How To Create A Social Media App Like MeWe?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

November 02, 2023

How To Create A Social Media App Like MeWe?

In today's digital age, social media platforms have become integral to our lives. Facebook has dominated the social media landscape for years, but a new player has emerged that is threatening its position - MeWe.

MeWe is a premium social network that offers a highly engineered design and a user experience similar to Facebook. However, what sets MeWe apart is its commitment to privacy, with no ads, privacy violations, or censorship. With over 6 million users and growing, MeWe has created a niche for itself in the social media market. If you want to create an app like MeWe, this comprehensive guide will give you all the information you need to get started.

Take A Glance In Future Of Social Media Apps Worldwide

It is important to consider the futuristic changes that tend to occur in forthcoming years. Let’s explore:

  • The global social media penetration rate is growing by 18.16% between 2024-2028.
  • It is estimated that there will be 4.59 billion new registrations of users by 2027.
  • Social media user’s rate is projected to rise by 59% in 2023.

Get A Social Media App Like MeWe From Hyperlocal Cloud

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How To Create A Social Media Like MeWe?

Developing an app like MeWe can be a daunting task. But with proper planning and a development team, it can be done easily. Let’s know a few simple steps to get a MeWe clone app:

Market Scope

Start by conducting market research. It helps in identifying the target audience, their interests, and what type of features they are interacting with the most. Any enthusiastic entrepreneur who is new in this business stream can use the 4p rule to conduct proper research, which is Product, Price, Promotion, and Place. It can help startups to determine their business flow efficiently.

Competitor Analysis

Find out who are the runners in the same business profile. Try to find their business model, revenue model, and top features they are providing. It can help in creating an extraordinary business strategy that can help in gaining a competitive edge. Business owners can read reviews of competitor's apps to identify gaps and create effective business tactics.

App Design

It is important to create an appealing interface for the application. Generally, there are two platforms to consider while designing the interface of an app: Android and iOS.

Both platforms demand their own technical expertise and tools to build the UI/UX. While iOS helps developers create a unique design by using a few inbuilt animation frameworks, Android grants full control of the design pattern that assists developers in customizing the interface to match the client’s need.

A few popular designing tools like Sketch, BuildFire, Adobe Experience Design(XD), Axure RP, Marvel, and Proto.Io are popular platforms for creating hybrid UI/UX design.


The development stage is where the developers perform their coding & programming abilities. It includes front end development for programming the interface & back end development for API structure, security, and payment gateways. This stage requires an experienced task force to complete the job. The operating platforms & devices are determined at the development phase only.


It is important to test the application post-development. A professional QA and testing team is assigned to ensure the app’s functionality, features, UI/UX, responsiveness, and usability. After satisfying testing, QA generates a report to developers for further action.


The final stage of an app development is to host it on global servers. It is done after ensuring the app’s testing and every corner of the development is functioning as expected.

Hyperlocal Cloud hosts applications for free on global platforms like Google Play Store and Apple Store. We don’t charge any extra bucks for deploying the application.

Marketing & Promotions

App’s promotion includes tactics to reach a targeted audience. Businesses can use app advertising techniques like affiliate marketing, content marketing, social media accounts, and influencer marketing. Admins can also create social media handles and use hashtags to engage with interested audiences.

Must-Have Features In Social Media App Like MeWe

To make the MeWe clone app stand out in the competition, it is important to have top-tier features. So here is the list of quality features to have in a MeWe like app:


After registration, users have to verify their identity by inputting their ID and password to log in again.

My Cloud

My cloud is a personal cloud for app users, which allows them to save their content by classifying them into categories. It offers an interactive dashboard for users to control.

Universal Tagging

The universal tagging feature lets users add custom tags to shared content. It also helps in organizing the whole posted content, and it becomes easier to find at any time.

Director’s View

This feature help users to use their front and rear camera simultaneously. It helps them record videos happening in front and back together at once.

Join Groups

Users can join and create friends or family groups and add/remove people. This feature helps them initiate group chats, video calls, and messages.

Control Over Permission

The permission control feature lets users control what type of data a MeWe clone app is allowed to fetch. Users can grant or remove permission for gallery access, contact access, and location.

Voice Integration

The voice integration feature works similarly to Alexa and Siri. Any action in the app can be done by voice command by the user.

Custom Emoji Pack

Custom Emoji pack is a premium/paid feature that lets users avail 15-40 emojis. These emojis are customizable by changing their attire.

Build A MeWe Clone With Hyperlocal Cloud’s Tech Force

We hold the right expertise and knowledge to build an app like MeWe. Our elite developers can help you attain a MeWe like app in a short amount of time.

Advantages Of A Social Media App Like MeWe

A MeWe clone comes with almost every benefit that is required to level up the business. Let’s explore them deeply:

Increases Brand Visibility And Reach

A social media app like MeWe allows businesses to connect with a wider audience and increase their brand visibility. By creating a company profile and regularly sharing engaging content, businesses can reach potential customers who may have yet to be aware of their brand.

Enhances Customer Engagement And Loyalty

Social media apps like MeWe provide businesses with a platform to engage directly with their customers, fostering stronger relationships and enhancing customer loyalty. By responding to customer comments, messages, and reviews promptly, businesses can show their commitment to customer satisfaction and build trust.

Market Research And Audience Insights

MeWe provides businesses with valuable data and insights about their audience. By analyzing user demographics, engagement rates, and content performance, businesses can gain a better understanding of their target market and adjust their marketing strategies accordingly.

Increases Website Traffic And Conversions

By strategically sharing links to their website or relevant landing pages on MeWe, businesses can drive traffic and generate leads. MeWe's user-friendly interface and integration options make it easy for businesses to direct users to their desired conversion points.

Influencer Collaborations And Partnerships

MeWe provides businesses with the opportunity to collaborate with influencers and industry leaders to reach a wider audience. By partnering with influencers who have a similar target audience, businesses can leverage their credibility and reach to promote their products or services.

Money-Making Models Of A Social Media App Like MeWe

Wonder how to gain profit with a MeWe clone? Continue reading these money-making strategies:

In-App Advertising

Social media apps like MeWe can generate revenue through advertising. They can display ads within the app, either as banners, sponsored posts, or native ads. Advertisers pay to have their products or services promoted to MeWe users.

Freemium Model

MeWe can offer a freemium model where users can access basic features and functionality for free, but charge a fee for premium features or additional perks. This can include features like enhanced privacy settings, advanced analytics, or exclusive content.

E-commerce Integration

MeWe can integrate e-commerce capabilities into their app, allowing users to buy and sell products or services directly within the platform. MeWe can earn a commission on each transaction or charge a listing fee to sellers.

Partnerships And Collaborations

MeWe can form strategic partnerships with other companies or brands to offer co-branded services, exclusive content, or integrated features. These partnerships can generate revenue through revenue-sharing agreements or co-marketing efforts.

Tech Expertise Required To Develop An App Like MeWe

Tech stacks depend on the platform the application is supposed to run. Also, it impacts directly on the development cost. Here is the chart that explains which tech stack is required to develop the MeWe clone:

PlatformFront End Development
Back End DevelopmentProgramming LanguageDatabase Development
AndroidAngularDjangoJava & Kotlin
iOSExpress - JSLaravelObjective-C & Swift
Hybrid AppReact, Ionic, Xamarin
Phalcon, CodeIgnitor, CakePHP
RubyOnRails, ASP.NET, PHP
NoSQL, SQLite, MongoDB

Alternatives Apps Like MeWe

There are many more apps that resemble the MeWe. Admins can consider them for deciding features and exploring pricing models.


Facebook is the oldest social media platform with broad uses worldwide. It connects people from different corners of the globe. Despite being a social media platform, it also participates in fundraising campaigns, donations, and life-saving assistance. Almost every person uses Facebook these days.


Gab provides personalized social media experiences to its users. The codebase of gab is open-source with Afferno General Public License Version 3 (AGPL3). It is among the most popular social media platforms and resonates with MeWe a lot.


Brandwatch is exclusively a social media platform for business owners. It helps them understand consumer insights, influencers' activities, and modern trends. It is a helpful platform for entrepreneurs to gather, analyze and utilize customer’s interests.


Locals provide opportunities for people to share and monetize their content. It is an open platform for talented people who want to share their knowledge across the world. Both the users and admins earn on the basis of commission.


Mastodon lets people expand their relations by following friends of friends. It grants liberty to users to publish anything they want, like images, videos, texts, and links. It has 4.4 million users, and it is still spreading.

Cost To Create A Social Media App Like MeWe

A MeWe clone costs approximately $10,000 - $ 80,000.

The reflected amount can hike & shrink depending on various conditions like the size of the workforce, app’s size, any third-party integration, development location, complexity of UI/UX, and custom features.

Wrapping Up

A clone of the MeWe app is a lucrative business idea. There are approximately 20+ million users on MeWe itself, by providing additional features and attractive UI designs, you can bring your business to the peak of success.

In order to get a MeWe clone, you don’t need to wander anywhere because you are already at the right place. Hyperlocal Cloud, a leading on-demand app development company holds 13+ years of broad experience in app development. We have 150+ seasoned developers who are ready to take any on-demand project or social media project handy. So what are you waiting for, drop us an email and get started.

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