Why Invest In A White Label Super App?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

June 12, 2023

Why Invest In A White Label Super App?

The super app has a growing buzz in the current digital world. The new-aged investors are getting inclined towards the category of multi-functional apps because of their increased functionalities and catchy user interfaces. They are a one-stop solution for all users’ needs.

Are you a potential investor looking for a way to build a super app? Then, you are at the right place, at the right time. Hyperlocal Cloud has been in the app development industry for almost a decade now, with multiple market-leading apps already launched. Have a look at our portfolio on our website and see for yourself!

To understand better, let us dive deep into this blog and understand the concept of super apps from the basics.

Super App Stats

  • Even though super apps have a lesser market in the USA currently than in Asian countries, they are soon set to boom in the West as well.
  • The global super apps market is expected to grow at a high pace in the next five years, with a CAGR of 23.8%. About 8.2B people are using smartphones globally, and the number is only increasing each day. The global super app market size is predicted to reach $426.01B by the year 2030, as per the research of Grand View Research.
  • WeChat, China's superpowered super app, has recorded $17.49B in annual revenue in 2021. Transactions for more than $400B+ were made on this platform in the year 2021.
  • As per embrace.io, super apps are low in Europe and America, yet 67% of American consumers want more than one service on an app. Along with that, 11% of them want their digital lives to be managed by a single app.

Understanding The Concept Of A White Label Super App

Super apps are apps where the users will get multiple services on a single platform. With the help of super apps, tech ecosystems will save time and effort and will not require multiple apps for different services. These apps function like virtual malls, and they provide multiple businesses and shops to sell products through their online retail space.

The users can get flight bookings, hotel reservations, food deliveries, and much more in a super app.

Through a white label super app, you won’t need to develop the app straight from scratch; the white label super app solution will be a ready-made solution ready to be launched in your branding with all the latest app features.

Smart And Reliable White Label Super App Solutions

Benefits Of Super Apps Over Basic Apps

Our white label super app solutions will offer multiple services which will be beneficial to businesses and make them stay ahead of their competitors. Let us have a look at some of the benefits of a super app.

Higher Revenues

White label super app solutions will help you get great revenues through their in-app purchases and advertising. Super apps offer integrated e-commerce services as well to sell products within the app itself.

Cost Savings

Super apps facilitate streamlined operations by providing everything in one place. This saves on the resources to operate via multiple apps. This can lead to helping businesses automate multiple tasks and provide efficient customer engagement services and enhanced inventory management.

Customer Retention And Engagement

Customer retention and engagement will be high as your user will get everything in one place. The users will thus spend more time on the app and even spend more, escalating your app revenue numbers.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Business owners will surely get satisfied customers and build a loyal customer base through their super app. The one-stop shop super app services are a catch for customers who wander on different apps for different services at the same time.

Valuable Customer Data And Insights

When you access the user data, you can easily monitor what your customers are investing more in, their preferences, and their needs. With these valuable insights, you can work on your app’s products and services and increase overall conversions.

Ensured Competitive Advantages

As the technological advances with time, investors are rising, and people are switching from their 9-5 jobs to becoming young entrepreneurs. When you invest in a super app, you can easily stay ahead of your competitors, who are only providing a single service model in their business.

Main Features Of A Super App

The major features of a super app are mentioned below. Hyperlocal Cloud ensures that all the latest features are added to the super app, which will take your revenue charts to the next level of success.

Digital Wallet

The super app we make will have a digital wallet attached to the user dashboard. Your users can pay for the services through this wallet. This wallet will also provide users with additional benefits and promo codes.

Utility features

The super app will have utility features like weather, maps, news, and much more. Along with that, users can also order food, medicines, alcohol, and much more.

Communication Features

The Supper app will have multiple communication features like voice calls, video calls, texts, and much more.

 E-Commerce And Shopping

The supper app will also have options for ecommerce shopping; your users can shop for apparel, accessories, shoes, and much more.

Fitness Features

The white label super app solution will have multiple fitness features like fitness trackers, meditation strategies, and much more.

Mobile Banking And Finance

The white label super app will also facilitate payments from peer-to-peer within an instant. The users can transfer money directly to the bank accounts linked to the super app.

Reservations And Ticketing

The white label super app solutions we provide are also loaded with multiple features that can help users even to book tickets, hotels, and restaurants.

How Can You Create A Successful White Label Super App?

Creating a white label super app will be a complex process. Still, with the help of a leading on-demand app development company, you can easily get the super app and provide your users with a tremendous one-stop shop, a feature-rich app, and a constant revenue stream to your barren business thoughts. Here are the steps:

Identify The Target Market

The most important aspect of any business is to study the market and understand your target customers. In the case of a super app, the audience can be of all ages. When you study your target audience before investing in a super app solution, you keep your room open for higher chances of success.

Do A Heavy Market Research

The next step would be conducting heavy market research and identifying the gaps within the market of super apps. The most important aspect of this step is to understand the reason behind your app being the best among the competitors. And how can you differentiate yourself from the competitors?

State A Value Proposition

You should be aware of the core value that your super app will bring to the market. This will not only differentiate you from the competitors but also establish your business as a brand.

Hire An App Development Company

After you hire an app development company, they will ensure to add the latest app features and avoid adding unnecessary complexities.

Design A Catchy User Interface

User experience is the most important part of any app development. The intuitive interface of your super app will provide a high-end user experience which will make the users navigate the app easily.

Test And Iterate

The app development company will develop the final app and fix any bugs. The app will then be tested on a smaller group of users, and any bugs will be fixed. Continuously, the app has to be improved and bugs fixed.

Launch The App On The Market

After the app is tested, the app will be launched in the market to your target audience. After launch, marketing should be done on all platforms. The app will be released on both Android and iOS platforms.

Monitor User Engagement

Track the app engagement and conversion rates and make robust data-driven decisions to improve the app’s functionality.

Continuously Work On App Improvement

Monitor the changing market trends and keep updating the app as per the latest trend to ensure that the app is downloaded on a massive scale.

Final Thoughts

The Super Apps are a reformation for the current modern era, with technology commanding our lives like never before. They will soon become dominant in the West after their terrific success in Asia. These apps will have multiple features in a single platform and provide convenient services for users from all age groups.

As the consumer market surges, with more simplicity in technological products, super apps will be a stormy weapon for investors like you to achieve sky-scraping revenues.

To conclude, business owners should invest in this niche to rise in the game, and this can be achieved through Hyperlocal Cloud’s seasoned app developers.

Now is the right time to invest before the market becomes too crowded for sudden and untimely entries.

Businesses should stop pondering over white label super app development and start their app development journey with us now!

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