How To Develop An On-Demand Roadside Assistance App?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

November 03, 2023

How To Develop An On-Demand Roadside Assistance App?

Travelling by car is so much fun. It becomes more amusing when accompanied by a friend. But it's fun only until your car breaks down midway. In such a situation, you would like to do two things: call a mechanic for help or repair your car on your own.

Most of the people like to tow their car to a repair station. However, it is not always possible to have a contact number of a towing vehicle owner. In this scenario, an on-demand roadside assistance app can be advantageous.

Roadside assistance helps people who are looking for car breakdown coverage. Continue to this blog to learn more about this assistance app.

How Lucrative Does On-Demand Roadside Assistance App Is In The Future?

Time to look at some futurist stats for this growing business. Let’s explore:

  • The market size of roadside assistance is expected to reach $47.6 billion before the end of 2023.
  • In the USA, there are approximately 69 million vehicles that break down between nowhere or road.
  • The CAGR for road assistance business is rising at 5.2% (expected between 2023 and 2032).
  • Apart from the USA, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA, countries with the highest number of roadside car breakdowns are.

Working Of On-Demand Roadside Assistance App

The workflow of a roadside assistance app is the same as ordering food online, but here you get a mechanic in while the order arrives. Let’s understand more deeply:

  • The user opens the app after the car breakdown and allows location access.
  • The roadside app indicates the maintenance services nearby on an in-built map.
  • Users select one of the maintenance services and fill out what type of problem they are confronting.
  • The maintenance service vendor receives the alert and assigns a team to fix the car vehicle’s issue.
  • Mechani’s team prepared their instrument and reached the indicated user’s location using the map.
  • They normalise the car, and users pay them for their service.

Build An On-Demand Roadside Assistance App With Hyperlocal Cloud

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How To Develop An On-Demand Roadside Assistance App?

The specified stats above show how profitable roadside assistance is going to be in the future. So it is obvious to think about starting such a beneficial business. Now let’s know how to build an on-demand roadside assistance app in 12-steps:

  • Conduct market research to identify the target audience and competition in the on-demand roadside assistance app market.
  • Define the key features and functionalities of the app based on the interest of an identified audience and market research.
  • Hire a top roadside assistance app development company with experienced developers and designers to build the app, ensuring they have expertise in app development for both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Create a user-friendly interface that allows users to request assistance, track the status of their requests, increase accessibility, and communicate with service providers.
  • Implement a secure payment gateway to facilitate transactions between users and service providers. Consider having multiple gateways to ease payment transactions.
  • Integrate GPS technology to locate the user's exact position and enable real-time tracking of service providers.
  • Develop a rating and review system for users to provide feedback on the quality of service they received.
  • Implement push notifications to keep users updated about their request's status, including the service provider's estimated arrival time.
  • Collaborate with reliable roadside assistance service providers to ensure a seamless experience for users.
  • Test the app extensively to identify and fix any bugs or performance issues before launch.
  • Launch the app on app stores and promote it using social media platforms to reach the target audience.
  • Gather customer feedback and continuously update and improve the app based on user suggestions and market trends.

Advanced Features Of A Roadside Assistance App

Our professional developers imbed next-generation features in roadside assistance apps. Let’s know more about them:

Service Provider Profile

Auto-mechanics can register themselves by defining their services, location, phone number, and so forth.

GPS Tracking

Users can track the arrival of mechanics via a map. It also helps a user to locate the nearest service centre.

Offline Mode

This feature is helpful if a user needs help from a place with poor internet connectivity. It shows the user's number and service centre address to call for assistance.


If any vital problem can’t be fixed and replaced, then the user can opt for the towing feature. It will ask users to fill out a form with information like car type size and report the issue.

Payment Integration

Our roadside assistance app is equipped with multiple payment gateways like credit/debit cards, net banking, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, and pay after service.

SOS Button

A successful hit on the SOS button automatically notified the nearest technician and alerted them for help. It eliminates the need to call, find, and connect with a mechanic.

Call & Chat

A user can call & chat with the service provider and mechanic anytime.

Services Our Roadside Assistance App Offer

Our white label roadside assistance app caters to every service required to resolve a roadside issue. Here is the list of the services:


Towing is the process of lifting a vehicle to its repair spot. A tow truck is assigned to complete the job, which lifts the vehicle from its wrecked side. Towing a vehicle is applicable in a few conditions like collision with other vehicles, heated engine, exhausted gas, car stuck, and tire burst.

Pull Start

Pull start is a process of starting a cold engine using a crankshaft. It directly impacts the internal combustion engine to ignite fuel. This process is also known as the rewind start.

Fuel Delivery

It lets drivers request refuelling with the help of the app. It connects the request with the nearest gas filling center, and a team is assigned to fill the gas tank of the user.


Lockout is a special assistant for vehicle drivers facing issues of missing keys or having locked them inside. It appoints a professional locksmith to complete the job of releasing the car from lockout.

Battery Service

Our white label roadside assistance app resolves almost every battery issue in a car. Our app gets connected with the mechanics within range and calls for service to exchange and repair the battery.


Winching is the process of releasing a vehicle when it gets stuck in mud, snow, ditch, etc. A winch truck arrives for the assistant that hooks a car for lifting and dragging it out from place.

Tire Replacement

Drivers can request tire replacement in case of tire cracking, punctures, break damage, etc.

Key Players Of On-Demand Roadside Assistance App

This list includes active roadside support apps that help drivers in case of emergencies. Explore them all:

AAA(American Automobile Association)

Founded in 1902, AAA(American Automobile Association) has been proven effective in providing roadside assistance to drivers. It provides all important rescue services like towing, winching, tire exchange, and First Aid.


The wrench was founded in 2016 and provides mobile mechanic services for chauffeurs and automobilists. They grant locksmith service, emergency fuel delivery, and towing. Wrench’s technicians operate their own vehicles, which helps them save time while assigning drivers and staff members.


YourMechanic is a California, USA-based roadside assistance app that has existed since 2012. They provide essential roadside assistance but are professional in towing services, among other applications. YourMechanic engineers and mechanics are 24/7 ready to provide assistance.


Honk was established in 2014, and it is a high-performing roadside assistance app. They have a record of servicing 108,000+ vehicles. Their top services include flatbed towing, exotic car towing, out-of-fuel, and jump start.

Money Making Model Of On-Demand Roadside Assistance App

How do you make money with a roadside assistance platform? Here are a few reasons to consider:

Subscription Plans

In this revenue model, businesses offer users monthly/yearly subscription plans. By purchasing a subscription plan, users become eligible to avail of top-tier features of the app. It is an effective way to build a consistent revenue stream.


Charge a commission on each successful sale. The admin can determine the commission percentage, and it varies on the type of service a user is opting for.

Advertisement Model

There are two strategies to generate ad revenue: ad unit strategy and waterfall strategy. Ad units can be described as the containers developers place in the codes to display ads to users. In the waterfall strategy, Businesses can publish ads on a platform based on its ranking using a cost-per-mile (CPM) model.

Take A Chance To Look Into Our White Label Roadside Assistance App’s Demo

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Business Model Of A Roadside Assistance Marketplace

A roadside assistance business must adhere to a business model for constant income growth. Let’s know what can be applied here:

Single Service Aggregator

The single-service aggregator business model lets admins manage one of the most high-demand services. For example, Uber provides pick-up/drop-off and car rental, which can be only used for transportation. So, transportation here can be described as a single-service aggregator.

Multi-Service Aggregator

Using this model, drivers can avail of almost every type of roadside assistance from their favorite service provider. For example, Urgent.Ly lets their drivers choose various services from their preferred service provider.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An On-Demand Roadside Assistance App?

An on-demand roadside marketplace can cost about $10,000 - $50,000. 

Remember, the indicated amount and time can be affected by many factors. Some of the factors include the app’s size, custom features, design complexity, and workforce number.

Wrapping Up

An on-demand roadside assistance app is in high demand. Considering it as an opportunity is a successful thought. A first-grade app can also open doors of opportunity to level up your business. So what are you waiting for? Connect with Hyperlocal Cloud and start your dream project today. We hold 13+ years of experience in developing such applications. Our applications have been downloaded millions of times on both the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Our in-house team has 150+ qualified developers who hold the right expertise to build an on-demand app.

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