How To Build A Dating App Like Wink-Everything To Know?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

April 11, 2024

How To Build A Dating App Like Wink-Everything To Know?

Dating is the new modern trend among youngsters. Mostly, people between the ages of 18 and 24 are very fond of finding a partner to enjoy springtime with. In this era of social media, where individuals connect easily, dating apps are taking place significantly. A dating app like Wink can help in various ways. As an already successful dating app, creating a clone of it can provide profits in various ways.

So here in this blog, we will talk about an extensive process of building a dating app like the Wink. We will also cover its features, business benefits, money-generating strategies, and future sustainability. So now, without taking any more time, let’s get started exploring:

Future Statistics Of Online Dating Apps

  • Dating apps will have vast revenue growth in the future. Here are some stats to know:
  • The revenue segment in dating apps is rising and is anticipated to grow to $3.15 billion before 2024.
  • The annual compound growth rate is showing 2.48% between 2024-2029.
  • User penetration will be 5.1% before the end of 2024.
  • ARPU can rise to $7.91, which will lead to revenue growth of $3.56 billion by 2029.

Advantages Of Having A Dating App Like Wink

Developing a dating app similar to Wink comes with vast profits. Here we have mentioned some:

Improved Digital Security

The Wink clone app is designed with sophisticated encryption techniques ensuring user chats, data privacy, and security. Businesses can also benefit from these security features, as the app has high-level security measures to conduct transactions and ensure safe payment processing. With these advanced security measures, users can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing their personal information and communications are protected.

Improved Customer Engagement

Mobile apps can help businesses better connect with customers, improve customer engagement, and create an immediate marketing channel. With a cutting-edge, responsive, user-friendly, dynamic GUI application, businesses can attract many customers and increase sales.

Increase Revenue Growth

This approach assists in making money with the help of different money-making models. Collaborating with other organizations to sell premium features offers vast opportunities to let people find their date and make money in your business.

Competitive Advantage

By applying the right marketing and business strategies, businesses can gain a competitive advantage and uplift their business to their desired goal.

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How To Build A Dating App Like Wink?

Developing an app similar to Wink requires proper planning and extensive technical language. So let’s dive into the comprehensive guide to developing a dating app:

Market Analysis

It is important to conduct an accurate market analysis before getting started. This stage includes defining the target audience, collecting relevant data, knowing the user’s interests, and applying the SWOT(Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threat Analysis) technique to get the best output for dating app development.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis can strengthen your business pillars and make the application competitive. To do that, you must download and analyze every functionality and feature in the competitor’s app. Also, user reviews and ratings on the Google Play Store and Apple Store should be checked to create a solution. Using this method, you can easily grow.

Choose A Platform

Decide whether Android or iOS. An application on the Android platform gives you the liberty to apply your development creativity and has an immense user base. Whereas an iOS platform requires a different technical approach to develop an application. Typically, businesses can consider having a hybrid or cross-platform app. Here is the explanation:

Hybrid App

A hybrid app like Wink can be a reliable and sustainable option for your dating app. It can be rendered on both Android and iOS, making it accessible to any end user.

Cross-Platform App

The cross-platform app is designed to provide a native-like UI/UX experience. Unlike a hybrid app, it may require some adjustment while deploying. These applications can also be rendered regardless of operating system.

App Design

The Wink application has its own top-tier UI/UX functionality. However, when talking about Wink dating app development, it gives the liberty to experiment with creativity to design the best dating app. The app design affects the outlook of the application and creates an engaging homepage, color patterns, navigation panel, pagination, fonts, in-app pages, etc.

App Development

Developing a Wink clone can require hardcore technical knowledge. As a replica of its original application, it should be modernized and use dynamic tech stacks to build an industry-level application. The development process occurs in two major ways: front-end and back-end. Front-end development is where the UI/UX, homepage, app screens, and features are planned. Back-end development programs for the server-side segments include payment gateway integrations, app security, data management, and functions.

Sounds complex? Hire professional developers to develop the application on time, under budget, and according to your business requirements.


Testing is important to validate every function of the Wink clone app. A professional QA & tester team performs rigorous testing to spot and report any occurring bug. This process makes the application bug-free, useful, and accessible and verifies if every corner of the application is working as expected.


Finally, the app can be deployed on global hosting servers like Google Play Store and Apple Store. This can be done using Git, GitHub, BitBucket, etc. It makes the Wink clone app globally accessible and ready to download.

Core Features In A Dating App Like Wink

Wink clones must adhere to essential features that favor the customer and indirectly support the business. Here are some facets to include:


Users can easily sign up using their name, age, gender, interests, preference, location access, etc. It also facilitates single-click login by incorporating the user’s social media accounts.

View Profile

Users can view others' profiles by name, age, interests, preferences, relationship type, etc.

Right/Left Swipe

Swiping right/left a profile has a significant meaning. Swiping right to a profile indicates that the user is interested in the person, and swiping left indicates non-interest.


Vibes let users express exactly what type of partner or date they are looking for. This allows them to decide on a friendly dinner night, dinner date, life partner, casual meet, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc.


These auto-generated suggestions provide users with accurate profiles by analyzing their interests, hobbies, age factors, distance, and many more.

Verified Profiles Only

The Wink clone app features verified profiles with a blue tick badge. Users can upload their photo and ID proof for verification, and once they match, they get a blue badge instantly.

Membership Management

Businesses can view how many members have purchased premium memberships. At the same time, users can purchase or cancel premium memberships easily.

Professional Dashboard

A professional dashboard is embedded for businesses to monitor their live happenings. It provides accurate data in the format of charts, infographics, stats, etc.

Contact & Support

Users can contact the admin support team via call & chat to resolve any issue.

Money Making Strategies For A Dating App Like Wink

With a Wink clone app, businesses can work with different income sources. Here are four major ways to make money:

Subscription Tiers

Offer subscription tiers like Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each tier has its own benefits and perks and a different price. Every purchase made by the user is directly credited to the business account.

In-App Advertisement

This model lets admins post paid ads of other companies in return for money. This could be by dating coaches, relationship therapists, and other products & services related to dating a person.

Add-On Purchases

Provide other features and services in return for an amount. Unlock the full potential of the user’s dating experience with embedded premium features like boosting profile visibility, getting more Super Likes, and never regretting a swipe with the Undo option. For a small fee, users can enjoy all these benefits and more, resulting in an increase in net worth.

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Bottom Line

Dating apps are gaining popularity daily. As they are an easy way to find the right companion, people are adhering to such applications rapidly. Building a dating app like Wink can be a great startup if you are planning to start a sustainable and scalable business. However, a professional on demand app development company’s involvement is also needed to build such an app.

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