How To Develop A Hotel Booking App Like Hilton Honors?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

April 16, 2024

How To Develop A Hotel Booking App Like Hilton Honors?

Comfort, convenience, curiosity—these are the imaginations a common person has after hearing the word “hotel.” Hotels provide a comfortable space when it comes to traveling, so booking hotels nowadays is very common. We can say hotels are the backbone behind every planned trip.

Hilton Honors is one of the top priorities when travelers plan comfortable stays. These hotels offer premium stays and exceptional perks like free Wi-Fi, points for spending every dollar, digital key access, and more. These top-tier services have made them stand ahead of the competition.

So why not take advantage? This blog will discuss developing a hotel booking app like Hilton Honors. Let’s get started exploring:

Future Of Hotel Booking: Market Evaluation

We know hotel reservations are rapidly growing. Let’s explore the growth in the future:

  • The hotel occupancy rate is going to grow at 2.5% in 2025.
  • The percentage of Gen Z individuals who will choose to stay in Airbnb accommodations is expected to increase to 21%.
  • Mobile bookings are replacing every traditional method of booking a hotel.
  • More than 60% of hotels are now online to receive bookings.

Steps To Develop An Online Hotel Booking App

Online hotel reservation systems are taking place swiftly. Now, let’s learn behind the scenes about developing such an application:

Examine The Trends

This stage involves understanding the revolution in the transformation from traditional hotel booking to online hotel booking. It also includes researching the market, identifying trends, analyzing market gaps, creating a business strategy, etc.

Analyze The Competition

Deal with the elements that can affect the business. Gathering knowledge from existing competitors can help. Also, know how they are dealing with the problem. You can also download their hotel booking application and check their offerings, features, business strategies, and more to build a competitive strategy.

Platform Selection

Choosing a platform is necessary for Hilton Honor clone development. It is an important process. This gives the application a rendering platform, whether on iOS or Android. Both platforms have advantages; Android allows the liberty to customize the application to business needs, whereas iOS adheres to an immense user base.

However, a hybrid application can help render the application on Android and iOS. So, contact the Hyperlocal Cloud experts and get your application built under budget.

Designing The Application

The application involves planning the app’s page, buttons, CTAs, outlook, homepage, navigation panel, in-app content, header/footer, and many more. The goal is to make it navigable and easily accessible for every user. Entrepreneurs can take inspiration from existing Hilton Honors hotel applications and use their creativity to build a similar application.

App Development

The complete process of developing an app like Hilton Honors demands proper planning and awareness of dynamic tech stacks. A professional team of developers is needed to build the application. Choosing the right development framework, integrating APIs, and developing features and other core functionalities are all part of the procedure.


This phase is conducted through the developed application. A professional testing team & QA are assigned to analyze UI/UX, examine features and functionalities, and report any occurring bugs or glitches. This helps the Hilton Honors clone app function nicely and match the business requirements.


Finally, the application can be deployed using technologies like Git, GitHub, Bitbucket, etc. This publishes the developed application on global hosting servers like Google Play Store & Apple Store.

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Advantages Of Having A Hotel Booking App Like Hilton Honors

There are various advantages of having a Hilton Honors clone app. Check a few of them below:

Brand Awareness

Getting an app replica of Hilton Honors hotels can help spread the brand easily. As it is an already successful business niche, by applying next-generation business strategies, a money-making model, and custom features, entrepreneurs can retain a high number of customers and start a profitable hotel booking business.

Generate High Revenue

Our Hilton Honors hotel booking app allows businesses to earn money from various sources. From posting ads to charging commissions, businesses can easily achieve high ROI and reach their success goals.

Attract Travelers

Pioneering next-generation UI/UX can attract a diverse range of customers. Find modern hotel booking app trends and build a smart business strategy and loyalty program to win the game. Timely rewards and coupons also help retain a high number of travelers.

Sublime Features To Have In A Hotel Booking App Like Hilton Honors

Sign Up/Sign In

It's easy for travelers to access the facilities of the Hilton Honors clone app by logging in or signing up.

Search & Booking

This feature allows travelers to easily search for their destination, choose dates, number of days of stay, number of guests, and more.

Special Rates

Travelers can redeem coupons and other promo codes to get special discounts and earn benefits on group bookings. This also facilitates government /military, senior, and agent rates.

Real-Time Availability & Pricing

This fetches & shows real-time availability of rooms along with their prices. It aids in better travel planning for your customers.

Secure Payment Gateways

We understand the importance of financial transactions, so we use dynamic technologies to add secure payment gateways. This also facilitates travelers' fare payment in different modes, such as credit/debit card, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Strip, etc.

Booking Management

Travelers can modify/cancel their booking at any time before the check-in date and easily request a refund.

Account Management

With this feature, travelers can edit or manage their profiles by updating their names, contact numbers, locations, etc.

AI-Powered Chatbot

An AI-powered chatbot is embedded to resolve any travelers' minor queries. It works by analyzing the booking ID.

Guest Reviews & Ratings

Guests can drop reviews and ratings based on their stay experience, food, services, etc.

Room Gallery

Before booking, guests can review photographs of the room, toilets, and other necessary areas. This will help them plan their stays better.

Contact & Support

Travelers can connect with admin support via call & chat anytime. It improves business transparency and retains users.

Revenue Model Of Hilton Honors Hotel Booking Clone App

An app like Hilton Honors Hotel comes with various profitable advantages. Checkout the list below:


With an advertisement model, businesses can collaborate with other companies or organizations and publish paid ads promoting their business. This not only increases user traffic but also helps make money.

Premium Subscription

Offer premium membership to your Hilton Honors hotel booking clone app, which supplies premium features with a premium feel. This helps maintain recurring income workflow and retain high customers.

Interest & Late Fee

Like Hiliton Honors, you can initiate a credit card program to let travelers spend and pay later. This helps you make money over late fees and interest charges.

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Cost To Develop A Hotel Booking App Like Hilton Honors

The cost of building a hotel booking app depends on numerous factors. Typically, booking apps require symmetric development to establish two-way communication between the app and hotel owners. This is why the latest development technology is used, necessary APIs are created, payment processing gateways are developed, and more. These elements are enough to raise the cost.

Here is the list of additional factors that can impact the development cost & time:

  • Features & functionalities
  • UI/UX paid frameworks
  • Backend development
  • Native/Hybrid app development
  • Team experience & size
  • 3rd party API integrations
  • App maintenance and updates


Developing a hotel booking app like Hilton Honors is very beneficial. The entire development process requires accurate planning, the right execution, the addition of cutting-edge features, the latest UI/UX frameworks, and the business model to start the business on the right track. Hence, a top-notch on-demand app development company is required to be involved.

Hyperlocal Cloud, a prominent IT firm in New York, USA, specializes in pioneering solutions and has the right expertise. Our 150+ seasoned developers are always ready to take on any challenge. So contact us today to develop an app like Hilton Honors.

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