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Launch A Coaching App And Revolutionize The Education Industry

Hyperlocal Cloud has been an app development company for almost a decade and helped numerous business owners to reach the zenith of success. Our white label coaching app will help your education business considerably.

Redefining A White Label Coaching App

Redefining A White Label Coaching App

The recent digital advancements have created a massive scope for each industry to prosper at an alarming rate. The students can take online coaching sessions for personal fitness, life coaching, education, and more. Practice makes a person reach perfection; a coach is a mentor who helps us achieve our goals. Though an experienced coach is hard to find, visiting them in person can be difficult sometimes.

Hyperlocal Cloud is here with an advanced white label coaching app with the best UI/UX design and trendy features. Our team has been developing apps that are inclined toward making human life better at all costs.

Perks Of Owning Your Online Scheduling App For Coaching

The white label coaching app will be rebranded by a team of highly qualified app developers that use the latest tools and technologies. Let us have a look at some of the major benefits of a white label coaching app:

Manage Appointments

Manage Appointments

Your users can manage their appointments and book themselves for multiple appointments as per their availability.

Feedback And Reviews

Feedback And Reviews

Coaches can get feedback from their students on the online scheduling app for coaching developed by our experts.

No Repeat Bookings

No Repeat Bookings

Through a two-way synchronization on the app, users can dodge multiple bookings for the same time slot.

Send/Receive Messages

Send/Receive Messages

The coaches and their students can send and receive messages while video conferencing their sessions.

Add Widgets

Add Widgets

Coaches who already have their own website can take coaching sessions by adding a booking functionality.

Notifications And Updates

Notifications And Updates

This feature, available on our white label coaching app, will help users to get real-time notifications and alerts.

What Will The White Label Coaching App Offer?

The online scheduling app for coaching will offer multiple features for coaches, students, and an admin panel. The app will be embedded with the latest tech stack and features like:

App For Students

The online scheduling app for coaching will have multiple feature sets to help them get the best coaching sessions through the coach of their choice. Let us have a look at some of the important features:

Features Include:
  • Purchase History

    The purchase history will help the students to keep track of their payments for extra sessions or any e-book.

  • Practice Lessons

    Launch a white label coaching app to allow students to practise via tests and coaches to track their growth.

  • Group Chats

    Students can enable the group chat option and interact with their classmates or the coaches through our app.

White Label Coaching App for student
White Label Coaching App for Coaches

App For Coaches

The app for coaches will be embedded with trendy features that will help them reach a wider audience pool without any geographical barriers. Let us have a look at some of the important features of the app for coaches:

Features include:
  • Calendar Integration

    The calendar integration on our app will help coaches to avoid multiple bookings for the same day or time.

  • Class Notification And Alerts

    The class notifications and alerts through our app will enable the coaches to get reminders just in time.

  • Detailed Student Reports

    The detailed student score calculator will enable the coaches to know exactly where each student stands.

Admin Panel

The admin panel app will be the control system of the entire app’s functioning. Through multiple admin app panel features, the business will soon become a known brand. Let us have a look at some of the important features of the admin panel below:

Features Include:
  • Insights And Analytics

    Analytics and insights features on the white label coaching app will be in graphical form to provide enhanced metrics.

  • Block A User

    Through the blocking feature, the admin can remove any coach or student found violating the app’s privacy terms.

  • Transaction Details

    All the app’s transactional details will be available to the admin to monitor the white label coaching app’s revenue.

White Label Coaching App for admin

Who Can Benefit From Our Online Scheduling App For Coaching?

Launch a coaching app with the help of expert app developers at Hyperlocal Cloud and allow experts from multiple industries to benefit through your app. Let us have a look at some of your potential clients on your white label coaching app.

Coache icon

Personal gym trainers, therapists, nutritionists, business coaches, sports coaches, and more can be targeted to provide interactive sessions through our app.

Brand icon

Both small and large brands can impart fashion lessons through our white label coaching app in e-commerce, SaaS, and media firms and build a community.

Content Creators icon
Content Creators

Content creators can carry on their social media campaigns and impart their tutorials after you launch a coaching app through our seasoned experts.

Educators icon

The education industry is all set to experience a transition through a white label coaching app loaded with the latest set of features.

Major Features Of Our Online Scheduling App For Coaching

The major features that come along after we launch a coaching app will be highly beneficial for your users; here are some of them:

  • Group Sessions icon
    Group Sessions

    Launch a coaching app to enable group sessions between coaches and students in real time and provide the best coaching services through our aid.

  • Social Media Integration icon
    Social Media Integration

    The option to integrate social media on your app will empower your users to add their social media profiles right next to their profiles on your app.

  • Automatic Reminders icon
    Automatic Reminders

    Automatic reminders will be set on the white label coaching app to inform the coaches and the students about classes much before the actual time.

Online Scheduling App For Coaching
  • Multiple Time Zones icon
    Multiple Time Zones

    Coaches on the white label coaching app can take classes internationally, as the online scheduling app for coaching will work In multiple time zones.

  • Multiple Payment Modes icon
    Multiple Payment Modes

    The payments on the app, after you launch a coaching app, will be made through multiple modes like AmazonPay, GooglePay, PayPal, and much more.

  • Self Scheduling icon
    Self Scheduling

    The white label coaching app will also provide a self-scheduling feature that will allow the automatic assignment of classes for your users.

Engagement Models In The White Label Coaching App

There will be multiple engagement models in the online scheduling app for coaching that can considerably increase customer engagement on your app. Let us have a look at some of the important ones below:

  • Build A Community icon
    Build A Community

    The communities can be created through the white label coaching app and used to sell premium memberships.

  • Live Stream Lessons icon
    Live Stream Lessons

    A live stream for users to showcase their coaching sessions can help their students to have enhanced interactions.

  • Push Notifications icon
    Push Notifications And Alerts

    Launch a coaching app to notify users of the latest in-app behaviors and send them contextual messages.

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For White Label Coaching App Development?

At Hyperlocal Cloud, the experts are highly seasoned and provide the best cutting-edge technological solutions to clients. Let us have a look at some of the reasons why we can be your best choice:

On-Time Project Delivery icon
On-Time Project Delivery

At Hyperlocal Cloud, the projects are always delivered on time, with on-time notifications provided at each stage to our clients.

Continuous Chat Support icon
Continuous Chat Support

Our top-level experts are available 24*7 to help our clients and solve even their smallest of queries at every single step.

Seasoned App Developers icon
150+ Seasoned App Developers

The 150+ app developers that we have are well-versed in handling the latest tools and technologies for creating a top-tier app.

Post Launch Maintenance icon
Post Launch Maintenance

The post-launch maintenance of our project is an important aspect that can be added to ensure that your app works bug-free.

Complete Customization icon
Complete Customization

This option is a must for the guaranteed success of your app; we will do everything that will help your business become a brand.

Global Clients icon
1200+ Global Clients

Our company has more than 1200+ satisfied global clients who have awarded us with multiple 5/5 across different platforms.

FAQs On White Label Coaching App

  • How much time will it take to develop a white label coaching app?

    7-14 days are what it takes to get your own faultless white label coaching app.

    What will be the starting price to launch a coaching app?

    The starting price will be $10,000 and will fluctuate as per the customization requests of the clients.

  • Are there any important tech stacks used in developing the online scheduling app?

    We use the best tech stack as per the market trends and use them to make the best possible apps.

    How will my business prosper after I launch a coaching app?

    The monetization models we have mentioned above are the key factors that will drive business revenue to the next level.

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