How To Start A Medical Transportation Business?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

August 24, 2023

How To Start A Medical Transportation Business?

Modern technology is leaving its mark in every field. Every sector of the world is transforming and adopting technology rapidly. Thus, the medical & healthcare sector has been influenced by technology that has improved and advanced its services. Nowadays, the healthcare sector is transforming swiftly, so starting a medical transportation business is quite lucrative.

Medical transportation, also known as emergency and non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT), are services for those people who want to visit a clinic in any situation. Now, we will discuss starting a medical transportation business from scratch. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or considering starting a medical transportation business, this blog can greatly help you. Let’s get started:

Future Of Medical Transportation Business

Let’s take a look at the growth of medical transportation and its future consequences:

  • The economic growth in medical transportation is projected to surpass $113.55 billion before 2028.
  • The CAGR for medical transportation is 4.50% between 2022 - 2028.
  • ALS, or Advanced Life Support, will dominate the healthcare industry before 2028.

Hence, a medical transportation business looks advantageous in the future; it is secure to invest in this field.

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How To Start A Medical Transportation Business?

Starting a medical transportation business is a daunting task. But it can be done easily with the right guidance and skilled development team. So here is the process to follow:

Analyze The Market

The first step should be market analysis for your business. Find out key players in the same field and research their products, pricing, services and so forth. Then, write down your report and look for any market gap. Know your target audience and look for their interests. You can also host a survey on social media platforms. Thus, you will become successful in finding a way to level up your business among your competitors.

Choose The Right Location

The next step in starting a medical transportation business is to have an extensive land area. It should be wide enough for parking and should occupy a waiting hall where patients can wait comfortably. For instance, if you are willing to provide medical transportation facilities to patients who wish to visit the hospital, then you need to be close enough to your patients so that they can reach you quickly.

Register Your Business

Registering your business with legal entities is important to operate the business legitimately. Listing your medical transportation business can shape its tax obligation, personal liability, and other requirements to start the business. Here we’ve mentioned some legal identities to connect with:

Sole Tradership

It denotes that individual entrepreneurship and business running in the same role is generally managed by one person. It grants no legal distinction between the main owner and the organization formed to conduct the business. After registering with a sole tradership, you become personally responsible for all the debts and lawsuits that emerge from the company.


The corporation registration passes all the generated profit to your shareholders. It requires lots of paperwork and investment. It offers limited liability insurance coverage and tax advantages. But this can help you reach an immense audience and hit your targeted revenue in a few months.

Apply For A Permit Or License

Getting all the paperwork done is important to meet all the legal necessities. To start a medical transportation business, you must register it with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), a part of the Department of Labor in the USA. They will visit the workplace, inspect the services, verify papers, and then grant you a business license.

Get Insurance & Coverage

Applying for insurance for your business will protect your assets from natural and other causes. The insurance cost for medical transportation business depends on location, claims history, coverage needs, vehicle’s age and type and travel radius.

Invest In Useful Equipment

It is important to have the right vehicles for the operation. You should contact an agency with a proven record of providing good quality service. Also, do check their warranty period, insurance coverage and post-purchase maintenance they provide. Along with vehicles, you should adhere to oxygen cylinders, stretchers and wheelchairs, walkers and bandages, and others.

Hire Skilled Drivers

Starting a medical transportation business needs research and lots of paperwork. Still, having the best person behind the wheel is important to ensure its operation and gain monetary benefits. If you provide timely pickup and drop, then the chances of using your service will increase on a regular basis. Find skilled and experienced drivers with valid commercial driving licenses and appoint them to the patient’s service.

Build Your Online Presence

Creating a website, a business profile on Google, social media platforms, and a mobile app is very beneficial. Here, we have mentioned some ways to take your business online:

Develop An App From Scratch

Getting an app or website from scratch offers flexibility and customization. These solutions give you the proper control over your app's features, design, and functionality. Although it’s a time-consuming process, you can customize and design it in a unique way as you want. As it gives you full control over the app, you can make your business stand ahead of the competitors.

Readymade Solution

Readymade apps can be attained at an affordable cost. With a readymade solution, you can launch your website or an application quickly into the market. This kind of solution offers the desired choice of MVP development. A readymade app solution is suitable for businesses with a limited budget.

To get a readymade solution that should match your business needs, Hyperlocal Cloud can be a reliable IT firm. With an experience record of 13+ years and 1250+ clientele, we provide the best industry-level online platforms built with cutting-edge technology.

Benefits To Start A Medical Transportation Business

A medical transportation service business comes with various benefits. Let’s explore some of the benefits that can be achieved from a medical transportation business:

High Customer Engagement

As a growing business idea, it helps patients to reach their clinic or hospital for treatment in time. Remember, when a customer invests in your product, they invest their time to utilize it. Thus, your service becomes indefeasible for them, which helps engage with many customers.

Automate Your Income

You can automate your income flow by starting a medical transportation business. The biggest advantage of such a business is that it allows a passive source of income. With the help of an app or website, there are lots of tasks like business management, tracking, and sales monitoring that can be done on a device.

High-Profit Margin

Transportation for medical facilities is a very lucrative business idea. Businesses can achieve high margins on every successful transfer because of its constantly growing demand and low startup cost. You can also charge a premium amount for their provided service.

Customer Satisfaction

By providing timely transportation, you can easily improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Work on other elements that come into a customer's consideration, like cost, dispatching and communication. If you become successful in providing convenience, comfort, and cost-effective service, then you will automatically become successful in your business niche.

Master The Medical Transportation Business With A Success Idea From Us

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How Much Do You Need To Charge For Medical Transportation? 

The base fare for successful transportation can vary between $30 - $40 per trip. It can increase or decrease depending on the miles to cover and the people onboard. The price for a complete trip depends on the medical transportation type. Here is the list that can help you determine thoroughly:

Ambulatory Transportation

It is the most basic medical transportation method used by almost every hospital. Patients who don’t require any other medical equipment can use it effectively. For instance, senior citizens don’t require wheelchairs and stretchers but want comfortable transportation to the clinic.

Amount To Charge:- $9.50 - $10.00/trip

Wheelchair Transportation

Such a type of medical transportation is useful for patients who use wheelchairs. They can call for a wheelchair pickup. It requires big-size vehicles like a van and multiple workers. Driver and staff for wheelchair support must be trained to give CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), so hire an exceptional force for this operation.

Amount To Charge:- $35 - $45/trip

Stretcher Medical Transportation

It is the most challenging type of medical transportation service. It requires trained staff, a big vehicle, a stretcher, etc. Remember, this medical transportation facility is critical; most patients would be bedridden. So, safety and carefulness should be a priority.

Amount To Charge:- $90 - $100/trip

Air Medical Transportation

It is an expensive but rapid medical transportation process. It requires operating a special aircraft with a fixed wing or a rotor wing helicopter. Air medical transportation is effective for those areas where ground medical support, like ambulances, can’t reach. You will require a skilled pilot with a valid license, experienced medical staff, and lots of medical equipment & tools.

Amount To Charge:- $10,000 - $15,000/flight


The need for medical transportation is rising. If you are willing to start a business with high profit, less effort, and serve the community, then this business niche is very rewarding and beneficial. Now that you know the steps to start a medical transportation business, get ready with a proper business strategy and investment, contact legal authorities, and get started.

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