White Label Travel Portal for Travel Businesses

By Hyperlocal Cloud

October 11, 2023

White Label Travel Portal for Travel Businesses

A travel portal lets customers book different services like airline tickets, hotels, cars, bus booking, and train tickets from a single platform. It grants live access to all details like change in fare, accommodation availability on desired dates, tour packages, and rental services.

We provide a top-grade white label travel portal that helps with online ticket booking for airplanes, buses, trains, hotels, and renting a car. We use the latest tech stacks to create a bug-free portal, which helps engage with customers, lag-free ticket booking, and secure payment. Our travel portal helps businesses save time, reduce expenses, and create multi-utility services for audiences.

With this blog, we are going to provide a comprehensive guide on how a white label travel portal works, along with features, business benefits, and some money-making models. Also, we will provide a cost to develop a white label travel portal and some factors that influence the cost. So, remain till the last and acquire every single detail about a white label travel portal. Let’s get started:

Ready-Made White Label Travel Portal

Be it air travel, bus travel, hotel booking, or any other travel booking, our white label travel portal helps users to plan their vacations from a single platform.

What Type Of Bookings Can Be Done From Our White Label Travel Portal?

Our white label travel portal allows users to easily make every significant type of booking. Check what type of booking we offer:

Flight Booking

Our white label travel portal is connected with every airline using an API that helps fetch real-time flight data along with time, fares, arrival & departure for booking.

Hotel Booking

We help users find their comfortable stay based on their preferred location with information like hotel name, pricing, nearby attractions, and amenities.

Holiday Packages

Our travel portal consists of tours & travel packages and also can be launched manually via the CMS panel from admins. This helps in lodging, accommodations, and transportation at an affordable rate.

Car Rental

Users can rent a car anytime during their travel days at any location. This segment can be helpful for those travelers who plan to visit multiple places in a day.

Bus Ticket Booking

We have a bus booking feature in our portal that allows users to plan & book buses for groups, multi-city trips, and multiple days.

Cab & Bike Booking

Our white label travel portal offers cab and bike bookings for intra-city travel for those users who want to travel to a destination within their city.

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Key Features Of Our White Label Travel Portal

We pioneer the latest features that let users plan their travel from a single platform rather than visiting other websites or apps. Here are the top features we provide;

Real-Time Booking

We integrate GDS (Global Distribution System), which fetches and reflects real-time data like date, fare, and availability for booking.


This feature allows users to convert the overall payment cost to their native currency. It calculates the fare difference and reflects it for the payment.


Our white label travel portal is ready to use in multiple language formats. Users can change the content to their preferred language of understanding.

Admin Dashboard

We let admins track & monitor their business from a single platform. We incorporate charts, infographics, and real-time statistics to keep the business running smoothly.

Multiple Payment Gateway

The multi-payment gateway allows users to pay the overall cost of booking in various modes like Google Pay, Amazon Pay, credit/debit card, and net banking.

Feedback & Reviews

This feature lets users drop feedback and reviews after a trip completion, hotel checkout, and ride completion. It can also help admins identify & fill business gaps.

24/7 Customer Support

With this feature, users are able to connect with the customer care executive anytime. It helps in solving customer-related queries and resolving refund issues.

Live Geolocation

The live location feature helps users to locate vehicles in case of car & bike booking and track distance from their booked stays. They are capable of performing most tasks allowed by a geolocation map.

Invoice Generation

The invoice generation feature is helpful for both the user and the admin. It helps users generate a digital invoice with their booking and payment status. Whereas admins can generate an invoice containing sales details and generate income.

CMS(Content Management System) Panel

CMS features allow admins to change or modify existing content on the portal without any need for technical knowledge. It also helps in bringing updates and new changes to the business.

Start Customizing Our White Label Travel Portal And Avail It Under Budget

Our team of developers can customize the travel portal to match business requirements and enable easy white labeling under budget and quickly.

Benefits Of Our White Label Travel Portal?

Our pre-built travel portal provides many advantages for businesses. Our online platform streamlines operations, enhances security and promotes sustainability. Let's discover the benefits of choosing our white label travel solution.

Rocket Speed Launch

Our white label travel portal is pre-developed and tested by expert QA, which is why it takes less time to launch.


Developing a travel portal from the bottom is difficult and expensive. Our white label solutions are cost-effective and don’t require additional development processes.

Reduce Technical Expertise

Operating the white label travel portal doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree or technical knowledge. The system is readily available at the user’s fingertips, boasting an immersive user interface and top-notch features.


Despite having pre-built designs and top-notch features, we allow our clients to have their custom designs and features. It helps brands and businesses get a white label solution matching their needs.

Integration Opportunities

Our white label portal for travel is capable of integrating with other platforms like a CRM tool, social media, and connecting with other organizations for promotions.

Risk Mitigation

Since our travel platform is pre-built and has all the necessary features, it reduces the risk that occurs in developing software from scratch, such as budget risk, regulatory risk, and poor coding quality.


Our portal provides users with a better experience on every size of device. Our developers ensure pixel perfection and font sizes to make the app flexible on every device.

Bug-Free Portal

As we create a cross-platform white label travel portal solution, we also ensure to make it bug-free and errorless to provide a seamless experience for the users.

Multiple Language Support

Our travel platform content is captivating and translated into multiple languages that increase users' engagement beyond boundaries.


Our developers ensure security by considering the major security factors like unauthorized access, data breaches, cyberattacks, and other security vulnerabilities.

Swift Booking

We create the best white label travel portal that allows users to book their favorite travel and stay in a matter of clicks. We minimize unnecessary interfaces and make booking easy.

What Are Some Money-Making Models For Our White Label Travel Portal?

Our travel portal comes with multiple options to make money. Explore the mentioned methods to get proper details:

Ads Selling

The ads-selling revenue model is a best practice to approach a vast number of users and gain income simultaneously. It allows businesses to collaborate with other organizations or companies to post their ads on the travel portal. Business owners earn on every view, click, and watch time.

Offer Membership Plan

The collaboration with travel agencies and hotels for listing their services on their portal fetches more visibility and earns additional fees. The same goes for users; offering exclusive deals like discounts and cashback for bookings is a fantastic way to entice customers to choose the travel portal. Additionally, providing unique membership plan features can give loyal customers even more reasons to keep coming back.

Commission Fee

Charge a percentage of an amount from every successful transaction made on the travel portal. Our white label travel portal allows business owners to decide their percentage of cut from the overall sale. It tends to rise or shrink depending on the type of booking and service used.

How Much Does A White Label Travel Portal Cost?

It can cost approximately $12,000 - $15,000 to achieve a fully customized travel portal. We commit to deliver as early as within 2 weeks. It is essential to keep in mind that the displayed time and amount may vary due to multiple factors. Here are some elements that can cause a hike and drop in development cost & time:

  • App’s size
  • Custom features
  • UI/UX design
  • API integration
  • Location of the development team

Why Choose Hyperlocal Cloud For White Label Travel Portal?

We are a trusted on-demand app development company and have worked with worldwide clients. Here are some reasons to choose us:

Intuitive Interface

We create a user-friendly platform accessible to any user and don't require any technical expertise to start using.


We let our clients sign a non-disclosure agreement to build their trust that we will maintain the privacy of their project.

On-Time Project Delivery

We commit to delivering any project before the deadline, regardless of the complexity and development.

Seasoned Team

Our 250+ seasoned developers use a dynamic tech stack to create any app & platform.

Vast Experience

We have over 13 years of experience and have successfully transformed businesses of all sizes, helping them reach new heights of success.

Global Clientele

Hyperlocal Cloud has served 1250+ global clients and caters to their business needs.

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