Top 10 Scalable Business Ideas To Plan For 2024

By Hyperlocal Cloud

August 18, 2023

Top 10 Scalable Business Ideas To Plan For 2024

At the time you are reading this blog, there are hundreds of entrepreneurs registering to start a new business. This indicates rising competition, so whether you plan to start a middle-scale or large-scale business, we can help you with 10 business ideas to plan for in 2024.

In this blog, you will get to know business ideas, their requirements, investment and other factors that can help you start. We also offer an app with all those businesses that come with benefits. Start reading and find the best business niche to start in 2024:

Why Should You Consider Starting Your Own Business?

Starting a business comes with lots of benefits. Let’s discuss some of them:

Be Your Own Boss

When you start a business, you become the controller of your destiny, unlike working for someone else, where it is hard to find motivation. You will become eligible to design and market the product the way you want. Also, it gives you the flexibility to decide when and how you can work. In short, you will control your business and money by providing services worldwide.

Personal Fulfillment

By starting your own business and surrounding people with positive thoughts, you can also succeed in your business. Gather a team where you can visualize success, take command of an operation, find the good, and celebrate the achievement for a victory.

Financial Benefits

The idea of starting a business demands investment, but with proper planning and marketing strategies, you can gain high ROI. Also, if planned well, you can generate other income sources from the same business niche.

Follow Your Passion

The best part of starting a business is that it allows entrepreneurs to choose the industry they are interested in. If you want to start an IT company, product, and transportation services, it gives you the liberty to choose, invest, and earn profits.

Top 10 Scalable Online Business Ideas For 2024

Let's explore the top 10 scalable business ideas to start in 2024. 

1. Ecommerce Marketplace

If you are inspired by the success of Alibaba, Etsy, and Amazon, then investing in such business ideas is quite profitable. It is a platform for users to find different types of products from different sellers. It requires a deep understanding of the peer-to-peer, B2C, and B2B marketplace.

How To Start?

Here we have mentioned step-by-step ways to start an Ecommerce marketplace business:

  • Choose your relevant marketplace niche and validate it.
  • Now decide your marketplace business model and pricing.
  • Develop your Minimum Viable Platform (MVP)
  • Launch your marketplace to the first customer.
  • Keep tracking your key metrics and increase the growth of your business.

2. Tutoring Marketplace

There is always a demand for talented teachers. If you are an expert in teaching a subject, then you are good to start a business that can thrive in 2024. If you can develop an easy way to deliver answers to your students, then it’s a win for you.

How To Start?

  • Starting a tutoring marketplace is easy. Here are the steps:
  • Analyze your expertise in the subject and know your skills.
  • Research your targeted audience and area.
  • Find local competitors and analyze their business.
  • Create a business plan and teaching strategy.
  • Build a Tutoring Platform where you will educate students collectively.
  • Build a strong curriculum.
  • Build a student community.
  • Provide eBooks and notes through PDFs to students.
  • Market your tutoring marketplace.

3. Rental Marketplace

A rental marketplace is an online platform where users can rent home, equipment, cars and other items according to their necessity. If you have a spare car, you can easily start a car rental service and track progress with car rental management software. You can rent things like kitchen items, apartments, bicycles, etc. The rental marketplace business is cost-effective because it doesn’t require additional setup and labour to complete the task.

How To Start?

Here are the steps involved in starting a rental marketplace business:

  • Choose products you can rent.
  • Build an online rental marketplace.
  • Develop marketing strategies and price ranges.
  • List your items for rental.
  • Write attractive product descriptions.
  • Promote your app through social media.
  • Reach many customers and generate revenue.

4. Service Marketplace

The service marketplace business is an online business where individuals, company professionals, and industries collaborate to offer various services to users. For example, a TaskRabbit clone app helps you list your service, decide your price, and help you reach a high number of customers with a user-friendly app. It can benefit you by taking a commission on each successfully provided service.

How To Start?

Let’s discuss the steps to start a service marketplace:

  • Select the industry for service.
  • Validate your marketplace idea.
  • Build an on demand service marketplace.
  • Find out service providers and list them on the marketplace.
  • Attract customers to your marketplace through promotion and marketing.
  • Work on revenue generation models to earn income in different ways.

5. Food Delivery Business

A food delivery business is a courier service of food, which an individual person, a restaurant and multiple vendors can operate. An order is typically placed on the restaurant’s website and app in this business. Then, the restaurant prepares the food and assigns a delivery partner to deliver the food to the customer’s doorstep. It is an easy-to-operate and highly profitable business to get started.

How To Start?

  • Start your food delivery business with these easy steps:
  • Write your business plan and create a marketing strategy.
  • Identify your target audience and know whom you are going to serve.
  • Calculate cost and investment.
  • Build a food delivery app for your business.
  • Get the right licenses and permits.
  • List your food items.
  • Start optimizing delivery routes and know your region.

6. Grocery Delivery Business

A grocery delivery business is an idea that will always be in demand in the present digital era. This business helps customers to browse, choose and schedule delivery for their grocery items. As it eliminates unsolicited market hustle, people are opting for it rapidly. Thus, it sustains a scalable business idea to start in 2024.

How To Start?

  • The process involved in starting a grocery delivery business are:
  • Do proper market research over the market and know your audience.
  • Build a grocery delivery app for your business.
  • List the type of grocery service you will provide.
  • Register your business and collaborate with local grocery stories.
  • Choose a business model.
  • Hire employees who will maintain the quality of groceries and the inventory.
  • Market your business and provide good service to customers.

7. Freelancing Platform

Starting a freelancing platform helps industries find relevant and skilled workers who help them efficiently complete their work. It lets them hire workers on a temporary contract. After completing the particular assignment, employers pay the decided price. And here, you will be entitled to a cut. It is a comfortable business idea to start in 2024 that is hustle-free and requires less investment.

How To Start?

  • Explore the steps to start a freelancing business:
  • Find out the area of expertise you want to offer to companies.
  • Define your target audience.
  • Choose a business model for your platform.
  • Build a Fiverr clone app with the latest features and functionality.
  • Find out people who are willing to take temporary work contracts.
  • List them on the app with their information like name, skills, and other information.
  • Manage subscriptions in the app.
  • Promote your app to companies and organizations to generate sales.

8. Taxi Booking App

Ride-hailing services are thriving in each corner of the world. Considering this fact, starting a taxi booking service is very beneficial. It helps customers to rent vehicles and decide their drop and pick-up location in the app. It is very convenient for busy people who are looking for instant transportation.

How To Start?

  • A taxi booking business takes these steps to start:
  • Do proper research on your competitors.
  • Regulate your business and now the interest of your target audience.
  • Register your business with legal authorities.
  • Hire an IT professional company and build an app like Uber.
  • Plan your budget for the business.
  • Decide MVP features in your app.
  • Start marketing and promotion for your taxi business.

9. Car Parking Business

Start a car parking business in 2024 with an empty space that can be converted into a parking lot. Consider starting a car parking business where drivers will park their cars and give charges on an hourly basis. The profit in this business rises higher in peak seasons. It requires less investment, tiny efforts, and offers huge profits.

How To Start?

Here are the steps to start a car parking business:

  • Plan your business.
  • Make your land clean and ready to use for parking.
  • Register your business with the local transport authority for taxes.
  • Open a business account.
  • Obtain necessary permits and licenses.
  • Get insurance for your business.
  • Contact an IT company and build a car parking app.
  • Start marketing and reach drivers and promote your service.

10. Doctor Appointment Booking Business

This business lets patients choose doctors from an application and connect via video call. It provides convenience to customers to find experienced doctors without visiting anywhere. Patients can find accurate disease solutions by consulting with the right doctor. Here, you will be operating an app as an admin and on each successful payment from patient to doctor, you will be entitled to a cut amount. Start today with a Practo clone app that will help you reach doctors and mass users in a short amount of time.

How To Start?

Here are the steps to start a doctor appointment business:

  • Plan your business and build a strategy.
  • Know your target audience and their interests.
  • Analyze competitors and fill any market gap.
  • Get an application to stabilize communication between doctor and patient.
  • Work on revenue models and money-making strategies.
  • Start promoting your app on social media and begin services.


As you have 10 business ideas to start in 2024, you can choose according to your need to start a profitable business. Although starting a business can be daunting, with the right approach and marketing strategy, you can gain an advantage over your competitors. With the help of an on-demand app development company and business apps, your business can spread its reach among millions of customers. Hyperlocal Cloud helps clients to start any business idea mentioned above easily. So what are you waiting for? Start today.

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