How To Start An Online Car Repair Business?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

November 06, 2023

How To Start An Online Car Repair Business?

According to Rfid Tires, there are more than 1.49 billion cars operating worldwide, and this figure is growing continuously. As people are opting for cars rapidly, the demand for a garage or car repair business is rising. It is predicted that there is a need for at least one garage over 3 cars. So, how will drivers be able to find their nearest garage for vehicle repairs? Thus, the need to start an online car repair business emerges.

An online car repair business helps drivers locate, reach, and check the availability of slots to give the car for repair. So how does it work? To know more, continue reading…

Forecasts Of Online Car Repair Business

Entrepreneurs thinking of starting a car repair business must go through these statistics before investing. Let’s get started:

The revenue segment in the car repair business is projected to reach $1,656 billion by the end of 2031.

The CAGR in the car repair business is growing at 7.6% between 2022 - 2031.

There are a few popular services like engine oil, gear repair, and brake maintenance that will be in high demand.

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How To Start An Online Car Repair Business?

An online car repair business is a very profitable idea to start a sustainable business. It requires deep market analysis and experienced staff to get started. So let’s know the step-by-step process to initiate an online car repair business:

Market Analysis

The first step is to conduct a market, go through, and create a list of what types of services are appropriate to have. Entrepreneurs can also go through the competitor’s car repair app or website to know their offering. This practice can help in determining business model pricing, getting proper details on the targeted audience’s interest, and many more. Here are some points that need to be considered while conducting the market research:

  • Number of car repairs in the targeted region
  • What types of cars are active
  • Types of engines being used in large quantities
  • Some common problems that car owners are facing

Select Services

Decide what type of services need to be included in the application. The service category can be determined by analyzing the competition and market explorations. Here are some service categories that can help:

Car Wash

Including car wash service comes with profitability, offers ROI, has lower risk, and improves brand awareness. Business owners are liberal in setting a price range according to the size and type of the cars.

Battery Reconditioning

Battery failure and short-circuit is the most common and general problem a car owner faces. It promotes sustainable environmental development and generates additional income over any service.

Windshield Repairing

It is a low-cost and high-profit service which is increasing rapidly. The quicker the windshield is repaired, the more revenue can be generated.

Fuel Supply

The fuel supply service is also known as on-demand fuel filling service. By providing doorstep fuel filling, the approach increases revenue benefits and helps increase brand awareness.

Have An Online Presence

The 21st century is the digital era, and people here rely on the internet to complete their regular life chores. An online presence of a car repair business can help engage with many customers and increase sales. It can be a website, an application, or both. Here is the difference between a website and an application:


The website comes at an affordable cost and offers accessibility with any prior actions like downloading, scanning, and installation. A website is more popular than applications to increase brand awareness for businesses. Some other benefits of a website include that it provides faster downloading, is compatible with every device, personalization, and can be accessed offline, too.


A well-designed & developed mobile application can execute a program and perform actions more quickly than a website. It requires less browsing time, and a few functions and features of an application can be stored offline, too. Applications are easier to launch and help users to find every service on a single platform.

Web App

Web apps are a combination of mobile applications and websites. Such platforms are built to provide the same experience on the website and on the application. Web Apps have the ability to update themselves easily. They are faster, more efficient, and can be personalized on the basis of the user’s preferences.

Now, admins can make decisions according to their needs. Hyperlocal Cloud, a cutting-edge on-demand app development company, is an expert in creating applications, websites, and web apps.

Choose An OS

In the case of developing a mobile app, choosing an OS completely depends on business objectives. In this part, business owners must decide on what OS they want their online storefront to run. It could be Android, iOS, or cross-platform. Let’s know what distinguishes them from each other:

Android OS

Android applications offer a variety of choices. It allows developers to configure features, design, and color patterns to make an Android application fit for the taste of users. It grants vast customization options and more control over the app’s flow by managing control. By integrating a CMS panel, admins can modify content easily and render the application live in a few minutes.


An iOS app is easy to develop because it uses Swift programming language, which has easy snippets and syntax to implement. The iOS mobile applications are budget-friendly and grant more security than Android OS. Building an application for Apple iOS performs bug-free, has a rich user experience, and delivers a lag-free experience due to one-way data binding.


A cross-platform application has the ability to run on both Android and iOS. It has a single code base, and about 70% - 90% of coding's are reusable. Developing cross-platform applications requires exclusive technology awareness. These applications come with the combined benefits of an Android app and an iOS app.

Launch & Deployment

The final step of app development is to deploy the programs and codes to global servers like Apple Store and Google Play Store. In the event of a website, business owners need to purchase a domain for hosting. Considering choosing .org, .net and .com domains for online car repair business websites is relevant.

Team Up With Local Shoppers

Tieing up with local shoppers will not just increase brand awareness, but it will help connect more people and provide them with extensive services. This approach will also assist vendors in establishing themselves as a professional auto repair company. Businesses can also consider providing car repair services by visiting home.

Invest In Marketing & Promotions

As it is an online platform, There are some popular strategies like social media, public relations, and search ads, which have proven successful ways to reach a number of people. But here we have mentioned four unique strategies to promote an online car repair business:

Content Marketing

There are 4 main focuses behind content marketing: awareness, evaluation, conversion, and delight. It is a strategy that includes creating relevant content about the car repair business and sharing it with the audience. The goal is to define the business objectives, offerings, prices, and how a service operates.

Community Involvement

Community involvement is a smart tactic that lets communities and people participate and share problems they are facing. A business owner can use their online car repair platform and launch a campaign to discuss the problem. It can be a telephone call, or people must write inside the app. Then, business owners can assort the most occurring problem in car repair and create a solution. By offering this resolution, entrepreneurs can attract many customers.

A Website

Developing an application for a car repair business is a very standard idea. However, it can be accepted that a website is more accessible than an application. Businesses can have websites to know people, their offerings and services, and promote their application indirectly.


Timely emailing to customers will make them engage with the services & businesses. It also makes them aware of discounts, trends and offers they can avail of. Businesses also can send thank you messages that will encourage customers to repeat their orders.

Ready To Start An Online Car Repair Business?

If you feel prepared to start an online car repair business, your next step should be organizing it online. For that, Hyperlocal Cloud is a trusted IT company.

Primary Features To Have In An Online Car Repair Business

An online repair business must adhere to quality features to provide satisfactory services to users. Here are the top features:

Schedule Repair

Admins can control the scheduled repair request. They can restrict scheduling before availability and update the limited slots.

In-App Messaging

Admins can respond and act on the customer’s message, which can help in solving the customer’s doubts.

Assign Manually

Admins have full control to assign a mechanic to serve a customer. An online car repair app automatically assigns a mechanic when requested by a customer; despite this, customers also can create a ticket to assign a particular mechanic to do the job.

Authority Control

An admin has full control of the app’s users, mechanics, and other vendors. It gives them the power to add, replace, and modify a user account.

Payment Options

Business owners can receive payment from different modes like UPI, credit/debit card, Google Pay and Amazon Pay.

Toggle Availability

The toggle availability is also a control feature for admins, which lets them update the availability of a particular service.

Region Management

Business admins are allowed to manage their service regions. This can help them determine the distance they want to cover to provide services.

On-Screen Tutorial

The on-screen tutorial can be a premium feature in the platform. It is a collection of short videos which explains how to solve a car problem.

Admins can upload tutorial videos directly on YouTube and integrate them into the car repair application or website. This will also aid in generating passive income by monetizing the YouTube channel.

History Of Services

This feature lets business owners view the past services provided to customers. It includes date & time, place, customer name & number and many more.

Top Advantages Of Online Car Repair Business

Starting a networked car repair business comes with various benefits. From increasing the number of customers to high profit, it grants business sustainability and scalability. Now let’s explore more benefits:

Increase Revenue

There is no doubt that such a business comes with high monetary profit. When users find every car repair service on a single platform, it will include the likelihood for them to avail an offer every time they confront a car problem.

Attract New Customers

An online car repair business eliminates the process of searching & visiting a garage. Thus, it becomes a lucrative business for enthusiastic entrepreneurs. Business owners can also practice referral strategies to reach the family and friends of a customer.

Saves Time

A website or application for a car repair business saves lots of time by automatically handling booking, payment and sales. It decreases the burden on business owners and allows them to concentrate on other tasks.

Business Assurance

Businesses can retain customers and sustain the income flow by serving customers timely to customers. This approach assists in making business sustainable and scalable. Admins can also hire a team who can call customers to take feedback. This feedback can be used to improve business operations.

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Income Generating Strategies For Online Car Repair Business

An online repair business for cars offers several opportunities for business owners to make money. There are multiple revenue streams that a business owner can apply to gain profits. Let’s explore all of them:

In-App Advertising

This money-making model helps business owners to collaborate with other organizations or automobile agencies to post paid ads. There are generally 4 types of ads that can be advertised: banner ads, video ads, playable ads and offerwalls. Business owners earn a cut from each successful click and view on the ad.

Straight-Line Commission

The straight-line commission model lets admins earn a cut from every successful sale. This model helps maintain recurring revenue, affiliate revenue and transaction revenue in the online car repair business.

Subscription Model

In this revenue model, business owners profit by earning repetitive payments from customers. The subscription model allows customers to avail and use some premium services in return for an amount monthly/annually. It helps build a more committed customer base and grants higher ACLV (Average Customer Lifetime Value).


Sponsorship is an agreement between a service provider and an individual with a large customer base. It is a win-win situation for both; the sponsor charges an amount from the service providers, and the service provider becomes successful in developing a large customer base.

Cost To Build An Online Car Repair Business App & Website

The complete development cost for such platforms is not certain. Each website and application has its own cost factors. So what to choose? A website or an application? Read below to know more:

Choosing An Application

A car repair app helps increase visibility and attract new customers. It also helps business owners to manage customer-related bookings, queries, and payments in a single place. An application also cooperates with an in-app advertising model, which provides an opportunity to generate an additional income stream. Apps can easily download, register and access lots of services at once.

Choosing A Website

A website is a good way to advertise the business among customers. It can be accepted that a user always prefers browsing a company’s website before downloading an application. A well-designed website is very helpful to increase brand awareness. As it is a hassle-free source, customers can easily access a number of services and avail themselves of them in time.

Choosing Web App

As the name stands, a web app is the combination of an application and a website with the same services. While applications offer several features and accessibility, websites increase branding and visibility. Combining them together will not just bring profits, but it will also increase business credibility, save time, task automation and engage with numerous customers.

As we’ve explored, every online platform has its own unique identity and offerings. But what about the cost? Here it is:

PlatformEstimated Cost
Website$12,000 - $15,000
Mobile App$17,000 - $20,000
Web App$22,000 - $25,000

The starting price to get the online car repair platform handy starts from $12,000 - $15,000. Luckily, any enthusiastic entrepreneur can request a customized demo in 3-days. In order to get a full cycle app, it can take around 10 - 15 days for complete maintenance and customizations.

Bottom Line

The overview of the blog says that starting an online car repair business is full of lots of advantages. Whether you are a startup or an enterprise owner, this business idea is suitable for everyone. By developing an effective marketing strategy, hiring a professional team, and collaborating with the garage owner, you can reach immense customers to generate high revenue.

Looking for an online car repair business platform? Hyperlocal Cloud can assist you effectively. We have 13+ years of developing such applications catering to the needs of 1250+ clients worldwide. Our 50+ global team is an expert in research that helps us decide what to implement to level up our business. We have 150+ in-house seasoned developer teams who are professional in making cutting-edge on-demand applications.

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