How To Start A Property Management Company?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

August 25, 2023

How To Start A Property Management Company?

Are you aware of a secret apartment at the top of the Eiffel Tower, considered a vital part of real estate? Property management is a profession where residents and commercial properties work together to provide services to tenants. Here, the property manager and real estate agent work under the law. So, whether you are an entrepreneur or businessman looking forward to starting a property management company, this blog can help you.

Start reading and learn a step-by-step process to start a property management company. We have covered the topic from every aspect to provide you with proper guidance to help start a property management company. Let’s get started:

Responsibilities Of A Property Manager 

A property manager has to handle several tasks at once. The following list explains the roles and responsibilities of a property manager:

  • Monitoring their potential tenants
  • Drafting and signing stay to tenants after analyzing their documentation
  • Rent collection and bill creation
  • Ensuring cleanliness and timely property maintenance
  • Fulfilling requirements and arranging important equipment for the property
  • Budget settlement and deciding yearly increments or decrements in the rent
  • Supervising tenants and workers of the property
  • Tax handling

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How To Start A Property Management Company?

Starting a property management company requires lots of work. From thinking and planning to taking action, everything is bound in steps. So let’s understand the step-by-step process to start a property management company:

Research The Area & Competitors

It is important to research your area and competition. If you are a landowner and a former real estate agent, this can be an easy task for you. But still, as the trends change from time to time, you have to dig deeper into the market and analyze your competition. Try to minimize the region and neighborhood to learn more about the business.

Create A Business Plan

This stage allows you to draw up business ideas and plan the workflow of your business. You can decide on the executive summary, management skills, expenses & profits, daily tasks, estimated revenue, investment, and target audience. You can also analyze opportunities and current trends in the industrial aspect.

Choose Your Niche

With this step, you can analyze your passion and skill. It should be exceptional to help your business differentiate from your competitors. Here are a few niches you can consider for your business:

Residential For Single Family

Such type of management focuses on the stay of an individual. This niche specializes in resident units like single-person houses, apartments for workers and students, and condos.

Multifamily Residential Properties

It requires the same skills as single-family residential management, but the difference here is you will be managing multiple guests. The property manager for this niche can undertake only one apartment at a time. You may have a larger number of tenants at one time, which can make the task hectic.

HOA Management

HOA stands for homeowner association. It can be done on a community level. The HOA management takes time and investment to manage single-family and multi-family properties because it oversees entire properties and communities. It requires time efficiency and enforces community accountability.

Commercial Property Management

The responsibility in this property management requires experience in all of the above. It deals with vast building operations and requires knowledge to understand ADA compliance and other safety procedures.

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Find An Approachable Spot

Now it's time to find the spot where you will be hosting your business. It requires an office and shared workplace from where you can operate. Try to find land beside an industrial area, housing corporations, and factories.

Decide Services Offered

Create a service list that you will be offering to your customers. You can also analyze the market and competitors to create a service list that can provide a unique identity to your business. Here are some services to include:

  • Lease agreements for tenants
  • Rent collection and security deposits
  • Home repair and maintenance
  • Plumbing & electronic repair services

You can also add more services per the locality’s requirements and people’s needs.

Get A License & Certification

It is a vital step to register your company with local entities and government authorities. This will help you to run your business legally, file TDR and work under the government’s supervision. You will require a real estate broker’s license to help individuals trade in real estate. A real estate property management license is also necessary for property management training and conducting effective operations.

Choose The Right Development Approach

An app for your property management company can help automate various tasks and save costs. You can decide whether you want an app built from scratch or use an existing platform. Getting a custom app comes with flexibility, whereas a clone app saves time & cost.

Must-Have Features Of Property Management Software

Features in property management software can assist in various ways, like monitoring, tracking, and adding/replacing new properties. Here is the list of features to include:

Advance Search Filter

It lets users find suitable stays according to their desired location. It also lets them filter an apartment with pricing, number of guests, distance, and availability.

Voice Search

Voice search helps users to find out by commanding through the voice. They can speak a few words into the mic, and their relevant option of stay will appear.

360-Degree Apartment View

This feature provides convenience to users to choose a stay by inspecting nearby localities and views. We implement a 3D structure of an apartment with the help of Google Streets.

Contractor Profile

This can help tenants to get details about their contractors, apartment type, costing, and location. It also helps in managing invoices and controlling the booking.

Payment Alternatives

It allows tenants to pay the fare using online platforms like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal. This feature also aids in late payment and non-payment issues.


The feature allows tracking assets, budgeting, project accounting, and advanced analytics. Accounting software also analyzes business transactions and alerts if there are any errors.

Admin Dashboard

It lets property managers analyze their regular sales and business flow and show newly registered tenants.

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What Should Be The Pricing Structure For Property Management Companies?

It is important to research the market and know the interests of your targeted audience before setting the pricing for your business. Here are some pricing models that can help:

Percentage Based Fee

Other property management companies charge a percentage-based fee between 8% - 12%, considered the average fee to charge. But you can decide your percentage fee based on the local market and services you will be providing to the tenants.

Flat Fees

It is a common strategy to make money. You can charge for basic services and offer other services as a package. It is also known as the fixed payment that a homeowner has to pay to make their apartment listed on the app or website.

Setup Fees

It is a one-time investment fee for a renter to use your platform for featuring. It lets you open a vacancy on your property management software, and renters will connect to list their apartments on your platform.

Leasing Fees

It helps in filling a vacant property. This covers the accumulated fee used in finding a new tenant and moving them in. For instance, rental listing syndication allows you to advertise your vacant stay on other websites.


To start a property management company, you need to have great customer satisfaction and project management skills. You need to be aware of local rules and regulations to win the game. As this era has greatly transformed technologically, having property management software developed by a top-notch IT company can greatly help you. Starting a successful property management company requires patience and investment. You need to dig each step deeper to get the best outcome.

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