Towing Dispatch Software| Uber for Trucks

By Hyperlocal Cloud

June 13, 2023

Towing Dispatch Software| Uber for Trucks

The way Uber-like apps have revolutionized the online cab booking service, towing dispatch software does the same for your towing truck business. This software lets your customer book online the tow truck service when they are stuck with a broken car in the middle of the road.

Creating towing dispatch software will take your business to new heights. It will surely bring you huge ROIs and ways to earn revenue. With this software, you can provide your customers with road assistance services at their fingertips. All they have to do is install the software and avail your service on their smartphone.

Are you looking to develop tow truck dispatch software but lack the guidance to do so? Hyperlocal Cloud is here for you. We are a top-rated on-demand app development company that can help you build customized towing dispatch software for your business. Get in touch with us today.

In this article, we will discuss all about towing dispatch software, its features, and how to build unique and interactive tow truck dispatch software for your business.

Current Market Trends: Towing Dispatch Software

  • The tow truck dispatch software market is expected to reach US$766.8 million by 2032.
  • In the USA, the towing truck software market is expected to surpass US$272.1 million by 2032.
  • China’s towing truck market is also estimated to reach US$55 million by the year 2032.

These statistics suggest that the tow truck software business is a profitable business in any part of the world.

What Is Towing Dispatch Software?

Towing dispatch software is a specialized solution designed to streamline and automate the operations of towing companies. It helps in efficiently managing and coordinating the dispatching of tow trucks to handle roadside assistance requests and vehicle towing services. The software typically includes features such as real-time GPS tracking, automated job assignment, customer communication tools, digital documentation management, and billing capabilities. By centralizing and optimizing these processes, towing dispatch software improves operational efficiency, reduces response times, and enhances customer service, ultimately resulting in increased productivity and profitability.

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Must-Have Features Of Tow Truck Dispatch Software

Before we head over to the development process of towing dispatch software, it is essential to understand the features needed to include in the software. The towing dispatch software is divided into three components: user, driver, and admin panel.

For Users

The essential user features are:

  • Registration: The user must be able to easily register themselves on the software via mail or social media platforms.
  • Multiple Categories: Users have the option to choose from different types of towing services.
  • Real-time Tracking: Users can track the location of the driver coming to tow their car or while towing the car to their shop.
  • Schedule Booking: Users can book towing services on the spot or schedule the booking as per their preference.
  • Payment Gateways: Users must be able to make payments online or choose cash on delivery option.
  • Review & Ratings: Users can review the services offered by the tow truck service providers on the software.
  • In-App Chat/Call: The user must be able to contact the tow truck drivers to know the status of the service or to explain their location.

For Tow Truck Drivers

The essential features of the tow truck driver application are:

  • Sign Up: The driver must be able to register himself on the software via mail or social media platforms.
  • Accept/Decline Request: The driver can accept or cancel the service request by the customer through their dashboard.
  • User Information: The driver must be able to check the user information: name, location, vehicle type, and the type of service requested.
  • Geo-Location: The driver must have access to the customer's location in order to reach them on time without any issues.
  • In-App Alerts: The tow truck drivers have all the updates of incoming requests, payment confirmations, in-app calls/message alerts, and more.

Admin Panel

The admin panel is built to manage the whole application's activities seamlessly. Here are some of the features of the administrators.

  • Customer Management: The admin has access to the customer panel to manage them with ease.
  • Service Management: The admin can define the services they will provide and charge the services accordingly.
  • Driver Management: The admin has access to the driver panel, their bookings, reviews, and more.
  • Coupon Code Management: The admin can offer discounts and coupon codes on the services provided by the tow truck service providers.

Development Process Of Towing Dispatch Software

Like any other custom software solution, developing tow truck dispatch software is not a piece of cake. It requires thorough market research and a good grasp of technologies, trends, and methodologies.

The development process can be made easier by working with an on-demand app development company like Hyperlocal Cloud. Our pool of development will take care of the development process from the beginning. We will develop your tow truck dispatch software from scratch with the latest tools, technologies, and frameworks.

Here’s a glimpse of the development process of the towing dispatch software:

Understanding Customer Needs

The first and most important step includes detailed research of the market and customer needs. After all, you are developing this software for your customers, and they are the only source of revenue for your tow truck software business.

Find out what your competitors are offering and what their softwares lacks that you can add to your software. In this way, you can make your software stand out from others.

Choose A Tow Truck Dispatch Software Business Model

Before developing tow truck dispatch software, we offer three types of business models to choose from:

  • Roadside Assistance Centre: This model lets you provide your clients with top-notch on-demand tow truck services. You can streamline business operations by managing payments, bookings, and employees from a single dashboard.
  • Single Service Model: In this business model, you will operate an Uber-like app for your tow truck business as a single entity. This model is perfect for those with a large customer base.
  • Aggregator Model: In this model, your software will connect customers with multiple tow truck service providers in your area. The providers will pay the fees for operating their business on your software.

Create A Business Plan

After selecting a business model, the next step is to create a business plan. You need to decide which features and functionalities you will be providing in your application. Also, consider which tech stacks you should use to create a user-friendly interface for your tow truck dispatch software.


Developing high-end towing dispatch software requires vast expertise in the tech stack. At Hyperlocal Cloud, our developers and designers can help you build tow truck dispatch software utilizing the latest tech stack, features, and functionalities. We will build an interactive and innovative tow truck dispatch for your business, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Testing And Deployment

Our experts do testing on your tow truck software before launching it. We conduct multiple tests such as performance, quality, functional, security, usability, and more. After making sure that it is working as intended, we deploy it across various platforms such as Google Play Store or Apple Store. Also, we ensure that the software is compatible with multiple devices, such as iOS and Android.

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Benefits Of Tow Truck Dispatch Software Development

Developing tow truck dispatch software can be a game-changer for your local tow truck business. Here are the benefits you will get from towing dispatch software development:

Customer Satisfaction

When customers are able to call for a towing service at their fingertips, they will be impressed and satisfied with your services. They will no longer have to find a tow truck service provider in the middle of the road. All they can do is download your software and avail your services with ease.

Revenue Streams

The towing dispatch software holds great potential for revenue generation. Business owners can generate revenue from such software through subscription plans, charging fees from service providers, advertisements and partnerships, and much more. As a business owner, you can earn a lot from tow truck dispatch software, as everyone with a broken vehicle in the middle of the road needs tow truck services.

Increased Customer Engagement

With the development of towing dispatch software, you can increase your customer engagement. This software is available for customers 24/7 so that they can have access to your services anytime, anywhere. This results in increased customer reliability and engagement.

Cost Of Towing Dispatch Software Development

On average, the cost of developing tow truck software ranges between USD 10,000 to USD 50,000. However, the cost of towing software development can vary depending on the complexity of the project, features to be added, the size of the development team, UI/UX interface, and more.

To have the right estimation of your dispatch software development project, get in touch with our experts. They will give you a free quote by analyzing your business requirements and project details.

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Bottom Line!

It’s time for your towing business to upgrade with the development of tow truck dispatch software. It's a great way to earn profit from your road assistance services and also to reach a large customer base globally. At Hyperlocal Cloud, our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the best towing dispatch software solutions for your business. We will develop the software as per your business needs and requirements.

We have successfully delivered 100+ on-demand applications to our clients globally. Our 250+ developers can help you build an exceptional towing dispatch software that will give you a competitive edge in the market. We ensure that our solutions will bring you huge ROIs and a chance to earn great revenue from your towing business.

Get in touch with us today and take your towing business to new heights!

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