Mental Health App Features & Development Costs

By Hyperlocal Cloud

November 07, 2023

Mental Health App Features & Development Costs

In today's fast-paced world, the demand for convenient and accessible mental health services is higher than ever. With the rise of on-demand technology, people are looking for immediate solutions to their mental health needs. That's where an on-demand mental health app comes in. Whether it be therapy sessions, mental health resources, or personalized support, these apps provide essential tools for managing mental well-being.

In this article, we will explore the essential features to include in your on-demand mental health app. From secure video consultations with licensed therapists to interactive self-help exercises, each feature plays a vital role in enhancing user experience and delivering high-quality care.

By incorporating these features into your app, you can provide a seamless and user-friendly platform that connects individuals with mental health professionals and resources. Not only does this create a safe space for users to seek help, but it also enables them to access the assistance they need anytime, anywhere.

Forecast In Mental Health App

It is important to know the future growth before investing. Go through the mentioned stats below that indicate the future of the mental health app market:

  • The revenue growth in mental health apps is projected to reach $17.5 billion before 2030.
  • The CAGR in the online mental health business is growing at 15.9% in the forthcoming period of 2023 - 2030.
  • North America, Asia Pacific, and the European continent are the places where there are higher chances of success for a mental health app.

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Top Feature To Include In An On Demand Mental Health App

Here are some of the best features to add to an on-demand health app:

Easy Sign-Up

Patients can sign up with information like their name, location, contact, mental disease they are suffering from, current health condition, and more.


Patients access the dashboard after successful login. It includes vital information like current healing progress; appointment wait time, a diet of the day, and other daily patient volumes.

Therapist Profile

The purpose of this feature is to let patients know the skills and abilities of a therapist. It includes the therapist’s name, photo, and bio that describe their expertise and experience.

Calendars & Checklist

The app automatically plans the next check-up with the help of an in-app calendar feature. Before the arrival of the appointment, it provides a checklist form for patients to ensure their healing progress.

Sleep Trackers

The sleep tracker helps those people who are working to improve their sleeping habits. It can be connected to a sleep-examining device that tracks the sleeping hour of a person. It also provides regular tips to improve sleep.

Reminders With Positive Quotes

Even if the patient is not active with the app, it keeps delivering positive notifications daily that stimulate patients to use the app.


The self-monitoring feature helps patients to track how much healing their body has covered. It includes data like blood pressure, pulse rate, oxygen level, and more with the help of a fitness tracker.

Calming Templates

A mental health app should consist of a calming and healing UI/UX with effective color patterns. This will help patients to remember medications and tips that can help them to cure a disease.

Daily Progress Tracker

Every patient likes to know how much their health has improved. Therefore, mental health must have a daily progress tracker that collects data from every activity of the patients. Then, AI analyzes the data and shows the progress report of a patient.

In-App Rewards

It motivates a patient when they complete their daily tasks. Patients are entitled to rewards like discount coupons, vouchers, and free sessions with their therapists.


This feature includes some interesting health-related games that assist a patient to better understand the healing process or what to do.

Call & Messaging

The call & messaging feature connects a patient with their undertaking therapist via call & message. This helps solve patient’s doubts and queries.

Audio & Video Content

A medical health app should be enriched with audio & video content. It should be podcasts from other patients who have healed from the same mental disease, yoga videos, and a few audio advice and video content from the therapists.

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Next-Generations Features To Have In An On Demand Mental Health App

As technology is evolving daily, there are a few new features that are emerging to support a mental patient. Here is a list of some advanced features of mental health apps that can increase the number of users:

Emergency Support

In critical situations like panic attacks, anxiety attacks, acute depression, and more, the emergency support feature comes in handy. It is a red button that, when pressed successfully, connects the patient with the nearest ambulance service or hospital. The app uses a map to show the live location of the patient, allowing the ambulance to reach the spot immediately.


Effective features for doctors that help them manage the schedule requests from a patient. Doctors can easily accept, decline, and postpone an incoming request according to their convenience.

Support Communities

This feature lets patients categorize themselves with people who are suffering from the same mental issue. It lets them communicate with each other and participate in healing together.

Binaural Beats

Binaural beats can be defined as an auditory illusion. It is the combination of two tones with frequencies ranging between 30Hz and 1,000Hz. It is a peaceful, calming tune that both can hear of the year for effective results. Such beats calm neural activities in brains and provide medical relaxation.

Record Thoughts

This feature lets patients record their thoughts by writing, audio recording, and video recording daily. This helps therapists or doctors to understand their clients and their healing progress.

Business Benefit Of Having An On-Demand Mental Health App

According to the mentioned stats at the top of the blog, it is clear that demand for such applications is sustained. So here are some business benefit that having this application offers:

Worldwide Access

Having exclusive features that we’ve mentioned above helps patients reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It is also true that nowadays, everybody is suffering from anxiety and stress. In such a scenario, providing an on-demand mental health app can be very beneficial. By providing first-grade features, businesses can become successful in approaching their targeted audience.

High Income

By offering a diverse range of cures for different mental diseases and applying a revenue-generating strategy, businesses can achieve their goal of generating high profit from this business stream. There are some popular ways to make money:

  • In-app advertisement
  • Subscription plans
  • Freemium
  • Sponsorship

Cost To Build An On Demand Mental Health App

The accumulated cost for on-demand mental health app development starts from $25,000. Remember, the development cost tends to rise & shrink depending on numerous factors like custom features, paid UI/UX framework, 3rd party APIs, and more.

The complete time to avail of a full-stack mental health app can take around 2-3 weeks. The time interval for development is uncertain and can rise. It is influenced by a few factors like resource availability, number of screens, functionalities, 3rd party integrations, and demand for any custom feature.


We have covered every feature that needs to be included in your on-demand mental health application. From sign-up to ambulance support, we have gone through each of them deeply. Features of a mental healthcare application need to be easily accessible by a patient; that’s why it requires a professional team of development with vast knowledge of dynamic tech stacks.

To cater to all of your needs, Hyperlocal Cloud can be a trusted IT company. With an extensive experience of 13+ years, we have a 150+ professional team of developers who are experts in crafting every on-demand app. Also, we have served 1250+ customers worldwide, catering to their business needs.

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