Top 10 Bus Reservation Systems US, UK & India

By Hyperlocal Cloud

November 21, 2023

Top 10 Bus Reservation Systems US, UK & India

Bus reservation software has revolutionized the travel experience of the daily and occasional commuters. Leveraging the ongoing digital transformation wave, this software allows users to find and book buses online as per their travel schedule.

Whether in the US, UK, India, or any part of the world, bus reservation software has become a must-have travel companion. The bus reservation software's burgeoning popularity resulted in a huge number of bus booking apps in the market. Making it difficult for customers to find the perfect bus reservation app.

For this very reason, we have created a list of the top 10 bus reservation systems US, UK & India. Let's begin.

Future Of Bus Travel

Let’s go through some stats and know the future of bus travel:

The revenue segment in future bus travel is expected to reach $21.39 billion before the end session of 2023.

Furthermore, it is expected to show an attractive hike of $22.98 billion by 2027.

The bus transportation businesses are expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.08%.

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Top 10 Bus Reservation Systems US, UK & India

Here is the combined list of bus reservation systems serving in the US, UK, India, and other countries. Take a look at their offerings, years of establishment, generated revenue, and top features. Let’s get started:

1. FlixBus

FlixBus is a leading bus service provider in the USA, Europe, and Germany owned by Flix Se Mobility company. FlixBus doesn’t hire any drivers, and they don’t have their own fleet; it is a brand that connects with bus transportation agencies to serve customers. It has registered 3,000+ buses and offers lower-priced transportation to beat its competitors. They offer cheaper bus tickets starting from $4.99.

The last recorded revenue for FlixBus is $521.4 million as of 2022.

Top Features Of FlixBus App:

  • Passengers can easily manage bookings in a single place.
  • The app lets travelers live-track their reserved bus.
  • Access to 2300+ destinations.
  • Easy ticket booking with few clicks.
  • Schedule departures and choose preferred seating.

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2. Abhibus

Abhibus is an Indian bus booking app that helps travelers connect their destination with easy booking, on-time arrival & departures, etc. It is the fastest-growing bus booking system in India.

Founded in 2008, Abhibus has partnered with 100+ large bus operator companies that aid them in providing their services at each corner of India. They have a roster of over 100 operators and 15,000+ routes to serve customers. Abhibus lets its users claim their full refund by paying a tiny amount associated with the overall fare.

Top features offered by Abhibus:

  • The platform has an inbuilt e-ticketing system that lets passengers skip the bus queue.
  • For businesses, they grant fleet management solutions that help them track the current status of the registered bus.
  • There is a Logistic Management System (LMS) which helps in managing orders, returns & refunds, planning, supply management, etc.
  • Passengers can raise their queries by connecting with a 24/7 customer care executive.

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3. Busbud

Busbud is a mobile app that lets passengers book a bus for their next trip. It is a Canada-based bus reservation system that has partnered with 4,500 buses and serves 21,000 cities in over 84 countries, including the USA and Europe. It also gives ground travel operators opportunities to join and do business with them.

The Busbud application is compatible with 30 different languages that connect people beyond the boundaries. It has acquired 3.8 million bus routes in its 84 countries, which is a big achievement for itself.

Top features offered by Busbud:

  • Passengers can book bus tickets and select their travel routes.
  • Travelers can compare different bus companies and fares to start their trip.
  • It consists of a secure payment system which is end-to-end encrypted.
  • Travelers can check services provided on the bus, ticket prices, and schedules over a particular route.

4. RedBus

RedBus is an online bus reservation system that serves India, Malaysia, Peru, Singapore, Colombia and other countries. It was founded in 2006, and it is a prominent transport service provider company. It has 36 million registered users and 3,500 bus operators in India, Malaysia, Peru, Singapore, Colombia, and others.

With the help of RedBus, users can book Volvo deluxe buses and AC and double-decker buses. RedBus has a pet policy, but it differs from city to city, and it helps decide passengers to opt for a bus that is pet friendly.

Top features of RedBus features:

  • RedBus offers passengers flexible ticket rescheduling options to organize their upcoming trips.
  • Travelers can log in using their social media accounts instantly.
  • The app allows passengers to select their pick-up and drop-off points by the app.
  • It offers cross-platform accessibility that lets users book tickets from Android, iOS, and directly from the website.

5. Wanderu

Wanderu, a platform that helps travelers find and book bus travel easily through both a mobile application and a website. They hold partnerships with many bus and train companies like Bestbus, GreyHound, RedCoach, Miller, Trailways YY, Indian Trails, Fullington, etc.

With Wanderu, users can choose whether they want to book one way or for a round trip by choosing their departure & arrival. They are serving their bus reservation system among 47+ countries, 6,602 cities, and over 805,788 bus routes.

Apart from bus booking, users can book hotels, rent cars, and book trains. There are 500+ partners who Wanderu is working to make its online marketplace better day by day.

. Top features provided by Wanderu:

  • Wanderu has advanced search filters that instantly help passengers find and book convenient transportation options.
  • Passengers can easily compare and book bus, hotel, and train reservations from various service providers.
  • Wanderu's master filling feature allows users to save their information and easily book any travel option with a single click.
  • Travelers also can use the multi-carrier trips feature that offers combined booking for buses and trains.

6. CheckMyBus

Founded in 2013, CheckMyBus is a Germany-based bus reservation system which also works in the USA, UK, India and other countries. This reservation system makes it easy to process bus booking by booking the bus through their engaging UI/UX. CheckMyBus app is available on both the iOS and Google Play Store platforms.

In the USA, CheckMyBus can help users reach 16,000+ cities with flexible prices. Its meta-search engine helps compare local and international buses, too. Passengers can book their bus tickets by comparing the departure & arrival times, time duration of travel, tickets and many more.

The same goes for the UK; it targets millions of bus service agencies and assembles them to book passengers conveniently.

Top features offered by CheckMyBus:

  • CheckMyBus allows its users to track their buses using a built-in geolocation map.
  • Passengers can optimize bus routes by getting the timing of bus arrivals, departures, routes, etc.
  • It has a push notification feature that advises passengers the day before their scheduled departure.
  • They offer some coupons and rewards for loyal customers.

7. Omio

Omio is a leading bus reservations system in the USA, UK, India and 34 other countries. Omio connects 100+ European destinations and provides comfort while traveling. Omio has partnered with SNCF, DB, Renfe, Delta, Easyjet, Air France, and Ryanair.

Founded in 2013, Omio has sold 33+ million tickets by letting passengers access 10+ million routes. They provide 26 payment options targeting almost every currency of the world.

With the help of their effortless booking and digital tickets, passengers can skip the lengthy queues at bus stations and travel comfortably.

Top features of Omio:

  • Omio allows passengers to book tickets on multiple modes of transportation.
  • It has an advanced mapping technology which lets passengers find their nearest tram stations, airports, bus stations and train stations.
  • Omio lets their passengers choose their preferred currency while paying ticket fares.
  • They offer all-time online customer support in 21 different languages.

8. Rome2rio

With Rome2rio, passengers can book tickets for two or more destinations at once. With their bus reservation system, travelers can customize their sitting, add passengers, and pay in their convenient mode of payment.

Rome2rio was founded in 2010 and is revolutionizing the transportation mode effectively. They are offering their services in 160 countries, making people’s travel comfortable. A user can also access bookings for flights, ferries and cars.

Rome2rio online marketplace can be accessed on every device due to its responsiveness, which allows passengers to access bus booking or other transport booking services from anywhere.

Top features of Rome2rio:

  • Rome2rio helps travelers find the best routes for all types of journeys, whether by foot or for long trips with fascinating monuments to see.
  • The app also advises users when there is any opening for popular sightseeing of historical places and monuments.
  • Along with transportation, Rome2rio offers accommodation services and hotel reservations for customers.
  • Passengers can customize their multiple stops while traveling on one route.

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9. 12Go Asia

12Go Asia is an online travel service that enables travelers to book buses, trains, flights, and other travel inventory across Asia. With more than 100 representatives across 10 countries, 12Go Asia manages and operates a multi-modal ticketing system. The company's mission is to provide travelers with accessible and affordable transportation options, whether they are traveling for leisure or business purposes. 12Go Asia aims to make it easy for travelers to discover transportation options that suit their needs.

Top Features Offered By 12Go Asia:

  • There is a clean, reliable, secure booking system with multiple payment options.
  • 12Go Asia offers various pick-up options for customers by fetching their location using the integrated map.
  • 12Go offers a refund button to cancel a booking and claim for a refund.
  • The app is equipped with multi-lingual support that helps attract many customers from different regions.

10. Busradar

Busradar is a helpful bus reservation system for UK and European people. Busradar allows users to compare, search and travel toward their destination. It is helpful, especially for travelers planning to travel on long routes.Busradar also offers travel options by comparing fares from different transportation modes. It has been developed smartly to manage all the user and transportation-related data to provide accurate arrival and departure timing. Busradar is a hybrid app that can easily run on iOS, Android and as a web app. Passengers who plan for comfortable and long-distance bus rides can opt for Busradar to maintain their travel plan. It is a low-cost bus reservation system that focuses on comfortable travel.

Top features of Busradar:

  • Passengers who are traveling long distances can use real-time tracking to know about ETAs and their current location.
  • Busradar also allows users to manage their bus services for picnics, group booking, field trips and more.
  • It follows every method of communication so that a user can communicate with driver and customer care support anytime.
  • Passengers are liable to choose their custom pick-up & drop by finding the nearest bus pickup.


The bus reservation systems mentioned above can be considered the top bus booking player. They have successfully established their online presence and receive mass bookings daily. Also, the mentioned stats above denote that in upcoming years, bus transportation is going to be opted widely, especially in countries like the US, UK & India. In such a scenario, getting a bus reservation system becomes important. But where to get that?

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