How Much Does It Cost To Develop An E-Wallet App?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

November 22, 2023

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An E-Wallet App?

In this world of a technical era where everything has been digitized, there is always hesitation while transferring an amount to another party. A few factors always come into action in this scenario, like bank server down, password threats, and security pin breaches. Fortunately, e-wallets have the potential to tackle all of these problems.

From renting a car online to booking flights, from purchasing groceries to ordering food online, every application is integrated with an online e-wallet.

Using an e-wallet for transactions has many benefits: security, convenience, swift & easy transactions, and efficiency. That’s why it is dominating other payment gateways. Nowadays, every online application is integrated with an online e-wallet. That’s why the cost of developing an e-wallet app differs. Let’s explore comprehensively:

E-Wallet App Development Cost

The complete cost of developing an e-wallet app is approximately $35,000, and it can take 1-2 weeks to get the full-stack app. Please remember the development cost & time tend to hike & shrink due to numerous factors, as mentioned below:

  • Dynamic tech stack
  • Customized feature
  • Complexity of the app
  • Number of active workforce
  • Modern design
  • Size of the company
  • Operating Platform

Now, let’s understand the cost breakdown by undertaking different elements.

E-Wallet Features Complexity Cost Breakdown

So how do features of e-wallet affect the cost? Take a look here:

Type Of FeaturesDescriptionEstimated Cost
Basic FeaturesRequires no other integration and can be created directly.$15,000 - $28,000
Moderate FeaturesRequires a paid third-party integration.$29,000 - $32,000
App with Advance FeaturesInspired by other e-wallet features or any innovative feature ideas. It requires incorporation with third-party APIs, sometimes exclusive UI/UX frameworks, and code clones from other sources.$33,000 - $75,000

E-Wallet Development Cost Breakdown According To App’s Complexity

Yes, the app’s complexity has a major role to play in increasing and decreasing development costs. Let’s understand with a table:

DifficultyApp’s ScreenEstimated Cost
Easy8 - 10$25,000
Moderate11 - 14$55,000
Difficult16 - 20$70,000+

Impact Of Region On E-Wallet App Development Cost

Different regions have their own financial strategies. Thus, it becomes crucial to check the location before delegating an e-wallet project. Let’s take a look:

CountriesEstimated Price (hr)
USA$80 - $100
UK$70 - $80
Europe$60 - $70
Australia$55 - $65
China$40 - $50
India$25 - $50

Still not comfortable with the prices? Connect with Hyperlocal Cloud because we offer our clients an affordable amount of <$25 and create e-wallet applications as desired.

Types Of E-Wallets That Influence Development Cost

There are different types of digital wallets, each with its own specialties. The digital wallet types also play a major role when integrating it with other applications. Let’s explore types of wallets and their costings in depth:

Digital WalletsEstimated Price
Closed Wallet$45,000
Semi-Closed Wallet$35,000
Open Wallet$50,000
Crypto Wallet$65,000

Sublime Features Of An E-Wallet App

Crafting top features in an e-wallet app can help consumers and businesses perform seamless transactions. There are some features that are advanced and need additional expertise to create, resulting in an increase in e-wallet app development costs. Here is the list of top features to have:

Easy Addition Of Money

This feature allows users to add money easily after registration of their bank account. Users also can use auto-add money on a decided interval.

One Factor KYC

After login, it is required to do the KYC to link bank accounts with e-wallets. There needs to be a single page to complete all the formalities of KYCs to make the app hassle-free.

Transaction History & Notifications

This feature lets the user view the completed transactions in the past few days. Users can also choose to download them in the format of PDF by deciding the transaction history range. The pop notification feature helps aware of every activity inside the app.

Transfer Money To Bank Account

With the help of these features, users can easily transfer their e-wallet amount directly into their bank account. They can also add other recipient’s account numbers. It needs to be secure, swift, and convenient.

Bill Payment

An e-wallet must facilitate the feature of bill payment options like electricity bills, gas bills, mortgages, home rent, and more. It requires third-party integration to connect with a biller, significantly impacting the e-wallet app development cost.

No-Contact Payment

Contactless payment methods like QR, iBeacon, sound-wave payments, mobile banking, and NFC (Near Field Communication) are quite popular. So, it becomes essential to have no-contact payment options to make contactless payments at stores and to send money online.

Secure Login

Security should be a priority while developing an e-wallet app. It should not miss authentication types like fingerprint verification, login with PIN, facial recognition, and two-factor authentication.

Professional Dashboard

The professional dashboard is where users can monitor their payment activities like remaining payments, the next scheduled autopay, the month's expenses, and many more.

Multi-Currency Conversion

An e-wallet app must convert money into the preferred currency. It must also calculate the conversion rates and taxes automatically.

P2P Payment Options

This P2P option is very helpful while making payments to anyone. It lets users pay any member from their saved contacts directly without any need for an intermediary. This feature has a particular use in splitting bills and making payments online.

24×7 Customer Support

The features above are enough to grant almost every service to the targeted audience. However, users can connect with the customer care executive anytime if something is not going right.

Business Benefits Of An e-Wallet App

Having an e-wallet application comes with lots of business benefits. Let’s explore some of them:

Improved Transaction Speeds

Having a digital wallet increases the money transaction speed, eliminating the traditional physical wallet method. This approach helps users to transfer money in return for goods and services hassle-free. This increases the chance for customers to use an e-wallet for their next payment.

Increased Customer Retention

An e-wallet app has been proven successful in giving repetitive business to customers. As it provides payment convenience and security, people are seen making payments online through an e-wallet rather than using cash. Thus, e-wallets play an important role in a business.

Prevent Frauds

E-wallets are considered safe because they are protected and use biometric authentications. Users can easily link their bank accounts without worrying about security and initiate payments. This practice increases goodwill for a business and stimulates people to use e-wallet applications for quick payments.

Financial Securities

An e-wallet offers financial security to both the customers and business person. It uses advanced encryption, tokenization, and other attributes to secure an online payment. An e-wallet is capable of tackling almost every financial security measure, like equity, debt, hybrid, and derivatives.

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For E-Wallet App Development?

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