Benefits Of A White Label Metaverse Platform

By Hyperlocal Cloud

June 09, 2023

Benefits Of A White Label Metaverse Platform

The trend of Blockchain and the Metaverse is at its peak with multiple businesses adopting them to create their own self-sufficient virtual worlds. Building a custom metaverse is starting the development right from scratch. Whereas, a white label metaverse platform is an already developed product which can be customized as per the client’s needs to help him/her capture the profitable market more quickly.

If you are a business owner looking for a way to enter the metaverse, then you are at the right place at the right time. White label Metaverse solutions offered by Hyperlocal Cloud are inclined towards taking your ROIs to the next level of success.

To understand more, let us dive into this blog and explore the possibilities of a white label metaverse application.

Metaverse Stats

In the month of Jan 2023, Google saw a hike in metaverse searches which reached 1.9M.

The metaverse is expected to reach the 1.5T mark by the end of the year 2030.

As per the researches in 2021, the metaverse market on a global scale is valued to be $58.5B, based on a CAGR of 43.7%.

The metaverse has over 400 million users from all corners of the globe.

As the metaverse can be accessed via a VR headset, the market of it is estimated to be somewhere around $7.81B and the CAGR being 28.2% from the year 2021 to 2028.

How Is A White Label Metaverse Platform Better Than A Custom Metaverse Platform?

The custom metaverse has to be built from the basics and this indeed is a costly affair. The metaverse is a virtual world backed by hundreds of big and small technicalities. A White Label metaverse platform will offer a ready-made app solution loaded with the latest features every other metaverse offers. White-label won’t mean copying someone’s business ideas, you will launch the platform with your own unique branding. The White label metaverse solution will be your own!

Attendees will reach your brand easier and your virtual realm will help to double ROIs at the speed of light. With a strong branding, the attendees will be able to recall your brand easier, and become your loyal customers.

The white label metaverse applications are more impressive as they are built exactly with respect to the latest market trends.

What differentiates your metaverse from the other competitors in the market will be the new features, catchy designs and solid marketing strategies.

Benefits Of A White Label Metaverse Platform

As discussed above, a white label metaverse application will be made as per the latest market trends and patterns of your competitors but with a terrific design and theme. This will get you more users, escalating your ROIs. Let us have a look at some of the benefits:

Engaging And Immersive Environment

White label metaverse applications will provide users with a different yet unique virtual realm. Users can interact with each other in real-time as well as engage themselves with the virtual content.

Cost Efficiency

White label metaverse applications are highly cost effective and suitable enough for both small and large scaled enterprises. As the metaverse won’t be built from scratch, it will be cheaper and made on time.

Guaranteed Customization

White label metaverse application can be fully customized as per the client requirement. They can have their own custom avatars, themes, unique environments, NFTs and much more. This will make your virtual world shine amongst multiple competitors.

High Brand Awareness

White label metaverse platforms provide a futuristic way to engage companies through next level innovation. High brand awareness would mean high brand loyalty and therefore, increased revenue.

Virtual Collaboration And Networking

White label metaverse solutions will open new doors for business owners to collaborate with other business owners. This will help businesses to increase their productivity massively.

Virtual collaboration through avatars will help improve the overall productivity of the organization.


The best part about a white label metaverse platform is that it can be accessible from anywhere around the globe at almost anytime. This makes the virtual platform become accessible from anywhere around the globe, at any time. Your customers will not be limited to a certain city, they will be diverse, from all around the globe.

Futuristic White Label Metaverse Solutions To Double Your ROIs

Technologies That Are Behind The White Label Metaverse Application

In order for any business owner, launching a metaverse platform would mean researching every detail about the technology which will power their app. For your assistance, we have mentioned a few important technologies that will boost your white label metaverse platform to become a revenue generating machine. They are:

Virtual And Augmented Reality

The main technologies that power your white label metaverse platform will be AR/VR. These two phenomenal technologies will make your platform relatable to the real materialistic world full of appealing sounds and environments. Virtual Reality will mean a simulated environment that will enable users to immerse themselves in a 3D space through VR headsets.

Internet of Things

IoT is the technology that is powered by high tech sensors attached to devices that send data on the network in the metaverse. For example the metaverse you make is an arcade, the arcade equipment, say a spear will work through IoT and send data to the metaverse which will determine your score.


The key technology behind the success of the Metaverse is the Blockchain Technology. The blockchain infrastructure in the Metaverse will enable the users to connect to the trending crypto economy by making the metaverse’s NFTs tradable for cryptocurrencies. Metaverse will be monetized with decentralization, only through the usage of the Blockchain Technology. Not just this, blockchain integration will also power the white label metaverse solutions to work seamlessly through automating manual tasks and increasing the overall app efficiency.

Spatial And Edge Computing

Spatial and Edge Computing embedded in the white label metaverse platform will help in lowering the latency of the app and increasing the service quality. This will also be followed by real-time data analytics and enhanced data processing procedures. Edge computing will enable businesses to improve their usage of physical assets and create interactive human experiences like autonomous robots and self-driving cars.

Artificial Intelligence

The white label metaverse platform will have digital entities created by the power of artificial intelligence. AI can be used for creating non-player characters, virtual assistants as well as chatbots. These entities will provide your users with personalized experiences as per their preferences.

Must Have Features In A White Label Metaverse Application

There will be countless features in your white label metaverse platform, given below are some of the major features which will be embedded in the platform we will create for you:

A Decentralized Identity Management System

Decentralised identity management would mean managing the personal identities of your users in a secure way without any central authority interference. It would mean that the service providers can issue attestations to the users which can be later stored in a wallet.

NFT integration

The white label metaverse application will have the option of trading digital assets, these assets will serve as a payment mode in exchange of cryptocurrencies to provide certain services on the platform. Each metaverse will provide the users with their separate wallets through which they can purchase game assets.


The tokenization of the metaverse would mean that the users of the white label metaverse platform can issue their tokens and exchange them within the game itself before actually being exchanged for real-money.

Wallet Integration And Payment Gateways

In the White Label Metaverse application, the most important feature to monetize the metaverse will be a wallet integration which will allow the users to make payments. The users can also make payments through cryptocurrencies.

NFT Marketplace Integration

For your users to trade NFTs, which are unique and rare, a white label metaverse platform will provide marketplace integration. Here, these collectible goods will be auctioned and the users can buy them through in-game currencies or cryptocurrencies.

Smart And Reliable White Label Metaverse Platform Development Services

Industries To Choose From For A White Label Metaverse Platform Development

The potential of the metaverse is not just limited to the gaming industry. Indeed, a metaverse is a gamified-virtual world but only for the users to interact through their avatars. Now let us have a look at the different industries you can invest in and build a top-notch white label metaverse platform.

Metaverse For Real Estate

White label metaverse platform for the real estate industry would mean selling virtual properties as NFTs and interacting with users through avatars. This will completely evade the need for buyers to travel to the site. They can take virtual tours of the property from anywhere around the globe.

Metaverse For Fashion

Metaverse for fashion will have apparels, accessories, footwear etc listed as NFTs. Many high-end brands like Gucci and Louis Vittuon have already released their NFT collections and made millions. These brands have also collaborated with Metaverse games like Fortnite to release their separate avatar merchandise.

Metaverse For Entertainment

The metaverse can be used for entertainment purposes by creating streaming, dating and lifestyle apps. The 3D space that the metaverse will offer, will have avatars react through hand gestures and audio/video interactions. This will enable them to build trustworthy connections and communities.

Metaverse For Education

The white label metaverse platform for education will have multiple features to promote interactive learning experiences. The students can purchase e-books straight from their virtual IDs. They can also interact with their avatars and participate in virtual meetings, classes.

Metaverse For Tourism

The white label metaverse platform for tourism will have virtual tours for monuments and cities. The concept of creation of a digital win will come up here, the city of Shanghai is the first city to have its own digital twin.

Metaverse For Finance

Metaverse for the finance sector can help in providing banking services in a more user-friendly way. Your users won’t require travelling to traditional banking institutions. A White label metaverse solution will help in better control of finances through real-time analytics and even crypto investments.

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For Developing Your White Label Metaverse Platform?

Hyperlocal Cloud has been in the app development industry for almost a decade now, with multiple market leading products launched to date. We work for both small and large scale industries and deliver them the best possible business solutions. Given below are some of the reasons to hire us for your platform development:

Decade Long Experience

We have an experience of 13+ in the app development industry with multiple market leading products ruling the current digital markets.

Over Twelve Hundred Satisfied Clients

We have more than 1200 globally satisfied clients with a client retention rate of 75%. Our clients come back to us.

Seasoned Team Of App Developers

We have 150+ trained app developers in our team who are well aware of the market’s trends and will provide the best white label metaverse solutions to our esteemed clients.

Round-The-Clock Services

We excel in providing round-the-clock services to our clients and our experts are available day and night to solve the smallest of client queries.

On Time Project Deliveries

We also provide additional maintenance services even after the product is launched successfully in the market.

Contact us now and begin your white label metaverse platform development journey. We will be there for you right from the start to the end of your business journey.

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