits our Glovo clone app offers and make your on-demand business much more popular and spectacular than ever before.

Branding Opportunities

Helps in the proper personalization of the storefront within the app and strongly reinforces the brand identity and recognition.

Customer Retention

Helps build customer loyalty through positive reviews and ratings and implementing feedback to amplify services and customer satisfaction.

Effective Order Management

Streamlines order processing and management through the admin panel and optimizes delivery routes for quicker and cost-effective deliveries.

Boosted Sales

Our Glovo clone app amplifies sales and expands revenue streams due to the quick and efficient services it provides to customers.

Increased Visibility

With fantastic on-demand services and marvelous attributes, the brand visibility is enhanced, and users gain exposure among a wider audience.

Global Reach

Aids in expanding the business across the globe catering to almost all cities and regions that help gain more opportunities and achieve high ROI.

Community Engagement

Our Glovo clone engages and builds strong relationships within the community and therefore, participates in events and initiatives facilitated by the app.

Revenue Model Of Glovo Clone App

Leveraging a multiservice app for your business offers an array of perks, from enhanced visibility to well-organized operations and increased customers. Moreover, it also acts as a great revenue-generation machine that aids in earning huge income and maximizes profitability to the next level.

Promotional Partnerships

Another great source of revenue is the collaboration with businesses to run promotional campaigns. It includes joint marketing efforts, special discounts, and revenue-sharing arrangements.

Subscription Services

Some on-demand delivery apps offer subscription services. For exceptional services, users must pay monthly and yearly fees to acquire benefits like reduced delivery fees, exclusive promotions, and quick delivery.

Service Fees

Businesses partnering with the app will have to pay a commission/service fee i.e., a percentage of the total order value for every transaction processed within the platform.

Restaurant Marketing Services

Restaurants and businesses on the platform pay for additional marketing services that enhance their visibility within the app, like targeted advertising, sponsored listings, and featured placements.

Data Monetization

The aggregated and anonymized data generated according to user behavior and delivery pattern preferences is liable to be monetized. Such useful information is valuable for businesses and advertisers looking for market insights.

In-App Advertising

Exhibiting targeted advertisements within the app allows businesses to promote their products/services to a relevant audience and charge money for such services.

Peak Time Charges

At busy times, like lunch or dinner rush hours, the Glovo clone app implements surge pricing and charges higher delivery fees to balance out supply and demand.

The Glovo clone app revenue model is dynamic, integrating different strategies to generate gigantic income from users and businesses. The ability to adapt to various markets contributes towards the success of their business model.

Build an App Like Glovo With Us

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Glove Clone App?

Our glove clone app development cost ranges from $20k-$50k. This is an estimated pricing as there are several factors that influence the overall budget. We have mentioned some of them as follows;

  • Development Process
  • App complexity
  • UI/UX Design
  • Integrated features
  • Tech-stacks

It’s time to discuss your project ideas with our business analysts; they will advise you and put you on the right track. Book a consultation and schedule your appointment now!

Why Hire Hyperlocal Cloud For Your App Development Project?

Hyperlocal Cloud is a brand name when it comes to building user-friendly and tech-supportive apps. We are known for providing fantastic solutions that are aligned with modern businesses. Our talented developers have the potential to incorporate alluring features, powerful panels, visually appealing UI/UX design, etc

  • Timely Project Delivery
  • 24*7 Customer Support
  • Transparent Pricing Policies
  • Seasoned Developers
  • Cost-Effective Prices
  • Customization
  • Proven Results

Gear yourself to become a part of this elite business and make your mark in this ever-evolving tech world.

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