Why Should You Use A White Label Social Network Platform?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

June 30, 2023

Why Should You Use A White Label Social Network Platform?

People nowadays have started spending most of their time on social media platforms. A social media platform allows you to share information, have conversations, and create web content. As it stands versatile, it is everybody’s perception to use it for different motives. It can be used for entertainment, knowledge, news, and to know what’s happening in your friend circle.

There are 4.9 billion active users on social media worldwide, of which 84% are adults from 18-29 years. Now don’t you think that investment in white-label's social network solution is ideal? Connect with Hyperlocal Cloud now, as we offer the best white-label social network platform development solutions.

Social network platforms also have an impact on business sectors too. It can help a business to engage with customers, know their interests, and revert their feedback. A businessperson can analyze the review on a product and how people are sharing it to improve the quality for better production. So in this blog, we will discuss why you need a white-label social media platform and its usage. Let’s get started:

Stats On White Label Social Network Platform

Let's understand the scope of social network platforms with active users and how people are embracing social networks:


Image Source: Oberlo

  • As you can see above, with the start of the 4th-generation internet in 2017, the rise of mass global usage of social media users started.
  • In 2023, the figure will reach 4.89 billion users. It shows how fast people set themselves for social network platforms.
  • It tends to rise higher in the upcoming 4 years, with more than 5.85 billion new users. So, investing in social network platforms is going to be very beneficial.

What Is A Social Network Platform?

Unlike other social media platforms, a social network platform will let creators create their own space. It allows you to create your own private space with a product or content, which will be accessible only to the community person. As common social media networks have become dominated by anyone, it has become effective for industries to find an audience and community directly connecting with them.

Moving from a platform and leaving a huge audience can sound antithetical, but social media networks can help you give your business a growth path with the only person you need. When you have your own space, it becomes easy for your business to become productive and build membership with your targeted audience.

Additionally, white-label social media networks provide more ways to express your business to others. It also gives control over the functionalities of your business. In this blog, we will learn more about white-label social media networks.

Why Are Social Networking Platforms Important For Business Growth?

As you now know what exactly a white-label social network platform is, you may be curious about the benefits of such a white-label social network platform. You should shift your community to a white-label social network platform for several reasons. Let’s discuss the following:

Customization Options

Community platforms like Facebook and Twitter have limitations. But when you build a community on a white-label social network platform, it offers customization. These customization features include live video meetings, conference boards, polls, Q&A, surveys, paid membership, and host virtual events.


The next factor that benefits you is social network platforms that allow you to monetize your business. If you think your community is great, you post content or provide a product that can significantly change anyone’s life; then you might need someone to join your community. You can charge them a one-time or monthly fee to access your content. Thus, you will generate revenue.


Unlike other social media platforms, where you have to follow their rules and regulations to do your activities, white-label social network platforms allow you to give control to your community. Here you will have the power to convert an average individual into a brand ambassador for a large public organization.

Increased Brand Visibility

Having your own social network platform can increase brand visibility by creating a unique user experience that engages your target audience and promotes your business. You can target an enormous audience with every experienced team in your community.


Creating a social network from scratch can be costly and time-consuming. By using a white-label social network platform, you can reduce development costs and focus on scaling your business.

Increased Engagement

By creating a social network platform with your brand, you can increase engagement with your audience and create a community that fosters communication, collaboration, and loyalty.

Supercharge Your Business Sales With Our Effective Social Network Platform

Social network platforms come with many benefits, but still, if you have any questions? You can avail the first free consultancy with our experts today.

Features Of Our White Label Social Network Platform

Our white label social network platform comes with every essential feature that a general social network platform is required:

Video Calling

The video calling feature allows users to connect visually with their friends, family members, or anyone located in different corners of the world.

User Profiles

Users can create profiles that include information about themselves, such as their name, age, location, interests, and hobbies.

Content Sharing

This feature allows users to share text posts, photos, videos, and links to other social media apps. They can also generate links to give them access to anyone.

Following And Friending

The following and friending feature lets a user improve their connections. It lets them send and accept friend requests and follow and like a page.

Live Streaming

With this feature, users can stream live videos by accompanying another mate. The live video can be adjusted accordingly whether a user wants to go live globally or with their friends & following.

Push Notifications

A user can receive push notifications when someone interacts with their content or something important happens on the platform.

How To Develop A Social Network Platform?

We’ll elaborate on the steps to develop a social network platform:

Online Research

The first step to starting any business is to do proper research. Google must be your first ready-to-go choice to get started with what you want. You can start with stats, psychographics, demographic, and competitive analysis to get started with the development process. There are lots of resources that can give you lots of data about social network platforms. All you have to do is dig deeper into the internet. Online research can take time, so be patient and complete proper research.

Growth Strategy

Create a growth strategy that favors the customer and the service provider. At this moment, you will have your targeted audience data, and you are aware of their need. So your plan must work according to the growth of your business, audience, and all the community members. The goal of planning a growth strategy should be to take control of the current business challenges and rise with a solution.

Use Lead Generation Tactics

These tactics promote your business on social media and attract customers. There are three best approaches to complete your lead generation tactics or consider using them effectively: social media, content marketing, and search engine. Performing better on these three approaches will help you gain insights from your targeted audience.

Test And Run

Testing your platform is important before launching it into the market. It is important to ensure that the platform gives you productive output and is reliable in the market. You can also provide free subscriptions or membership to some of your trusted customers to gain insight into the workflow of your platform. After completing a good test, you are ready to use the platform.

Unlock Your Business Potential with a White Label Social Network Platform Today

At Hyperlocal Cloud, you can avail a high-end white-label social media platform that can help you in business operations, community building, expert advice, etc.


Getting an on-demand white-label social network platform is the next step to growing your revenue trees. With its beneficial offerings, you can make your business easy to reach for your targeted audience, which will enhance sales. A white-label social network platform offers all the required features, like Facebook and Twitter.

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