White Label Document Management System

By Hyperlocal Cloud

October 18, 2023

White Label Document Management System

Our white label document management system helps businesses to create, manage, store, share, and track their documents digitally. It also helps in collaborating with other organizations and companies to fetch & merge documents online. We offer top benefits like information retrieval, security, and governance that help in audit trails, version control, and maintaining records of the documents.

Our expert developers can rebrand the document management system with your logo, brand name, customer features, and intended UI/UX and launch it under the business domain. We fully host the EDMS(Electronic Document Management System) on AWS or any region, which provides businesses with the comfort of not doing any technical or maintenance tasks.

Components Of Document Management System

There are many types of document management systems available in the market. Here are some of the components of our DMS:

Project Management DMS

Project management DMS is helpful for an industry and organization. It lets project managers create a project repository that authorized employees can access. With the help of project management DMS, the host can share editable and read-only files directly.

Standard Operating Procedure DMS

A SOP DMS contains procedures that help employees understand the working line of action. Multiple types of documents are embedded, which help employees to work without any difficulty. An SOP document management system helps store, manage, and share internal documents with many people instantly.

Collaboration Tools

The collaboration tool offers instant access to documents to the members working on a specific project. Such tools let employees interact with polls, chat, and drop their suggestions over a topic. It can be helpful in discussing a new strategy, planning a new activity, and maintaining edits and updates.

Web-Based DMS Tools

Website-oriented DMS tools enable organizations to organize digital documents in a folder, make them easily accessible with web-based navigation, and allow controlled access to the folder. It lets organizations gather their employees from different locations and share, search, and create documents easily in one place.

Cloud Based DMS

Such DMS is provided by a third party, which can be accessible to employees working in an organization. The documents that are stored in a cloud-based DMS can be easily accessed by any employee and don’t require any authorization. As it is a cloud-based DMS, businesses don’t have to worry about backing up the files.

On-Premises DMS

These DMS allow an organization to build their own server and storage and manually upload their necessary files on the storage. As it grants proper control, a business owner needs to have an IT and maintenance team to resolve any technical issue. Files uploaded over on-premises DMS are also saved locally, so even if the internet connection is down, owners and employees can access them easily.

Avail Our White Label Document Management System

We help businesses secure their concealed documents by supplying a white label EDMS. Documentation can be digitized with one click.

Why Choose Our White Label Document Management System?

Our white label document management system offers easy access and improves collaboration for businesses. Besides this, we offer other advantages to having our document management system. Explore them here:


Our EDMS eliminates the need for physical paperwork. While it helps create, store, and manage documents online, it mitigates the risk of loss of documentation, regulatory violation, etc. According to CPA Practice Advisor, an EDM can reduce overhead costs to 30%-40% and drive business growth.

Organization Efficiency

Our white label document management system lets business owners organize their documents on cloud storage, which makes it easily accessible for collaboration, offers security, reduces operating costs, and provides enough time to concentrate on other business tasks.

Advanced Search

When business owners save their documents on our EDMS, every saved file can be searched with its name. With this approach, any employee and owner can access any type of file within seconds based on the name and type. It converts the query of complex keywords into an understandable format and shows the available data.

Reduce Storage

Our EDMS doesn’t require any external physical storage to save files. It is a complete cloud-based platform where a document can be saved, accessed anytime, and shared securely. With this approach, it eliminates the need for paperwork and automates business workflow.

High Security

Our white label document management system comes with enhanced security. It allows businesses to give access to a specific person who can view, edit, and share the document. We encrypt the docs present in it both in transit and at rest mode.

Wide Access

When sharing online documents, granting access to multiple employees in different locations only requires a few clicks. Unlike physical documents, which are not secure, DMS offers security and easy accessibility for clients and employees. The top security feature we offer is digital archiving, backup, and document annotation.

Features We Offer In Our White Label Document Management System

We provide essential features in our white label document management system. A business owner can also ask for custom features to add to our document managing system. Let’s explore some features:

DocuSign Integration

DocuSign is an e-signature technology that helps business owners to sign and send documents to anyone. It uses legally binding signatures to upload and sign a paper online.

Multilingual OCR

A multilingual OCR(Optical Character Recognition) feature helps translate the data written on a document into a preferred language. It helps develop trust among businesses beyond the boundaries.


With this feature, business owners can set up a reminder by inputting the date & time. They receive a reminder of the specific task when the desired date and time approaches.

Drag & Drop

This feature allows users to easily transfer a file from one folder or application to another. It is a time-efficient utility that transfers a file accurately from a different location to its desired location.

File Locking

A host can lock a particular file, preventing viewers or other people from making changes.

Inform Mechanism

The inform mechanism feature informs the real owner of a specific document when other people make any changes.

Get A Budget-Friendly White Label Document Management System

Our document management system is ready for customization as per your business requirements and will be deployed in less time.

Why Do Businesses Need Our White Label Document Management System?

An EDMS can improve businesses in different ways. With our white label document management system, any size of business can unlock a number of benefits. Here is the list:

Information Retrieval

An EDMS ensures that all business-related documents, except sensitive documents, are stored. It helps employees to retrieve information regarding any section of the business immediately.

Easy Collaboration

Our white label document management system helps people collaborate regardless of their location. It doesn’t require any physical appearance to sign and view an agreement.

Risk Management

Many organizations face several prospects like storing documents, fear of theft & duplicating, and privacy. Our white label document management system helps enterprises eliminate these obligations with advanced security measures and document tracking.

Version Control

Document management version control allows businesses to monitor and manage changes made to documents. These documents can include any technical documents or drawings, like blueprints, technical specifications, schematics, and process flow diagrams.

How Much Does It Cost to Build White Label Document Management System?

The estimated cost to build a white label document management system is $22,000. We have a demo-ready white label EDMS solution, and it can take 2-weeks to get the full-stack system. There are several factors that affect the cost & time, such as complexity, custom features, and custom design.

Why Choose Us For White Label Document Management Systems?

Wonder why we are the perfect choice for a document management system? Here are the reasons:

Vast Experience

We have 13+ of experience developing on-demand apps catering to different industries. We have a business-ready white label document management system to be customized.

Skillful Developers

Our 250+ skilled developers hold expertise in every dynamic technology to develop an application. Our developers test the software before deployment.

Global Clients

We have served over 1250 clients worldwide, meeting their business needs.

Guaranteed ROI

We guarantee success by offering constant revenue flow, which helps generate high ROI.

On-Time Delivery

With prompt deliveries, we are an expert white label document management system provider company in the United States.

Timely Updates

To ensure our clients receive regular updates, we commit to maintaining changes on the app even after post-deployment.

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