How To Build An Online Legal Consultation Platform?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

November 15, 2023

How To Build An Online Legal Consultation Platform?

Looking to venture into the world of online legal consultation? Building an online platform for legal consultation can be a game-changing endeavor, providing convenient access to legal services for a wide range of individuals and businesses. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the essential steps to establish your online legal consultation platform.

Building an online legal consultation platform involves various vital components, from creating a user-friendly interface to integrating secure payment gateways and ensuring compliance with legal regulations. Understanding the nuances of this undertaking can set the stage for a successful and impactful platform that meets the needs of clients and legal professionals.

This article will delve into the technological requirements, customer-centric features, and marketing strategies that can elevate your online legal consultation platform. Whether you're a legal professional aiming to expand your reach or an entrepreneur seeking to tap into the legal tech industry, the insights shared here will serve as a roadmap for navigating the intricacies of this novel and dynamic domain.

Forecast Of Online Legal Consultation

Here is the forecast for legal tech consultation. Check them out to learn about the growing market of legal consultation:

  • The future revenue growth in tech-based legal consultation is projected to reach $27.6 billion before 2027.
  • The online legal consultation business grows exponentially and can reach $31.18 billion before 2024.
  • The legal support CAGR is 4% in the years before 2027.

Build An Online Legal Consultation Platform With Hyperlocal Cloud

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How To Build An Online Legal Consultation Platform?

In order to build a complete online legal consultation marketplace, the mentioned steps need to be followed:

Market & Competitor Analysis

Start by examining other businesses that relate to the same service. Also, find a competitor with the same services and know about their features, offerings, and pricing models. Business owners can also connect with a professional lawyer to know the workings of a legal consultation; they can decide on top features, offerings, pricing models, and many more. Also, consider creating a marketing strategy to attract a willing audience who require legal consultation.

Choose A Business Model

A business model is necessary to keep the business running on the right track. Here, businesses can decide whether to serve customers with a single-vendor or multi-vendor model. If a business person is a professional lawyer or legal consultant, then they can go with a single vendor model.

Businesses who want to expand their service by offering different consultations should consider planning to opt for a multi-vendor model. In this model, businesses collaborate and connect experienced lawyers with their profiles. This profile includes their name, experience, and expertise in consultancy. This approach lets users compare with different lawyers and connect with their preferred lawyer consultant.

An Online Legal Consultation Platform

There are generally three ways to uplift the business online: Application, website, app, and web app. Let’s understand them deeply:

Mobile Application

A mobile application contains every service and pricing plan on a single platform. While working with an application, users can focusfully act upon their services with fewer distractions. A mobile application helps enhance the SEO positioning of the business among competitors. Businesses can easily market and promote their activities with a legal consultation mobile app.

Mobile applications generally operate with two operating systems: Android and iOS. But a business person can appeal to get a hybrid legal consultation app that can run on Android and iOS.


A website is easy to build, customize, and provides almost every service, the same as mobile applications. It is less costly than an app and can be accessed anytime & anywhere by entering a URL. A website is the common online marketplace that a user visits when they hear about a business. So, creating a website for online legal consultation is also quite beneficial.

Web App

A legal consultation web app is a combination of the services supplied by a website and an application. It is built for the convenience of users if they want to take the services from a website or in the format of an application.


The deployment phase takes place after development and satisfaction testing. Business personnel can choose their domain and ask for hosting. The hosting is done by paying an amount to the developers.

As it is a service provider platform, the recommended domain could be “.in and .com.”

Marketing & Promotion

Entrepreneurs must consider marketing and promotion to reach the target audience. The best practices to market are designing the landing page, more specifically, social media, YouTube video, influencer marketing, content marketing, Google Ads, run-ap ads, and many more.

Exceptional Features To Have In An Online Legal Consultation Platform

Having unique features in a tech-based legal consultation app can make the app stand out from the competition. Check out some top features:

Lawyer Registration

Lawyers can register inside the platform with every detail like their name, experience, expertise of matters, consultation charges, display pictures, and more.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Lawyer’s clients can pay the consultation fee in different pay modes like eWallet, credit/debit card, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, etc.

Matter Management

The matter management feature lets attorneys organize, study, and download a matter provided by the client. Attorneys can be suggested by using doodles that highlight a line.

Tools & Template For Creating Document

This feature helps legal advisors build legal forms using in-built templates and AI-powered tools.

Appointment Booking

The appointment booking feature helps users book a lawyer’s appointment by knowing their availability and pricing.

eSignature Support

Lawyers can securely authenticate online with a replica of their signature uploaded as consent for clients.

Document Automation

The document automation feature helps in the creation of templates of legal documents for different matters like crime, taxes, and assault. It lets users fill in important information and generate templates automatically.

Firm Calendar

The firm calendar helps attorneys prioritize and manage workloads, access client’s information, set reminders, and manage deadlines. It is an all-in-one feature to handle every client’s request & data.

Contract Management

The contract management feature helps attorneys create, negotiate, execute, store, and manage every client contract.

Develop A Hybrid App For Your Online Legal Consultation Platform

Our expert team of developers can create an online presence for your legal consulting idea with an application that is capable of running on both the Android and iOS platforms.

Business Benefits Of Having An Online Legal Consultation Platform

There are several business advantages of having an online legal consultation platform. Let’s count a few of them:

Better Legal Services

Starting an online legal consultation platform allows customers to engage with vast legal services. It reduces the hustle of visiting a court or a lawyer’s office for consultation. Customers can connect with any lawyer and consult with them online on major subjects like bankruptcy, criminal law, consumer law, debt collection, family law, immigration law, and many more.

Online Legal Paperwork

An online presence for legal consultation also helps eliminate hectic paperwork by providing easy access to legal documents. Users can retrieve, back up, and ask their consultants to digitally sign the paper without visiting any legal place. As it gets registered online, any higher authority can verify it to take action. Eliminating the need to be physically present at any legal spot will attract more users to the online legal consultation platform.

Cost Saving

Online legal consultation services allow different lawyers to sign themselves on the platform and start providing services. It helps them save costs from investing in establishing a physical storefront. With this practice, customers and expert lawyers will join the platform to solve people’s issues effectively.

Generate Revenue

Business owners can gain a lot of revenue by collaborating with lawyers, providing top features, implementing revenue models, and an effective business strategy. As technology is spreading its roots rapidly, in such cases, providing an online presence for legal consultation can be an effective business idea.

Money Making Model Of Online Legal Consultation Platform

An online legal consultation app or website comes with lots of opportunities to generate revenue. Here are a few revenue models to consider:

In-App Advertisement

The in-app advertisement model lets business owners collaborate with any third-party organization and companies and showcase their ads. A few popular in-app advertising models include interstitial, rich, media, video, rewarded video, native, and banner ads.


With the commission-based model, business owners are entitled to cut on every successful payment made on the platform. They are liberal in deciding the percentage of the cut amount to be charged from the overall sales.

Subscription Plans

In this subscription-based money-making model, admins can earn by offering paid premium features to users and lawyers. This allows lawyers and users to pay a tiny amount to avail of all the premium features to connect & consult better with expert consultants.

Legal Documentation Fee

There are hundreds of built-in templates for legal documentation that can be customized to make them available for free or paid. But if a user or lawyer posts an additional request for another legal document like agreements, affidavits, contracts, etc., then it needs to be purchased. Thus, it generates another stream of income.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An Online Legal Consultation Platform?

The complete development cost for an online legal consultation platform starts from $22,000. The amount differs depending on the platform it is going to be used. Let’s understand through a breakdown:

PlatformPrice Estimation ($)Time Estimation
Website~ $5,0001 week
Hybrid Application$18,0006 - 8 weeks
Web App$12,0003 - 6 weeks

Here are some factors that can affect development time and cost significantly:

  • Latest tech stacks
  • Integrated features
  • App complexity
  • Location of the developers
  • UI/UX design
  • Size of the development firm
  • Development process

Bottom Line

So these were all about how to start an online legal consultation business effectively. Whether you are an enthusiastic entrepreneur or a professional lawyer, starting such an online legal consultancy business is always a successful and brilliant idea.

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