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Hyperlocal Cloud's Practo Clone Is Designed For Your Success

Hyperlocal Cloud has been a clone app development company for the last 3+ years with multiple market leading products launched to date. Get your Practo Clone app now!

Doctor Appointment Booking App

Redefining Healthcare Sector With Doctor Appointment Booking App

After the pandemic outbreak, people chose to consult doctors online for their routine consultations. Online consultations have provided patients with remote services allowing them to avoid unnecessary travel and seek medical help in the very comfort of their homes.

An on demand doctor app developed by us will offer a high-end user experience to patients and also provide the admin will the best features taking their doctor appointment booking app to the next level.

Innovative Panels Of Our Practo Clone App

Hyperlocal Cloud has been an app development company for the last 3+ years, and we work on all types of on-demand apps. The doctor appointment booking app which we develop will have separate panels for the admin, doctor, and patient.

Practo Clone Patient App

Our on demand doctor app will have the latest appointment booking features for the patients.

Notable Features Include:
  • Schedule Appointments

    Schedule appointments for in-clinic and online appointments with multiple payment modes.

  • Health Articles

    Health articles provided by us will keep the patients updated about the latest health news.

  • Doctor Profile

    Get detailed doctor information and choose the best ones as per their ratings and reviews.

Practo Clone Patient App
Practo Clone Doctor App

Practo Clone Doctor App

At Hyperlocal Cloud, the doctor appointment booking app will be a smooth consultation experience for the doctors with several unique features, some of them being,

Notable Features Include:
  • Appointment Calendar

    The Practo Clone will enable the doctors to oversee their appointments in the calendar.

  • In-App Chat

    Doctors can communicate with the patients through the chat feature in the doctor app.

  • Remote Consultation

    Doctors on your on demand doctor app will offer remote services via video/audio calls.

Practo Clone Admin Panel

The admin of the Practo Clone app will get all the features to manage the business effectively.

Notable Features Include:
  • Service Module

    Admin can check and update the service module of the on demand Practo Clone app.

  • Notification Module

    Get notified in real-time through alerts on the admin panel of your Practo Clone app.

  • Report And Analytics

    The admin can see the graphical representation of the insights for better management.

Practo Clone Admin Panel

Practo Clone: Provide Your Patients With Constant Health Support

Our Practo Clone app will provide patients with the best doctors and health professionals, all in one place.

Must-Have Features Of The Practo Clone App

The Practo Clone will have what it takes to take your business to new heights and attain a constant revenue stream.

Instant Video Consultation Feature Of Practo Clone App

Instant Video Consultation

Our Practo Clone app will have the latest features to get instant consultation over video calls from anywhere around the globe.

Pharmacy Integration Feature Of Practo Clone App

Pharmacy Integration

Our on demand doctor app will also have the option of delivering medicines to patients in real-time for their convenience.

Lab Appointments Feature Of Practo Clone App

Lab Appointments

The patients registered in your Practo Clone app can get lab tests booked directly through the app to avoid traveling to centers.

Upload Test Report Feature Of Practo Clone App

Upload Test Reports

Patients on the app can directly upload their test results on the app and then consult their doctors for a routine follow-up.

Ratings And Review Feature Of Practo Clone App

Ratings And Reviews

This feature in the Practo Clone will help to sort the best doctors in the app based on the ratings provided by the patients.

Insights And Analytics Feature Of Practo Clone App

Insights And Analytics

The admin can easily figure out where exactly his business stands and analyze the revenue charts through insights and analytics.

Benefits Of Hyperlocal Cloud's Impactful Practo Clone App

An on demand doctor app developed by us will have a common ground for both the patients and doctors to interact in a discreet manner and get the healthcare solution required. Our app is designed to cater to every need of the user, whether it’s the patient, the admin or the doctor.

  • User-Friendly App icon
    User-Friendly App

    Practo Clone app comes with multiple features, all with an easy-to-use app interface.

  • Appointment Booking icon
    Hassle-Free Appointment Bookings

    Our on demand doctor app will help users to book appointments through their homes.

  • Secure Payment icon
    Safe And Secure Payments

    The patients in our Practo Clone app will be provided additional payment security features.

Practo Clone App
  • Live Video Consultation icon
    Live Video Consultations

    The Practo Clone app will have interactive live video consultations for the patients.

  • Appointment Scheduling icon
    Instant Appointment Scheduling

    Our on demand doctor booking app will help patients to schedule appointments instantly.

  • Personalized Healthcare icon
    Personalized Healthcare

    A doctor appointment booking app like Practo Clone will offer personalized checkups.

Take Your Health Business To The Next Level Through Our Practo Clone

Schedule a request demo and consultation meeting to learn how our Practo clone app helps your healthcare business grow.

Discussing The Practo Clone App Workflow

Hyperlocal Cloud is a leading Practo Clone app development company and follows a rigorous app development process and a smooth workflow as per the business needs of its esteemed clients.

  • 1

    Create Profile

    The new users can sign in via their social media, email, or contact number in the doctor appointment booking app.

  • 2

    Search For Doctors

    Get an advanced search option to find doctors with filters in the on demand doctor application built by Hyperlocal Cloud.

  • 3

    Schedule The Appointment

    After the search phase comes the appointment booking, which can be both for in clinic and online mode for patients.

  • 4

    Pay Through Multiple Modes

    Users can pay for the consultation through multiple payment modes like GooglePay, Apple Pay, and PayPal to start consulting.

  • 5

    Accept The Consultation

    After the appointment is scheduled and payment made, users can consult doctors over voice or video calls in the app.

  • 6

    Ratings And Reviews

    The doctor appointment booking app made by us will successfully record all the ratings and reviews for future reference.

Monetizing Models For The Practo Clone App

The doctor appointment booking app developed by Hyperlocal Cloud will have various monetization models to help you gain a constant revenue flow.

  • Freemium Model icon

    Freemium Model

    Freemium model in our Practo Clone will have all the basic features in the app, and users can be charged for extra services.

  • Commission-Based Model icon

    Commission Model

    The commission-based model in the Practo Clone model will help you gain commissions from a part of the doctor's fee.

  • Subscription Based Model icon

    Subscription Based Model

    Patients in the on demand doctor app made by us can easily pay a subscription fee to get consultants on a priority basis.

  • Advertisement Model icon

    Advertisement Model

    Display relevant ads from other businesses and promote their health products and services to generate ad revenue.

Our Practo Clone Pre-Integrated APIs For Smart Payments

Our on demand doctor app will have the option of paying via multiple modes to help customers with smart appointment bookings.

  • Pay With CJ Wallet icon
    Pay With CJ Wallet
  • Pay With Card icon
    Pay With Card
  • Payoneer icon
  • Wire Transfer icon
    Wire Transfer
  • WeChat pay icon
    WeChat Pay
  • Boleto icon
  • iDEAL icon
  • PayPal Checkout icon
    PayPal Checkout
  • Sofort icon
  • Diners Club icon
    Diners Club

Why Select Hyperlocal Cloud As Your Practo Clone App Development Company?

We have made several clone apps that are available for our clients to check on the website's homepage. Our Practo Clone will be as successful as the rest of them. Here's how:

Successful Years icon
3+ Successful Years

Hyperlocal Cloud is an established app development company that has developed several apps apart from an on demand doctor app. Check our product portfolios for more.

Seasoned Developer icon
Seasoned Developers

Our professionals have extensive experience bringing app concepts to life. If you're searching for an app to book a doctor's appointment, your search ends here.

Project Completion icon
On-Time Project Completion

We never hesitate to go above and beyond to complete the app development process on time. Hyperlocal Cloud has a history of delivering applications before time.

Development Process icon
Unique Development Process

Hyperlocal Cloud's unique development process makes us a prominent doctor appointment booking app solutions provider. We also consistently deliver reliable goods.

Business Centric Approach icon
Business Centric Approach

We are always focused on developing and delivering innovative solutions to businesses and enterprises, so they must have the finest app development experience possible.

Tech Stack icon
Advanced Tech Stack

Our developers employ the most recent technology base when developing the Practo Clone app. It ensures efficient operation and is advantageous for all parties involved.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much time will the Practo Clone take to develop?

    The clone is already ready, yet your preferences for alterations will fluctuate the time to a few days.

    What is the cost of Practo Clone app development?

    It will start from $10k and vary as per the additional features.

  • How many people will work on this project?

    A team of 150+ app-developing experts will work on the project.

    Will I get some additional services after the product launch?

    Yes, additional maintenance service for some time.

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