How to Develop an App like Acloset

By Hyperlocal Cloud

April 22, 2024

How to Develop an App like Acloset

Managing wardrobes manually becomes time-consuming. Thinking of how to organize closets and what to wear needs assistance. This is where virtual closet apps like Acloset come into the picture. Give it a thought! You run a business where you will be a fashionista for your customers, and your business will be a game-changer in the fashion industry.

The market is expected to grow substantially, reaching a value of USD 211.7 million by the year 2029.

Thus, developing and launching an app like Acloset helps you stand out. It needs meticulous planning, exceptional features, and user-friendly design. Let's make it possible for you. Did you know Hyperlocal Cloud has tech-savvy developers who know how the Acloset-like app can do wonders for a business? Hire us today and get the app on time!

This comprehensive guide explores the innovative features, development steps, and marvelous benefits of an app like Acloset that sets new benchmarks in the fashion industry.

Features of Acloset-like App

Acloset caters to admins who oversee store inventory or customers managing their wardrobes. Professional developers create virtual closet apps while keeping in mind the following features:

Admin Features

Inventory Management

  • Bulk Upload: Upload product information and images efficiently for a large inventory.
  • Item Categorization: Create and manage categories for clothing types, brands, or styles.
  • Stock Control: Track inventory levels and set low-stock alerts to optimize ordering.
  • Variant Management: Manage different sizes, colors, or patterns of the same item.

Customer Engagement Tools

  • Push Notifications: Send targeted promotions or announcements to specific customer segments based on preferences.
  • Loyalty Programs: Execute a loyalty program to reward repeat customers and encourage engagement.
  • Customer Analytics: Gain insights into customer behavior and preferences to tailor marketing efforts.

Community Management (Optional)

  • Content Moderation: Moderate user-generated content like comments and photos to maintain a positive community atmosphere.
  • Challenge Creation: Set style challenges to encourage user interaction and brand engagement.
  • Expert Network Management: Manage a network of fashion experts who provide styling advice through the app.

Customer Features:

Virtual Closet Management

  • Item Creation: Add clothes, shoes, and accessories with detailed information.
  • Customization: Categorize items by type or create personal categories for better organization.
  • Visual Search and Filters: Find clothes quickly using image search or filters based on color, pattern, or occasion.

Outfit Building Tools

  • Drag & Drop Functionality: Visually create outfits by dragging and dropping clothing items onto a digital avatar.
  • Outfit Inspiration: Get automated suggestions and discover new combinations based on your closet content.
  • Packing Assistant: Generate trip packing lists by specifying the destination and activities.

Style Inspiration and Community

  • Style Feeds: Follow friends or fashion influencers for personalized outfit inspiration.
  • Community Challenges: Participate in style challenges to experiment with new looks.
  • Optional Feature: Request styling advice from fashion experts within the app.

Additional Tools

  • Wardrobe Tracker: Monitor clothing spending by logging purchase details.
  • Washing Instructions: Store care instructions for each garment.
  • Optional Feature: Receive personalized shopping recommendations based on your wardrobe and trends.

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Development Steps to Build Acloset-like App

Diving into the development process grasps the essence of being competitive at every phase. Have a look-

Market Research

Conducting thorough market research helps you find the right audience, understand their needs, and provide the appropriate solutions. Evaluating competitors provides valuable insights into what works well and where your app can be a good fit.

Features Planning

As discussed above, discuss the features you want to inoculate into your app. Learning about Acloset's features is crucial so you can plan what can go well with your business app. You can ask professional developers to integrate features according to your preferences.

UI/UX Design

The app's design encourages customer retention. It must be attractive, intuitive, and reflect the app's purpose. For the Acloset-like app, a minimalist design emphasizing visuals resonates with the target audience. Thus, designers must consider navigation and usability, ensuring users access all features.

Right Technology Stack

Choosing the right technology stack affects the app's scalability, performance, and maintenance. Consider the following technology stacks-

  • Front-end: Flutter or React Native for cross-platform app development.
  • Back-end: Ruby or Node.js on Rails for server-side operations.
  • Cloud Services: Google Cloud or AWS for storage, hosting, and scalability.
  • Database: PostgreSQL or MongoDB to store user data and wardrobe products.

MVP Development

Experts include MVP development with the app's core features. This approach is beneficial for quick app launches, collecting user feedback, and employing required adjustments before adding more complex facets.

Quality Assurance

App development involves testing and quality assurance. Deep testing ensures your app is bug-free and provides a flawless experience. It includes usability testing, functional testing, security testing, and performance testing.

Hiring a proficient development team for Hyperlocal Cloud is a gold mine for getting a virtual closet app like Acloset and growing in the market. Request a quote now!

App Launch

Create a buzz around your social media about your app launch so your audience remains curious about what's new is coming for them. You can opt for PR campaigns and influencer partnerships. Ensure your app store listings are optimized with incredible screenshots, keywords, and descriptions to gain more footfall.

Post-launch Strategies

Gather feedback and analyze it closely after the app launch. Use this data to improve your app, fix troubles, and create plans. Staying updated to users' requirements helps you make your app relevant and productive.

How A Closet-like App Will Work for Your Customers?

The Acloset-like app is one's ally to experiencing a smart fashion life. It works effectively for users. Here's how it works-

Create Digital Closet

  • Add Attires: Users take pictures of clothes and upload them on the app.
  • See What's in the Wardrobe: Users can customize their digital wardrobe per their preferences. The app suggests possible categorization based on style, season, and travel.
  • Identify Your Style: One can view different statistics related to one's fashion life.

Discover Personal Style

  • Make Outfits: Users can create and find their outfit ideas with the help of the app's AI assistance.
  • Share Outfit Ideas: Get inspired by millions of ideas from fashionistas worldwide by sharing outfit collections, and be the diva every day.
  • Plan and Log Outfits: The app is reliable in planning and logging users' daily attires, helping them find their favorite styles and clothes.

Easy to Sell

  • List Items: Take a photo of a closet to sell and list them.
  • Message and Sell: Communicate with interested buyers while buyers and sellers can mutually decide on payment and shipping modes.
  • Make Money: Users can earn extra money by selling their old items successfully.

Purchase Now

  • Find It: Users can browse different styles and items and find favorites.
  • Buy It: Send messages to the seller and ask any questions. Users can buy the item they like.
  • Grab It: Users can request package tracking from the seller once they order.

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How Does a Virtual Closet App Like Acloset Make Money?

Virtual clothing apps like Acloset create profits through various revenue streams. They include:

Commission on Sales:

You can earn from commissions earned via user sales. This kind of affiliate marketing service lets you earn commissions on the purchases.

Advertising and Sponsorships:

The app's revenue model allows you to integrate advertisements from clothing brands, fashion-related firms, or retailers. It leads to collaboration with these businesses for sponsorship deals, where they must pay to feature their services or products within the virtual closet management experience.

Collaboration and Partnerships:

A virtual clothing platform can develop partnerships with celebrities, fashion influencers, or stylists to promote its products. This service offers exclusive collections or collaborations with these influencers, producing additional revenue through their large follower base.

Premium Options:

Acloset app has additional paid services, such as personalized styling recommendations, customized clothing options, and virtual wardrobe organizations. Such premium features provide a way to generate profit.

If you want to clone or white label Acloset's solutions, contact the development team of Hyperlocal Cloud today!

Benefits of Acloset-like App Development

Your app can be next, as Acloset has gained popularity. Below are the benefits of Acloset-like app development-

For Business Owners:

Develop a Stronger Brand:

Creating an Acloset-like app can develop your business. With the right communication strategy and interactive design, the app is an always-on brand ambassador, helping your company deliver its brand promise.

Enhance Customer Engagement:

The app is naturally engaging, helping brands deepen customer engagement. Moreover, your target group is more likely to install your app in the first place, which creates more business opportunities for you to engage with the right people at the right time.

Personalize a Marketing Channel:

The Acloset-like app allows interactive personalization features like customized discounts, shopping history, etc. Your app must include AI features, like providing styling suggestions. An app can make recognizing imperative milestones in your target audience's lives easy, like occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, and more.

Increase Profits:

The app benefits businesses by creating a better customer experience, which often translates into higher profits. Since the app improves the customer experience, your revenue graph boosts.

Boost Business Reach:

A closet-like app creates maximum reach for businesses, making it easy for audiences to find you and use your services.

For Developers:

Large Target Market:

The market for fashion and clothing management apps is vast, with users of all ages and demographics interested in optimizing their wardrobes.

Potential for Monetization:

Several monetization options exist. The app could offer a freemium model with basic and premium features accessible through subscriptions. In-app purchases for additional storage or style advice are also possibilities.

Data Analytics & User Insights:

The app developer can gain valuable insights into user behavior and fashion trends by analyzing user data anonymously. This information can be used to improve the app's features and functionalities and for targeted advertising partnerships with fashion brands.

Creating a Community:

The app can foster a community of fashion-conscious users who can share outfit ideas, discuss trends, or buy and sell pre-owned clothing through an integrated marketplace. This can increase user engagement and loyalty.

Potential for Expansion:

The app's functionality can be expanded beyond clothing. Users could manage accessories, shoes, and jewelry or create a wishlist of desired items. It could also integrate with laundry services or dry cleaners for a more comprehensive wardrobe management platform.

Overall, developing an Acloset-like app holds significant potential for users and developers. It offers a solution to a common problem—wardrobe disorganization—and can create a valuable tool for managing and optimizing one's style.

The Bottom Line

The fashion industry is revolutionizing, and people are becoming habitual to technology. That is why Acloset-like apps are gaining prominence. Considering this, business owners and entrepreneurs like you must opt for them. Clone app development companies like Hyperlocal Cloud develop Acloset-like apps with compelling features and high usability.

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