How Much Does Travel App Development Cost in 2023?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

April 14, 2023

How Much Does Travel App Development Cost in 2023?

With the help of travel app development, the industry can better interact with customers. Technology in the travel industry has evolved from its roots in the computer reservations system (CRS) to encompass not only the hotel business but the tourism industry as a whole.

The era of digitalization and high-end technology made the business more approachable.

Therefore, the act of traveling is no longer a major problem. It only takes a few clicks on your smartphone to get to any place you want to go, any hotel you want to stay at, and any restaurant you want to try. Additionally, all your travel and tourism needs can be met with a single, specialized app.

Bookings made via the Internet reached a high of $755 billion in 2019 but are expected to drop by 46% to $403 billion in 2020.Reservations for trips are expected to reach $613 billion in 2022.1

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Travel App Development Cost

The development cost of a travel app depends on various aspects, including the features, programming language, size of the company, the region the development company belongs to, and various others. Let’s see how much it will cost you to develop a high-end travel application.

Designing Cost08K To 20K
Outsource Software Cost$35K To 50K
Deployment Cost$15K
Integration Cost$10k
Maintenance Cost$1500 To $4000
Project Manager Hourly Cost$25/ Hour
Quality Assurance Team And Testers$5000-$10,000

The cost mentioned above is the approximate cost, and Hyperlocal Cloud does not claim that you will get the exact cost. The cost may differ from company to company and also depend on the features and programming languages you are considering to develop the application from scratch.

Travel App Development Cost As Per Complexity

Another thing that affects the development cost is the complexity of the application. The cost mentioned below is the approximate development cost as per the complexity of the application.

Level Of ComplexityCost To Develop
Low-Level Complexity $25,000 To $40,000
Medium Level Complexity$40,000-$60,000.
High-Level Complexity$60,000 To $100,000

Travel App Development Cost As Per Region

The development cost will also differ from region to region. When you hire an app development company, you should also consider in which region they are serving; it will also impact the travel app development cost because each of the regions has some standard rates as per the living standards.

RegionHourly Costs
North America$25-$75
Gulf Countries$70-$120

Key Features To Build A Travel App

Here are some of the key features that you should consider when you are planning to get into the business. When hiring a travel app development company, you can ask them to consider these features as a priority.

Search Bar

You should focus most of your attention on the search functionality of the bar. It needs to be comprehensive enough to send customers all over the world, at their discretion. When creating a travel booking app, make sure to account for the full range of search terms and input fields that people typically employ.

Price Comparison

Customers who are looking for a good deal will appreciate it if you provide them with ways to compare prices. Customers can save money on airfare, lodging, and vacation packages by using your site's new price comparison function. To enable this feature in your travel app, you can integrate flight & hotel API that provides real-time price comparison data.

Payment Gateways

Unless you're just offering travel guides or virtual reality tours, accepting payment is a necessary part of the planning process. The ideal mobile travel app would have a variety of secure payment options for its users.

Destination Guide

This feature provides users with information about their destination, including things to do, places to eat, and local attractions. It may also include user reviews and recommendations from other travelers.

Maps & Navigation

This feature provides users with maps and directions to navigate their destination. It may include features such as offline maps, real-time traffic updates, and public transportation information.

InApp Chat Support

This feature allows users to communicate directly with customer support or travel agents within the app. It may include features such as live chat, phone support, or email support.

User Registration

This feature will help you to get the user data, which will help you to do the marketing and also help you to increase the sales from the platform. For the registration, you can allow the user to use multiple options, including emails, social media accounts, contact numbers, etc.

Service Provider Panel

The service provider panel will be specially designed for those who are willing to join your travel application to generate revenue. In this, the features will be different from the user panel; in this panel, the service provider will add their details, register their hotel names, complete details, and legal permission & price range for different rooms.

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Advantages That You Can Provide To Users with Travel App

By building a travel app, you can provide an excellent solution to the users. A travel app is an umbrella where a user can get multiple solutions. Providing various solutions at one stop will help your business to grow. Here are some advantages you can provide for your global users.

Easy Accessibility

The users will get easy accessibility to everything from the location to hotels and easy booking options. The easy accessibility of all the things will help the user, and they will make more engagement on the platform.


When planning a trip, how often do you find yourself wishing you could scope it out first? Most people use travel and tourism apps like Airbnb because they provide stunning visuals of hotels and locations before you even arrive. Even if photos are included with a traditional travel service, it's more practical to keep them in a program you can access quickly and easily.

Better Marketing Tools

Promoting and advertising a business online has become increasingly common in recent years and is widely regarded as a powerful method of raising a company's profile and boosting sales. So, in addition to being a wealth of information for vacationers, mobile apps help businesses maintain relationships with their clientele. The most important benefit of a great is that it enables direct communication with customers, allowing businesses to learn about their preferences and tailor their offerings accordingly.

Better Trip Planning

Mobile apps for the travel and tourism industry make trip planning a breeze for customers. Pictures and videos can help them decide where to go first. Sixty-six percent of travelers say they have watched travel videos before visiting a new location.

Less Paperwork

One of the things that make people think twice about booking a trip or specifically choosing your services is the amount of paperwork involved. Paperwork can be minimized or done away with entirely thanks to your app. Users can fill out the form in the comfort of their own homes without being bothered. Customers can be turned into lifelong patrons by providing for their convenience.


Offer tailored solutions to each of your clientele to really impress them. The app helps you anticipate your customers' needs and wants so you can meet or exceed their expectations. Provide the customer with the best seat in the van, make sure they have everything they need in their room, and more if they ask for it.

Customer Loyalty & Engagement

Customer retention has never been more challenging than it is now, thanks to the hundreds of competitors operating in the same market. But with every problem comes a solution, and here that means going digital. Customers' loyalty to your brand can be boosted by your company's mobile app. Stay in touch with your clientele by sending them regular updates, special offers, greeting cards, and invitations to your business.

Hire the best travel app development company for high-end features with perfect usage and error-free creation. Hyperlocal Cloud is the leading custom app development company that has delivered more than 150 custom top-notch applications.

Finding A Reliable App Development Company?

Hyperlocal can help you build a reliable travel application with high-end features

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For Travel App Development

Here are some of the reasons why we are the torchbearers of custom app development.

Experienced Developers

We are a team of 150+ developers with the experience of more than a decade in developing high-end applications. They hold experience in developing top-notch solutions for industries like travel & tourism, hospitality, real estate, healthcare, automobile, etc.

50+ QA Experts

Hyperlocal Cloud also holds a team of 50+ QA experts who ensures the quality of the application. Each of our QA experts is a highly-responsible and liable resource who inspects and measures the application to deliver the best to our clients.

100% Transparency

We provide 100% transparency before the deal, during the project development, and after the application deployment. The major reason behind the success of the Hyperlocal Cloud is our goodwill and relationship with our clients.

Retention Rate

Hyperlocal Cloud holds a high retention rate of more than 80%. The good number is due to our high-end service, flexible & cost-effective rates, experienced developers, and highly-dedicated project managers.

No Hidden Charges

We do not charge any hidden charges for our service; we deal with 100% transparency and follow international business standards to maintain our goodwill.

Wrapping Up

The pandemic is over, and people are coming out of their homes to explore the world; on the other side, the Gen-Zs love to explore every corner of the world. Your travel app can be their perfect partner for a hassle-free travel experience and booking.

FAQs (frequently asked questions

What is a travel app?

A Travel app is a platform where users can search for their next trip destinations, cheap travel modes, and accommodation to stay. It also allows users to check for reviews and ratings from other travelers.

How to make a successful travel app?

The travel app development process starts with defining the target audience. After that, a team of dedicated and qualified developers is hired to create an app.

Third and last, the process requires collaboration with the hosts (hotels, restaurants, and so on).

What are the travel app development cost estimation factors?

The travel app development cost depends on various factors that, include development team location, features and functionalities, team strength, and much more.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Travel App?

The straight answer to this question depends on what Technology stacks will be used and what APIs and library integration will be managed. You will have your desired travel app handy within 3-4 months of the complete development process.

Do You Develop a Travel MVP?

We program Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to solve specific user base problems. It helps gather data and user interests so that you will be aware of your targeted audience and their demands.

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