How To Build An App Like Southwest Airlines

By Hyperlocal Cloud

April 10, 2024

How To Build An App Like Southwest Airlines

Are you dreaming of starting a skyrocketing flight booking business? Buckle up! This blog offers a comprehensive guide to building an app like Southwest Airlines. We also discuss some strategic development processes, the features and benefits it offers, revenue-generation models, and more.

While you are exploring this blog, we have made sure that we have provided every necessary information for creating a Southwest Airlines clone. Furthermore, we will discuss the complete process, including its business models, features, money-making strategies, etc. Let’s get started:

Futuristic Stats About Flight Booking

The flight booking business is rising second by second. Meanwhile, you are reading this blog, and hundreds of flight tickets have been sold. Here are some futuristic market stats to know for flight booking:

  • The revenue segment in airline flight booking is anticipated to rise to $0.63 trillion before 2024.
  • The CAGR shows 3.75% between 2024 and 2028.
  • The number of users in this market will rise significantly, reaching 1.19 billion before the end of the 2028 session.
  • Talking further, the economic segment can reach $0.73 trillion before 2028.

Reasons To Invest In Southwest Airlines Like Flight Booking App

After going through the mentioned stats, it is confirmed that such a business will be quite lucrative in the future. Additionally, here are some reasons to consider starting it:

Rising Travel Demand

As economies recover and pandemic restrictions ease, the travel industry is expected to experience a significant surge beyond 2024. This increased demand for air travel translates to a larger potential customer base for your app.

Mobile-First Booking Trend

More people are booking travel through their smartphones. A user-friendly flight booking app can capture a share of this mobile-driven market.

Technological Advancements

AI and machine learning can personalize the user experience in your app. Suggestions like flight recommendations, price comparisons, and travel add-ons can make booking more seamless.

Room For Innovation

To stand out in the travel app market, focus on a specific niche, offer unique features like AR airport navigation, or partner with loyalty programs.

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How To Build An App Like Southwest Airlines?

The entire process of developing a Southwest Airlines clone needs to be done right. So, to keep everything under control and according to the plans, we have included a step-by-step guide to building such an application.

Examine The Market

Without researching market trends, opening the business blindly is considered a mistake. So, know the current market stats, demands, and people's interests, and discover any problems. This will help you start strong and build a sustainable travel management business.

Competitor Analysis

Analyzing market trends helps start a strong business, but competitor analysis strengthens the business pillar. It involves downloading the competitor's application, checking features and pricing, and reading users’ comments and feedback, which will help start a competitive flight booking application.

Platform Selection

Choose between iOS, Android, and hybrid. A Southwest Airlines clone must be a hybrid application that increases accessibility. Let’s explore some of the benefits of these platforms.


Android allows customizations of a higher degree than other platforms.

This allows integrations with Google services.

There are some functionalities of the application that can be availed offline post-download.


iOS apps are considered highly secure & safe to use in any environment.

The Southwest Airlines clone app on iOS integrates with iOS services and allows booking and fetching of flight info using voice commands with Siri assistance.

This allows businesses to have a premium user base and help maintain beneficial business.

Hybrid App

The major benefit of having a hybrid app is that it makes the app accessible on iOS and Android.

It reduces development time and mostly comes under budget.

Hybrid app codes are reusable, which allows for easy post-deployment customization.

App Design

An app like Southwest Airlines involves planning the outlook and Graphical User Interface(GUI). Researching the latest UI/UX development trends can help create a contemporary Southwest Airlines clone. As designing the application is the first phase of the technical aspect, it can be considered as the pillar of the entire app. That’s why proper planning, immense design knowledge, and experience are required to develop an eye-captive UI/UX.

App Development

Smart, professional app developers must handle the development phase. It demands extensive knowledge of front-end and back-end technology. This code uses an IDE(Integrated Development Environment) in the design part. It requires symmetrical planning of the development stages and structure of the application and matching the application's requirements with the client’s needs.


The developed Southwest Airlines app must undergo a rigorous testing process. It helps develop applications full of functions, report any occurring bugs, and resolve any in-app parameters. It improves the workflow of the application and enhances its operability.


Finally, the app can be deployed on popular marketplaces like Google Play Store & Apple Store. This allows users to download and access the Southwest Airlines clone app on both mobile devices and computers.

Advantages Of Having Southwest Airlines Clone App

There are several advantages of having a Southwest Airlines-like app. Here are some benefits to claim:

Faster Time-To-Market

Using a Southwest Airlines clone can speed up app development and help you launch sooner, potentially capturing a market segment before developing unique selling points.

Reduced Development Costs

Modifying an existing structure can be more efficient and cost-effective than building a new one from the ground up. Although development resources are required, the groundwork is already laid out.

Proven UI/UX

The Southwest Airlines app likely has a user-friendly interface and a well-established user experience. By adopting a similar design, you can benefit from the existing usability.

Targeting A Familiar Platform

People are accustomed to using the Southwest Airlines app to book and manage flights. A similar app can leverage this familiarity, making it adaptable.

Sublime Features To Have In A Southwest Airlines Clone

It is important to embed quality features into the Southwest Airlines-like app. Here are some important features to adhere to:

Sign in/Sign up

This feature lets users easily log in and sign in by associating their social media accounts or manually filling out the signup form.

Flight Booking

Travelers can easily book flights with options like one-way or round trip, departure arrivals, selecting the number of travelers, and more.

Vacation Planning

Along with exclusively booking the flight, travelers can plan their vacations by choosing the destination, air travel, hotel, and cars simultaneously.

Hotel Booking

The app allows travelers to book hotels with easy check-in & check-out dates inside the built calendar.

Car Rental

Those who want their journey seamless and comfortable can easily select a car by adding the time, date, and place of pick-up and drop-off.

Easy Check-In

Post-flight booking, travelers can download itineraries by entering their PNR number and other travel details.

Check Flight Status

This feature shows live flight status, including ETA, ETD, distance covered, distance left, delay or on-time status, and more.

Changes & Cancellation

Travelers can easily modify or cancel their booked flights by selecting alternate dates and flights.

Timely Special Offers

This feature can be launched for frequent flyers, increasing traveler engagement in the application and increasing revenue.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Customers can pay the entire booking fee using various payment modes, such as credit/debit card, Stripe, PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, and others.

Low Fare Calendar

This shows the calendar with the lowest fare available for the selected destination. Travelers can use this feature to plan their trips effectively.

Destination Category

Travel enthusiasts can choose from several categories to travel worldwide. They can also choose where to visit next by selecting seasonal destinations in the app.

Professional Dashboard

A professional dashboard is embedded to let business owners monitor their ongoing sales, generate revenue, create invoices, manage payments, manage subscriptions, etc.

Communication & Support

Travelers can chat or call with admin support to resolve any booking or payment-related query.

Money Making Strategies For A Southwest Airlines Like App

Developing a flight booking app offers businesses multiple opportunities to make money through different streams. Checkout the list below:

Flight Booking Commissions

Instead of directly selling flights, partner with airlines (including Southwest if possible) and earn a commission on each booking made through your app.

Travel Insurance Upsells

During the booking process, offer optional add-ons like luggage fee prepayment or travel insurance for an additional fee. Partner with insurance providers for a share of the revenue.

Premium Membership

Offer a premium membership tier with exclusive benefits like priority booking, fee waivers for changes, or airport lounge access in exchange for a monthly or annual subscription fee.

Curated Travel Itineraries

This comes with itinerary planning services for an additional fee, suggesting flights, hotels, and activities based on user preferences and budgets.

Cost To Build An App Like Southwest Airlines

The cost of developing a Southwest Airlines clone app depends on several factors, including the app’s complexity, development location, third-party integrations, and other factors.

Enthusiastic entrepreneurs planning to develop an app similar to Southwest Airlines can connect with Hyperlocal Cloud and get the application built under budget.

Looking For The Exact Cost To Build An App Like Southwest Airlines

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Building a successful trave­l app requires more than copying an e­xisting platform like Southwest Airlines. While­ adopting a similar structure can provide a faster start, true­ success lies in differe­ntiating your app from the competition. Leve­rage the initial framework to acce­lerate deve­lopment, but prioritize creating a unique­ selling proposition that sets your app apart. Target a spe­cific niche or market segme­nt, such as eco-friendly travel or luxury e­xperiences.

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