How To Build An Online Language Learning Platform Like Italki

By Hyperlocal Cloud

June 05, 2024

How To Build An Online Language Learning Platform Like Italki

Today, the world has come closer and is not restricted by any geographical boundaries regarding language speaking. Numerous language learning platforms are available for individuals keen on learning new lingos, native languages, dialects, etc. Moreover, the online language learning market size is estimated to be around 41.63 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of 13.74% (2023 to 2030). These numbers will only increase with time, and this is the best time for entrepreneurs to cash on the opportunity and drive maximum business growth.

With multiple platforms available online, one of the most popular is Italki. It has splendid features and enjoys enormous popularity among users. Building an online language learning platform like Italki proves to be best as it has an already existing pool of potential users. With the integration of phenomenal attributes, this business model is the greatest significant hit in the education industry.

What Is Italki And How Does It Work?

It is one of the most in-demand language learning platforms, providing learners with remarkable access to 150+ languages. The platform offers personalized one-on-one learning sessions to millions of users globally. Additionally, some certified tutors have the expertise and relevant experience to teach to a worldwide community of language learners.

Italki allows students to book a trial session with their favorite teachers. They need to simply pick a desired date and time from the calendar. Tutors can approve or deny the request and connect with the individuals via video chat. This is how the platform works.

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Salient Features Of Online Language Learning Platform Like Italki

User Profiles

Helps learners and teachers upgrade their profiles by specifying their qualifications, experience, learning goals, teaching style, etc.

Search And Filter

Allows users to browse teachers according to their preferences, regions, prices they charge, ratings, reviews, etc.

Lesson Management

Helps teachers curate lesson plans, assign homework, and track the ongoing progress with valuable reports and analytics.

Communication Tools

Swiftly connects learners and teachers through HQ audio/video calls in real-time for easy and seamless communication.

Scheduling and Booking

With calendar integration, lesson scheduling becomes more manageable, enabling learners to directly book their courses from the platform.

Secure Payment

Helps with swift and secure transactions through payment transactions such as Braintree, Stripe, PayPal, etc.

Reviews And Ratings

Learners can leave their feedback for the tutor; similarly, the teachers can view it.

Online Language Learning Platforms Like Italki- Key Development Steps

Building a platform is a daunting process. Many elements must be put together, along with the perfect professional experience and expertise. A sequential series of steps must be followed to make the platform robust and scalable.

Competitor Analysis

One of the most significant steps is to analyze competitors' offerings precisely. The idea is not to blatantly follow their ideas but to take inspiration and look for missing elements in their platforms.

Create A Roadmap

After understanding the technicalities, it's essential to create a roadmap, which involves creating a foolproof strategy with an outline surrounding the product. This incorporates defining the objectives, setting top goals, and establishing what problem needs to be solved. Finding the solution, brainstorming ideas, segmenting complex initiatives, and creating a dedicated timeframe are pivotal parts of business plan creation.

UI/UX Design

It's appropriate to make the overall look and design of the platform superior, giving users a visually appealing feeling. The interactive UI/UX design makes the aesthetics worthwhile and engages the users' attention. It consists of mind-blowing navigation components and top-tier software/wireframe tools.


The development stage is bifurcated into two powerful categories: front and back end. The former is responsible for what users see and experience on the platform. It includes elements like buttons, checkboxes, a logo of desirable design, and color.

The backend includes a smooth platform that functions with the help of servers and databases. During this phase, unique features that align with the platform are embedded. Popular programming languages, web frameworks, and coding techniques are implemented to improve the reliability and performance of the developed platform.

Quality assurance

The developed platform is checked for bugs and abnormalities, which are eliminated through several testing procedures. This is done to improve performance, maintain responsiveness, and enhance scalability.

Deploy and maintenance

The online language learning platform Italki is finally deployed on a dedicated server and launched on the desired Play Store. The development team maintains the platform in case of software updates and technical faults.

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Why Are Online Language Learning Platforms Like Italki Popular Among Businesses?

Online education platforms have always enjoyed popularity among individuals, but their scope has been further amplified with rapid digitization. Below are some of the pointers that tell why businesses are opting to invest in the online language learning platform;

Extensive Range Of Languages

A platform like Italki provides a wide range of languages spoken worldwide, catering to a more significant segment of people.

Utmost Flexibility

The convenience of learning offered to individuals, along with accommodating multiple time zones at the same time, limits the impact on productivity.


The ability to offer advanced learning sessions to students at affordable prices lures users, adding to heavy traction.

Personalized Learning

Curating courses specifically for individuals based on their personal likings and interests attracts individuals, resulting in top-class user satisfaction.

Top Revenue Models Sociated with A Platform Like Italki

Various money-making models make the platform a top-earning platform. Below, we have enlisted some of the popular ones as under;

Commission Model

Allows the platform owners to take payments from the learners and pay the tutors after deducting the commission. The commission is about 15% of the tutor's fees for every session.

Subscription Model

Access to exclusive features and premium content is available to the user in several packages and plans, and money is charged in return.

In-app Ads

The display of third-party products and services on the platform also helps generate additional revenue.

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How Much Time Does It Take To Develop A Platform Like Italki?

It takes around 4-5 weeks to build an Italki-like platform, depending on the specifications and complexity.

Which Programming Languages Are Involved In The Whole Process?

React, Swift, Objective C, Java, And Python are among the top programming languages.

Is the platform open to customization?

Yes, the platform is open for all sorts of personalization.

What are the business benefits of Italki like platform development?

A few popular business perks are improved sales, customer loyalty, brand identity, and customer satisfaction.

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