How To Build An App Like Fly Delta?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

March 21, 2024

How To Build An App Like Fly Delta?

Air travel is the new comfort of flexing the tour and reaching the destination in a short period of time. Due to the rise in such convenience, people always wish to have a user-friendly air travel app to eliminate the complexities of flight booking & traveling. That's where the Fly Delta clone app comes into place.

Fly Delta-like business apps are incredibly beneficial for companies, increasing their efficiency in business operations, reducing costs, improving communication channels, and enhancing productivity levels. It is a helpful app that lets people book flights, navigate the airport using maps, generate boarding passes, track bags, track flight time, and more. It also provides a seamless experience in booking flights & planning trips and comes with modern features.

So, in this blog, we will discuss how to build an app like Fly Delta with similar functions. As a replica of the existing application, entrepreneurs can also adhere to customized features desired UI/UX and maintain changes. Now let's get started exploring:

Steps to Build An App Like Fly Delta

So, how do you replicate a Fly Delta app? Let’s explore the brief process below:

Define Your Purpose

Starting such a business can be daunting, but with proper marketing research and plan it can be easy. It will target frequent flyers, business travelers, leisure travelers, etc. By understanding your target audience, you can decide its features and functionalities.

Know Your Unique Value Proposition

This step includes figuring out why your Fly Delta-like app stands out from the crowd. It decides to check whether you offer more exceptional services than competitors and what your in-app convenience is for the user.

Competitor Analysis

While other flight booking apps provide excellent services to travelers, what’s your unique offering that attracts them? To bridge a gap, you must examine their application, offerings, pricing and read customer comments to know where they are lacking. This will help you plan a perfect strategy and create a list of offerings to ace your rivals in the same business niche.

Prepare A Business Model

A business model can help your business align on a proper track to gain profit. There are generally types of business models that every flight booking platform adheres to:

Aggregator Model

It is considered the most popular model because it provides a variety of options for users to choose from. This lets users compare the price of a single route provided by different sources. Later, after selecting a source and booking the flight, your Fly Delta-like app earns a commission.

Merchant Model

This model allows the fetching of every necessary information about the flight from its original source. Information like departure/arrival, price, and other services are fetched from the airline and show every data on an owned platform.

UI/UX Design

This is the stage of designing the application's outlook. It requires planning for the front end and back end interfaces. This also includes colors, logos, fonts, app pages, features to have, animations, infographics, dashboard design, vendor models, etc. As it is a technical part, it requires a smart skillset in design tools & technologies like Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.

Fly Delta Like App Development

The development of a Fly Delta-like app requires a symmetric app structure, pre-planning for the front end and back end development part, the use of modern tech stacks, programming/coding features, and a professional app development company. At this stage, every part that was planned in the design is supposed to be coded live. Also, front-end and back-end developers collaborate to build a user-friendly, feature-rich, secure, and hybrid app that can be rendered on iOS and Android.

Cross-Check The Development

Developing the Fly Delta-like app is not enough. It must undergo rigorous testing to ensure its functions, features, app design, order bookings, etc. A white-collar testing and quality analysis team is assigned to complete the job. After accurate and satisfying testing, the Fly Delta-like app can be processed further.


The deployment stage of the application hosts the above over global hosting servers to be available for users.

Post-Deployment & Updates

Airlines tend to update their offerings and flight data on a monthly basis. That’s why planning post-deployment maintenance and bringing timely updates is crucial to retaining users. This will not just make your Fly Delta clone app up-to-date but also provide users with a seamless express while booking a flight.

By following these steps mentioned above, businesses can avail an absolute solution of a flight booking app like Fly Delta.

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Key Features Of An App Like Fly Delta

Features in an app like Fly Delta must be up-to-date and top-tier to provide customers with a seamless experience. Let’s explore some vital features to have in a Fly Delta clone:

Flight Search

It provides accurate flight details, including their time of departure/arrival, cost, name of the flight, route, etc. Users can fill in their origin and destination to initiate their flight booking.

Seat Selection

During flight booking, an app like Fly Delta must fetch the seat map of the selected aircraft type. Passengers can then choose and pre-book their preferred seating on the flight.

Fare Options

This displays the current fare breakdown, including information such as the basic fare, service charges, taxes, etc. The fare details are different for standard and premium bookings.

Multiple Payment Gateways

The multiple payment gateway feature lets users pay conveniently using credit/debit cards, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, net banking, etc.

Online Check-In

While on a confirmed booking, travelers can easily check in with their general PNR from the app before 24 hours of departure. It also saves the checked-in boarding pass in the form of a PDF.

Itinerary Viewer

This shows current and past flight bookings of a user’s account. This also includes information like flight details, selected seats, booked meals, etc.

Baggage Tracking

At the airport, when baggage is taken for loading, travelers get a notification with a unique code for their loading baggage that helps them easily deboard and collect their belongings.

Additional Features of Flight Booking App Like Fly Delta

SkyMiles Integration

This is an ewallet for an app like Fly Delta that helps users add balance for their trip. This also comes with rewards and coupons when a payment is made through the wallet.

Personalized Recommendation

This offers travel suggestions to travelers based on their past flight bookings, SkyMiles profile activity, and current location. It helps businesses promote new travel destinations and earn money.

Airport Maps & Guides

The following feature comes with interactive maps of an airport, which guides the traveler to the departure/arrival gate. It helps first-time flyers board their flight easily.

Lounge Booking

To enjoy extra comfort at the airport, travelers can use this in-app feature to book a lounge to wait for their flight. It gives Delta Sky Club lounge access to book at the boarding airports.

Save Travel Documents

This feature helps travelers save their documents, like ID proofs, boarding passes, and visas, in one place. It eliminates the fear of losing the document and can be checked anytime.

Customer Support

In case of any in-app error or failure, travelers can easily contact the customer care team to discuss the issue.

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Cost To Build An App Like Fly Delta

To get a Fly Delta clone app, you might have to invest in different segments, including 3rd party paid API, airline paid API, paid UI/UX framework, and many more. Also, the app development and time are affected by several elements. Checkout the list below to know:

  • App design
  • Complexity of the platform
  • Number of workforce
  • Availability of sources
  • Customizations
  • Desired features
  • Development location
  • Number of pages

There can be some other factors that directly affect the development cost. To get an accurate cost, businesses can connect with our experts to discuss their budget and get started developing the project.


Developing an app similar to Fly Delta requires proper planning and extensive knowledge of modern technologies. With proper planning, creating business strategies, and applying revenue-making models, businesses can reach their desired goal of providing quality service and making a high income. Within all these processes, a next-generation on-demand app development company plays an important role. So, where can I find one?

Are you already on it? Hyperlocal Cloud is a cutting-edge mobile app and website development company. With our broad range of services, businesses can avail of their desired solution in less time and under budget. Check out our offerings and start your successful venture today.

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