How To Build An App Like ShutEye?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

March 22, 2024

How To Build An App Like ShutEye?

An abundance of sleep is a way to lead a healthy life. But in this era, when everyone is occupied with regular life routines and work, getting quality sleep has become a challenge. People work in offices for more than 9 hours. Technology addiction has somehow stolen our comfortable sleep, but the coincidence is that technology is also helpful in getting good sleep.

ShutEye is a sleep tracker application that improves users’ sleep. Due to its strong features, UI/UX, and functionalities, people have found it very beneficial. So, as you have planned to build an app like ShutEye, this blog provides an extensive guide to building a replica of the app. Let’s get started exploring it step-by-step:

Market Stats About The Sleep Tracker Apps

The market for sleep tracker apps is growing rapidly. Let’s take a look at the growth with some stats:

  • The market of such businesses is expected to rise to $1,070 billion before 2024.
  • It is growing at a CAGR of 12.8% between 2024-2031.
  • 3Due to its good compound rate, the revenue can reach $2,755 billion before 2031.
  • North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific will be the largest geographical locations that will opt to sleep track applications.

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ShutEye Clone App Development: Unified Guide

Developing such applications requires proper planning and technical knowledge. So, let’s learn how to develop an app like ShutEye:

Evaluate Your Vision

You have a plan for such a business, so how far are you willing to go? In this process, you will evaluate your business goals, the application’s motto, what problem you’ll solve for users, and more. This will help you build your application properly and align the business with present marketing goals.

Competitor Analysis

Analyzing competitors can strengthen your application. It includes downloading the competitor’s app and examining its features, functionalities, and customer reviews to learn the targeted audience's interests. This approach helps you develop the application stronger than others.

Designing The Application

Application design involves crafting the app's color, brand logo, in-app content, UI/UX, navigation panel, app screens, homepage, header/footer, and other important factors. It also requires strategies and skill sets in modern design technologies.

ShutEye Like App Development

The development process means building the design using programming skills and technical knowledge. It requires development planning for the front end and back end. Implementing smart technologies for sleep tracking, sound analysis, sleep duration, smart alarms, sound stories for sleep, etc., requires strategic planning and tactical development.

Advantages Of Having AI

The addition of AI can increase the charm of the application. It can increase adaptability, enhance user experience, automate the app, make accurate predictions, and more. Here are some other benefits that can be achieved:

Accurate data analysis

  • Tailored sleep analysis tools
  • Suggestion of binaural beats (sleeping music)
  • Shows early warning signs
  • Adaptive sleep soundscapes

Hire a smart developer team to build such an application. Integrating AI power in a ShutEye-like app is the next level; it requires the expertise and experience of the developers.

Testing The App

This phase conducts thorough research into the development factor and checks if each section of the ShutEye clone app is running as expected. A white-collar QA and testing team is assigned to complete the job. After a satisfactory report, the app is processed ahead for further action.


Deploying the application on global hosting servers like Google Play Store and Apple Store makes the app accessible. Hyperlocal Cloud provides free deployment on such platforms without any hidden cost. Start developing your desired application with us.

Advantages Of ShutEye Clone App

There are various advantages of the ShutEye clone. As everyone wants quality sleep, providing such applications is quite effective. Let’s know the benefits here:

User Retention

An app like ShutEye provides health benefits by providing quality sleep. Adding top-tier features that solve people's problems while sleeping can increase user retention and revenue.

High-Income Profit

The ShutEye app can also help gain high ROI. Applying revenue streams like affiliated marketing, direct selling, and online advertisement can help you make a lot with such applications.

Brand Awareness

Highly creative UI/UX, top features, and security can make the ShutEye clone app highly adaptable, resulting in an increase in brand awareness. Businesses can also collaborate with neural doctors and recommend them to suggest the application to their clients facing insomniac-like issues.

Core Features To Have In A ShutEye Clone App

Features in an app like ShutEye help increase user convenience and make the app accessible to everyone. Here are some top features to include in the application:


The login and signup feature helps users log in or sign up for the application by filling in their information, such as health condition, approximate time a user sleeps, work occupation and hours, etc.

Sleep Tracking

This feature tracks automatically when a user goes to sleep. The smart AI algorithm detects when a user will sleep and starts calculating the hours.

Sleep Quality Score

It detects motions while sleeping and examines how often the user has made the activity. Later, this generates an overall score showing the sleep quality.

Show Sleep Cycle

It shows accurate details of a user’s sleep cycle. The report can be generated daily, weekly, or monthly.

Sleep Recording

The application automatically arms this feature when the user starts sleeping. It records sleep activities such as the number of snores, sleep talking, and breaths.

Sedative Music

For insomniac people, this feature plays music like a rain theme, brook sound effects, peaceful instruments, etc., to relax brain cells, helping users fall asleep.

Wake-Up Report

Users get their sleep report after waking up or at any time. It includes data like sleep time, wake-up time, snore sound, talk sound, grindling, fart, etc.

Alarms & Tunes

It includes alarm tunes like bird sounds, high-intensity music, and dream beats. Users can select a tune, or the app suggests a tune to break the sleep and improve the quality.

Suggestions To Improve Sleep

The app can generate personalized sleep quality results for its users and provide tailored tips to help them improve their sleep based on these results.

Daily Tracking & Reporting

The ShutEye clone tracks the user's daily activity and generates accurate reports about the user’s health.


This helps connect users with the admin panel in case of any malfunction and payment-related query with customer support and vice versa.

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Money-Making Model For A ShutEye Clone

There are typically two ways to make money with an app like ShutEye. Let’s explore a few of them below:

In-App Advertisement

This model lets business owners post ads of other advertisers on the application in return for an amount. The ad can promote anything like goods, sleep material, etc.

Premium Subscription

Offer premium subscription features in return for an amount. Users pay the amount to avail of features and renew their subscription monthly or yearly. It is a good practice to make recurring money in the business.


Building an app like ShutEye is a unique idea for providing unique services and retaining a high number of customers. A cutting-edge feature, modern UI/UX, and quick response feature help businesses quickly gain ROI. Connecting with a professional IT company to get such an application is important. So where to find one?

Hyperlocal Cloud is a cutting-edge on-demand app development company specializing in every contemporary tech stack to build a ShutEye clone. Talk to our experts today and get started.

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