How To Start An Online Coaching Business?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

August 17, 2023

How To Start An Online Coaching Business?

Teachers play an important role in our lives. If you are reading and understanding these words, it is because of your teacher's guidance. But now, when you are thinking of taking forward the knowledge given by your teachers, we are here to help you. Starting an online coaching business is an ideal profession. It requires discipline, knowledge, deep thinking and analysis.

So here in this blog, we are going to learn each and every step of starting an online coaching business and what it requires. We will also talk about a mobile app that will support your business in generating sales and high revenue. Whether you are a teacher or an entrepreneur, the following information is worth reading. So let's start exploring:

Future Of Online Teaching

It is important to know the future of online teaching before starting a business. Read the mentioned facts below that will let you know the future of online classes:

  • The online teaching industry is predicted to rise to $370 billion by the end of 2027.
  • 63% of students in the USA are engaged in online classes for their academic studies.
  • The online learning industry is growing at a CAGR of 9.1% between 2023 - 2027.

The mentioned facts state that starting an online coaching business is beneficial and has a bright future.

Benefits Of An Online Coaching Business

Starting an online tutoring business comes with lots of benefits. Take a look below. We have mentioned a few of them:

Wide Audience Reach

Successful tutoring depends on a positive relationship between the coach and the students. An online platform for coaching students offers privacy and independence to the students, where they can ask and resolve their doubts without any hesitation. You can use this idea and market your business on every social media platform, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and more. Promote marketing campaigns and referral systems to expand the business reach.

Save Money

Starting an online teaching business demands less and comes with enormous benefits. An online coaching platform can help in saving infrastructure costs as an online coaching app allows tutors to teach from any desired location.

Improves Learning

An online coaching business where tutors can educate many students has been considered effective. It is stated by psychology that we humans learn things faster when we visually observe than writing and listening. As a virtual coaching platform allows students to learn by presentations, graphics and charts, it will be easy for them to acquire knowledge rapidly. The more they will learn rapidly, it will increase sales in your business significantly.

Saves Time

Running your business remotely can help you save quite a lot of time and provides you enough time to think and modify your business strategies to generate revenue. Approximately, you can save 1-2 hours per class that lets you travel, focus on other tasks and create effective strategies.

Meet Our Tech Experts Who Can Help You Transform Your Online Coaching Business

We have a professional team of expert developers and personnels who are always ready to take any challenges to fulfill your needs.

Key Players In Online Coaching Business

Let’s take a look at some successful online tutoring platforms:

Udemy2010$678.43 Million - 2023
Coursera2012$524 Million - 2022
edX2012$39.2 Million - 2022
Udacity2011$100 Million - 2022
Preply2012$9 Million - 2022

How To Start An Online Coaching Business?

The process of starting a coaching business of online tutoring is easy. Here we've tried to simplify it in 8 easy steps. Let's get started:

Choose A Niche

Start with choosing a business niche for your tutoring class. Try to find out other competitors, their service offerings, prices and strategy of teaching. If you grab a subject that is in high demand and nobody is teaching, then it's a win for you. Build your audience and talk to potential customers because it is going to help you a lot to choose a business niche.

Recognize Your USP

USP stands for unique selling product, which defines the value & importance of your business in the marketplace. It denotes the offered value and problem you solve for your audience. A strong USP offers advantages to your competitors and helps you stand out of the crowd. It can be anything like price, product details, and a white-label coaching app with advanced features are examples of USP.

Create A Teaching Program

Once you determine your business niche and decide your USP, then it's time to start a teaching program. In this process, tutors decide on an index of subjects and syllabus for students and prepare notes. It is like creating academic study materials for students.

Choose The Type Of Coaching

You must categorize the teaching services in your app to offer. With this step, you will be deciding what kind of education a student can receive from your platform. Teaching expertise like private coaching, specific subject teaching, group teaching, lifestyle advice, personality development tips, business coaching, yoga and so forth.

Price Determination

Pricing needs to be precise in a way so that it can generate profit for the tutor and your business simultaneously. Business owner can decide subscription charges based on weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Students can also pay for the entire course at once.

Build an Application

An app development company can help you have a coaching application that can help manage the tutors, track sales and ensure seamless operations in your business. An on-demand app development company can assist you in staying ahead of the competition and achieving a competitive edge.

Create Social Media Account

To promote your business to a large customer base, it is important to have social media accounts similar to your brand name. There, you can post about openings for tutors, benefits for students, marking campaigns and discounts. It will definitely engage with the audience, and thus, you will become successful in the online coaching business.

Promote Your Online Tutoring Business

Now as you have started your business with an application, it's time to promote your business. You can survey, use hashtags, get press coverage, email marketing and run Google ads to make it shine among your targeted audience.

Develop An Online Coaching Platform

We empower businesses and help them raise their sales, increase brand awareness and beat the competition with an online application for teaching.

Must-Have Features In Our Online Coaching Business App

We implement spearheading features in online tutoring apps for every category like admin, tutor and learner. Let's explore them:

Learner App

Here are the essential and advanced features we provide to students:

Appealing UI

We create an app with immersive graphics, photos and animations that let students feel like an academic institute.

Download Notes

Students can request offline access to their subject's notes and read them offline.

Community Chat

It lets students connect with other students, discuss doubts and queries, and solve problems together.

3D Emotes

This feature lets users participate in group communication and be aware of their presence by sending emotes to all participants at once.

Video & Voice Configuration

Students can turn on/off their video and audio while attending an online class.


It allows students to create, participate and vote in a polling question and give their suggestions accordingly.

Notification Bar

Students will receive a pop-up or notification about a scheduled class before the allotted time.

Tutor App

We provide first-grade features for tutors that help them teach effectively. Here are a few of them:

Assessment And Analytics

This feature allows teachers to create, upload and assign notes in the form of PDFs for students.

Sell Courses

With our app, teachers can sell students their creative ideas through notes and documents. Students have to pay a short amount to receive the collections.

Record Lectures

Teachers can record and save the entire lecture on the server and local storage. They are also allowed to share this with students.

Cloud Storage

With this feature, a tutor can upload all of their study material and projects to the cloud and protect it from loss.

Conduct Live Class

A tutor can start a live class by creating and sharing an encrypted link with all participants.

Attendance Criteria

It will let tutors collect attendance records based on the clicked or shared link of the created class.

Admin Panel

Our top-tier features let admins control the business. Have a look:

Professional Dashboard

We develop a dashboard where admins can view, analyze and track ongoing sales in their business.

User Management

This feature lets admins add, replace and modify in-app users anytime. It will help them to maintain organic users and protect them from duplicate account users.

Forms & Contracts

It is an online form that helps admins register new tutors in the app. It helps admins to appoint qualified and expert tutors.

Contact & Support

This feature helps the admin to contact and connect with any app's users at any time via call and message.

Setup Pricing

This allows admins to adjust the prices of a course in favor of an increase & decrease in demand. It is a beneficial feature for admins.


If you are starting to initiate an online coaching business, it is the best time to start, as technology is evolving in the field of education. An online coaching platform is two-way, convenient for both students and educators. You can also have a video chat platform that can enhance user experience, increase sales, raise demand for your business and help to reach many students. Education doesn't need boundaries, it needs to be spread as much as possible, and for that, Hyperlocal Cloud can help you in various ways. So what are you waiting for? Start today.

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