Buy An Android App| Why Choose An Android App Over An iOS App?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

November 06, 2023

Buy An Android App| Why Choose An Android App Over An iOS App?

There are more than 48+ billion Android apps installed in the Google Play Store, and most of them are free. Android was born in 2008 by Andy Rubin, and initially, it was intended to support digital cameras as an operating system. Later, authorities of Android started focusing on smartphones. The term "Android" typically refers to a male robot, while "Gynoid" is used to describe a female robot. The extension of Android applications is known as APK, and approximately 2+ billion people use the Android operating system. So, what made Android quite prominent? Let’s know:

Reason Behind The Popularity Of Android App

There are 5 reasons why Android has dominated other Operating Systems:

Graphical User Interface

The UX/UI of Android is very much friendly and accessible for users. It provides the user's unique experience by customizing the theme, setting up the widgets, device mirroring, and many more.


Android apps are compatible with almost every device that supports the Android system. It doesn’t require any external extension or paid compiler to render. Any user can download, register themselves, and perform relative activities easily.

Lower Development Cost

Almost every technology that participates in Android development is free. This lets developers implement their creative ideas and reach an audience easily. The only cost that is required to develop an Android app is any third-party integration and server costs.

Home Screen Widget

In comparison with Android, iOS offers fewer widgets to customize on the home screen. Android OS offers a wide range of custom widgets like clocks, home screen apps, sports scores, and weather widgets.

Easy Installation

In addition to the Google Play App downloading, any Android app can be easily attained using the Command Line Interface. Thus, it gets available instantly, and users can interact with it at any time.

Stats Behind The Popularity Of Android Apps

Now it’s time to go through some stats that indicate the popularity of Android apps:

  • The adoption rate for Android started rising in 2013.
  • There were 50+ billion new downloads and over 1+ million Android apps that arose in 2013.
  • According to data by Google, it shows that there were 540+ million active users in 2013. Later, this number increased to 1 billion in 2014.
  • In December 2019, Android had a 74% market share, surpassing iOS as the top mobile operating system worldwide.
  • Undertaking every Android version, Android 9.0 Pie has the highest market share of 41.86%, recorded in 2020.

Top Features Of Android OS

Android and iOS, both operating systems, have their unique identity in the world of technology. While Android is easily affordable and accessible, iOS lets users browse without lag and interruption. Still, there are some Android features that distinguish it from iOS. So, what makes an Android app better than an iOS app? Let’s explore some top features of the Android app:

Split Screen Mode

The split screen mode is exclusive and can be found on Android apps. This multitasking feature lets users work with two apps open simultaneously. It also lets users customize the size of an app. For instance, a student can watch a YouTube video and write notes at the same time.

Multiple Users

The multiple users feature, also known as a guest account, helps maintain privacy. It lets the main owner of the phone create multiple accounts of the phone or an app. Each account is encrypted with a password, and the owner can decide what sort of application other users can access. It helps parents to control the internet activity of their children without snooping.

Upgrade Storage

The upgrade storage feature is one of the biggest reasons behind opting for the Android OS rather than iOS. Every individual in this world uses a mobile phone for different purposes. So, it is common for them to confront exceeding storage warnings. To overcome this, Android Applications come with an upgrade storage feature, which allows users to buy in-built cloud storage in return for a tiny amount.


Android applications offer Bluetooth sharing from one device to another device. It doesn’t require any internet connection or any physical connectivity to share one file. Users can easily pick the application from their film manager they wish to share and click on the nearest visible device to connect & share.

File Management

The iOS operating system has efficiently worked on this feature for the past few years. But Android allows users to organize, view, copy, delete, and edit files easily compared to iOS apps. In terms of iOS, the file locations automatically allocate and deallocate on the basis of storage availability. Consequently, Android grants more flexibility in file management than iOS.

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Industries We Cater To Our Android App

Our Android app helps companies to focus on growth and reach a wider audience by digitizing their business. An Android app provides a medium for quick booking, safer payment, and access to vast products from a single screen. We hold a record of revolutionizing several industries with our Android app development solutions. Let’s explore:

Food Industry

Android apps in the food industry are a boon for business owners and customers. It eliminates the process for customers to visit a specific restaurant to order and take away their favorite food. Our food delivery app lets customers order, book, pay online, and get their delicious food delivered to their doorstep in a few minutes. It also helps businesses to reach customers and generate sales. Our food delivery application is also compatible with Android and iOS.

Exclusive features we offer in our food delivery app:

  • Live tracking of delivery personnel with the help of Google Maps.
  • Users can connect with both the vendor and delivery personnel using the live chat feature.
  • Multiple payment options help customers to pay in their preferred mode.
  • Users can create a wishlist of their favorite items and order them whenever they want.
  • Search filters help customers to find their favorite food & dishes by inputting specific keywords.
  • Schedule delivery lets users plan when they want to receive their food.

Grocery App

A business person who owns a grocery storefront must know that having a grocery delivery app helps reach the maximum number of people in their area. An online grocery store aids businesses in expanding their reach globally and strengthening customer trust. By collaborating with other grocery businesses, an online grocery business can’t run out of stock.

Unique features of our grocery app:

  • Product category features help businesses classify products on the basis of their cost, availability, and consumer buying behaviors.
  • Personalized messages help increase engagement with customers. It lets businesses write personal notes for using their services.
  • Delivery assignment helps vendors or owners to assign an available delivery personnel to deliver the goods.
  • Users can share carts with their family and friends to share a particular recipe of food.
  • BOPIS allows consumers to purchase a product online and pick it up by visiting the store.
  • The shopper tracking feature helps vendors detect a user when they are near their storefront. It allows businesses to send promotional discounts and other offerings instantly to stimulate them to visit and shop for the grocery.


An Android app in the commerce industry helps generate new business opportunities and enhances users’ experience in buying and selling. Unlike traditional shopping, having an online presence in commerce business makes it accessible to a wide customer base.

Our top features of the Ecommerce app:

  • Push notification is helpful for business owners, customers, and delivery personnel to let them be aware of everything happening in the app.
  • Augmented Reality is an excellent way to present the product for businesses. For instance, an AR furniture placement app can help design home infrastructure virtually.
  • Order summary lets customers and business owners look inside their previously ordered products.
  • Product gallery helps businesses show their product in a creative way among users by uploading HD photos of the product and writing interactive descriptions.
  • Shopping carts help customers to organize their favorite products in one place and proceed to checkout collectively.
  • An Android application can be paired with different payment modes like credit/debit cards, UPI, net banking, and pay-on-delivery.


The demand for eLearning platforms is rising day by day. There are various schools and universities that have started teaching from an online platform. Thus, it increases the demand for an online platform (website or app) to conduct online classes. An online tutoring platform or a LMS solution provides a unique experience for both teachers and students.

High-tier features of our E-learning Android app:

  • Whiteboard plugin: Tutors can connect their smart whiteboard with the app to help students understand better what they are teaching.
  • Doodles let students mark and point out any line and word to raise questions.
  • Tutors can create room to teach different students with different subjects. It also aids in managing batches.
  • Doc sharing allows teachers to upload a PDF or other files that get shared with all students attending the class.
  • Tutors can mute/unmute any student attending the classroom at any time they want.
  • Profile management lets admins manage every registered user in the app.


The healthcare industry has been dominated by technology for the past few years. There are several technologies that have taken place which assist doctors in performing tactical diagnosis to cure a disease. The role of an Android app in the healthcare industry is vital because it lets patients schedule appointments and appeals for virtual consultancy. We offer customizable medical delivery apps for healthcare businesses.

Features we offer in our white label medical delivery marketplace:

  • Patients and doctors can easily log in & sign up on the app. Doctors can sign up with their specialties and fields of experience, whereas patients can sign up by mentioning the disease they are suffering from.
  • To analyze a patient more effectively, doctors can view the symptoms and medical history of the patient. It helps doctors to make better decisions.
  • Healthcare data includes all the regular activity of a patient. A patient has to mention manually what type of changes they are perceiving in their physical condition. It generates a report and sends it to the doctors to observe the healing process.
  • Diet management lets doctors write better diet plans for a particular patient that gets shared on the patient’s app.
  • Our healthcare app can be paired with any Android smartwatch, enabling sleep monitoring features. It helps patients to sleep properly to give their body proper rest.
  • The appointment scheduling feature helps patients make an appointment by going through the availability date. It is paired with a calendar, which reflects the availability of a doctor for consultation.
  • We also embed an SOS button that alerts the nearest medical station to reach an ambulance by tracking the live location of the patient through the app.


The growth in the eCommerce industry is the reason for the rise in demand for logistics. As there are many types of goods being transported, it requires a mobile application to keep an eye on the happenings. We create a productive Android mobile app that helps manage logistic business. Our application helps cut operational costs, fulfill customer doubts, and inventory management.

Exceptional features of our logistics platform:

  • The transportation management feature helps the admin to appoint and dispatch a career depending on the type of goods for transportation.
  • Admins can use inventory management features for delivery speed, operation costs, and quality service.
  • Forecast feature aid in predicting demands, supplies, and change in pricing by using machine learning algorithms. It helps businesses to modify their operations for continuous growth.
  • Pre-planned routes is a tour planning feature that lets administrators and drivers decide the shortest route of travel to the destination.
  • Multilingual support assists the logistic business in spreading its approach beyond the boundaries.


We provide user-friendly and feature-rich rental Android applications that let users rent items like cars, clothes, and bikes. Renting things is easy and more convenient than purchasing an entire product. With the help of an app, users can book, request, rent, and pay online for the service.

Unique features of our rental app:

  • The vehicle request feature helps users to choose their desired fleet for transportation. It includes rental, quick transportation, and package delivery.
  • The geolocation feature helps users track the live location of the fleet with the name of the driver, vehicle registration number, and an OTP for verification.
  • Customers can select their preferred payment method and use the integrated app wallet for instant payment.
  • Any customer can use this feature to extend booking for clothes. It permits them to acquire the rented item for a few more days.
  • Rating & Review lets users write about their experience with a rental service. It helps businesses to create strategies effectively to gain profit.

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Is Buying An Android App Affordable? Cost Difference Between iOS And Android Apps

The straight answer is that it depends. It also depends on the developer if they are choosing a native app development language. A native app can be rendered cross-platform, which makes it compatible with both operating systems, Android and iOS.

So, what factors can affect the cost of both Android and iOS platforms? For a better understanding, go through the table. It has covered every aspect of each operating system which can influence development costs. Let’s know how:

Factor Of CostAndroidiOS
PlatformTypically, Android development is free. It requires a $25 one-time fee to publish applications on the Google Play Store.Developers have to register themselves as an Apple developer. It costs $99/year for a developer license.
DevelopmentAndroid apps are difficult to develop, but the development tools are cheaper and mostly free. The Android app development cost is around $50/hour.Developing an iOS app requires familiarity with specific technologies, some of which come with a price tag, such as Swift. The average iOS development cost is about $80/hour.
DesignAndroid OS allows its developers the liberty to practice any unique design. Most of the design frameworks are free and easy to plug.iOS has stringent design guidelines for app development. The most popular framework is Cocoa Touch which comes with the paid bundle of Swift technology.
TestingThere are about 100+ types of Android devices available at a cheaper rate for testing the application.An iOS app requires expensive devices for testing, which can be cost-prohibitive.

There is always competition between Android and iOS. While Android offers flexibility, easy customization, and quick launching, iOS lets its users browse the app bug-free, in-app communication, and with Spotlight & Siri.


An application on Android OS is the winner in every section above. An iOS app can be complex and costly, but it grants security and a lag-free experience. Rest, the reason for choosing an Android app is all we have gone through in this blog.

Hyperlocal Cloud is an on-demand app development company with 13+ years of experience. Our 150+ team of well-versed developers are creating Android apps for startups, mid-scale businesses, and enterprises. Our developers acquire knowledge of every required technology to build a cutting-edge mobile app. At present, we are actively working on 50+ major projects for different sectors. Hyperlocal Cloud aids businesses in eliminating the traditional process by upscaling their niche with an online presence.

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