How to Start a Cannabis Delivery Service?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

July 04, 2023

How to Start a Cannabis Delivery Service?

As more and more states in the USA legalize marijuana for medical and recreational use, new, cutting-edge products are flooding the market. This is causing the cannabis industry to grow quickly. Since 1996, when it first made medical marijuana legal; California has been a leader in the cannabis movement in the United States.

As a result, many businesses, brands, and dispensaries have rapidly expanded their delivery operations throughout the state.

Using a single app, people can quickly get a wide range of popular cannabis products, such as flowers, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, beverages with CBD and THC, and more.

Compared to other delivery services, you don't need a lot of capital to start a weed delivery business in California. A simple ecommerce store is all you need to start your cannabis delivery services.

Are you excited to start an online weed dispensary? If you want to start a service that delivers cannabis, we can show you how. But before we start, it would be helpful to learn more about the current cannabis delivery market and how it might grow.

Global Legal Marijuana Market

  • According to the Grand View Research Report, the global legal marijuana market will be worth $102.2 billion by 2030, making it a lucrative industry.
  • Experts expect the U.S. cannabis market to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.2% between 2023 and 2030, increasing from its valuation of $13.2 billion in 2022.
  • The Motley Fool predicts that cannabis will generate $44 billion in revenue by 2025.
  • The Wall Street Cannabis Analyst estimated that the 2019 U.S. marijuana market was worth $16 billion. Analysts anticipate the market to be worth $30 billion by 2030.


What Is A Marijuana Delivery Service?

Marijuana delivery services are businesses that deliver marijuana to users. Delivery options include postal service and personal delivery. What they have in common, however, is that they are the last stop on the service chain.

Remember that delivery service does not involve cultivating marijuana. Vendors send orders to businesses, and they deliver them to consumers. Although it may appear simple, several rules and regulations govern it.

The United States has legalized marijuana use in roughly 23 of 50 states. However, some states have legalized medical marijuana instead of recreational use. Conversely, some extent of marijuana legalization has been implemented in 27 states, but with significant exceptions. Finally, the eight states that have not legalized the drug still have laws making using weed illegal.

Therefore, states where the drug is fully or partially legal, can support the prosperity of a marijuana delivery service.

Want To Be A Part Of The Booming Cannabis Delivery Industry?

Why Is A Marijuana Delivery Service Important?

Using a marijuana delivery service always has a good reason. Here are a few key points we have discussed.

Customized Delivery: When Cannabis Users Use A Delivery Service, They Can Get Exactly What They Want. The Strain They Prefer, The Amount Of The Strain, Delivery Time, And Mode Of Delivery: The User's Command Over All These Aspects Facilitates Monitoring And Adds A Layer Of Safety And Protection.

Less Work: Customers of marijuana delivery services can relax in the comfort of their homes. In contrast, the service brings the product directly to them like any other product. The delivery service will allow the user to monitor the delivery process. The consumer must place an order, pay, and wait for shipment.

Legal: Legal age is required for the buyer and the seller to use a licensed marijuana delivery service, so the distribution of low-grade products rarely occurs. Marijuana delivery apps reduce the risk of breaking the law and normalizing and decriminalize marijuana use.

Long Term Customers: In the age of convenience, businesses must make themselves easily accessible to their customers to compete. Online shoppers are likely to choose an alternative that can ship to their door, regardless of how great your goods are. Now imagine yourself delivering that top-notch product. Your company will naturally attract more consumers who choose to purchase from you. A marijuana delivery service is supposed to have the right quality products and maintain a steady clientele.

Top 8 Marijuana Delivery Apps

Here’s a list of some of the best cannabis delivery websites and apps:


Prerequisites To Start A Marijuana Delivery Service

Age: The first and most important requirement to run a marijuana delivery service is at least the legal age. Depending on where the owner lives, the rules and regulations are different. You must be at least 17 in some states to start this business. In others, you have to be at least 21.

Residential Proof: The business owner that delivers marijuana must show proof that they live in the state where the business will be based.

No Criminal Record: The owner can't have a major or minor criminal record. Even a small theft could hurt the owner's reputation as a trustworthy person who can start this service.

Capital: It's important to have enough of this on hand. Like any other business, a marijuana delivery service must start with a major investment. So, a certain amount must be saved and set aside for a good start.

Primary Features Of A Marijuana Delivery App

Since the marijuana industry is still young, many arguments exist about whether or not it should be legalized. As a result, there are a lot of legal rules that go along with it. So, if you want your app to deliver marijuana to work, you must be careful with certain features.

Financial Transaction: One of the most important things about a delivery service is how they handle money. Let's say the transaction goes through without any problems. Other users will also benefit from the fact that there are different ways to pay. The best way to ensure a transaction is safe is to look into a payment gateway or payment processor.

User and Seller Identification: Whether or not the seller or buyer is who they say they are is also a major factor. There could be trouble if your service is used by dispensaries that aren't licensed or by people who are under the legal age limit. So, it's perfect for running a portal for registration and authentication. Once the product has been delivered, it's also a good idea to ask for proof of identity and a digital signature from the person who got it.

Location: This will help the business lower the risk of being sued and track how much service is needed in different areas.

Tracking Transport: It is important to keep an eye on the shipping process to find the best shipping companies. You can control how quickly drivers get to their destinations and how close they are to dispensaries. This way, you can be sure that speed and customer satisfaction will be met.

Tax Calculation: The marijuana industry already has a bad name, so accusations of fraud don't come as much of a surprise. A tax calculator that does everything for you is the way to go if you want to keep a clean record and make fewer mistakes.

Different Record Keeping: Users' orders, orders that have already been filled, and orders that are still pending must all be written down. It's important to track what you buy and do stock takes often.

Customer Perks: Giving special privileges or perks to people who use a service often is a good idea. Customers who have used the service for a long time or placed 100 orders should be rewarded with special deals and price cuts. Customers who are this happy and loyal will become hooked on the service.

Reviews: Customers should be able to say what they thought about the stores, the people who delivered their orders, and the service. This lets the service improve over time and gives its customers more value.

User-Friendliness: Last but not least, it's important for buyers, sellers, and programmers who use services that are easy to use. If the public can't use a feature, it doesn't do anything. So, it's important to ensure it's easy to get to.

How To Start A Marijuana Delivery Service?

The most influential people in the marijuana delivery business started small and with fewer resources. With the right amount of planning and knowledge of the tools available, you can start a marijuana delivery service that does well. So, let's look at how to start a marijuana delivery service from the ground up!

1. Raise Funds For Cannabis Delivery Business

Getting money for a cannabis delivery service seems even harder than the average round of funding for a new business. Financial institutions are becoming more open to the idea that cannabis should be legalized in all countries. However, they are still hesitant to give loans to entrepreneurs who want to start businesses that deliver cannabis.

So, how do you get the money you need to start your service to deliver cannabis? We'll tell you what to do.

i) Seed Capital

Scott Greiper, president of Viridian Capital Advisors, says that the goal of a seed round is to "build a product, service, or technology and get some early traction," which usually means getting beta or pilot customers. This will help make baselines that can be used to compare things in the future. Investors in the future will be interested in hearing what customers have to say.

You will likely use your savings or money from people you know to start your business. If you want to use traditional funding, you will have few choices because banks and other loan companies won't want to work with you.

ii) Alternative

Not everyone comes from a rich family, so it's important that if they need money, they have options.

Here are some other ways to get money to grow your cannabis delivery app business.

  • Cannabis-specific funds
  • High-net-worth individuals
  • Angel investors
  • Business accelerators and incubators
  • Musicians, athletes, and other celebrities
  • Industry-specific holding companies

2. Choose a Location

Research a potential market before you start a service to deliver marijuana there. Why? Among the many ways it will help you, here are a few:

  • Knowing what the people in your area and nearby cities want.
  • Before opening a business in a certain area, you should know its pros and cons.
  • Check out how big the local cannabis delivery market could be.
  • For example, using cannabis is against U.S. federal law and is illegal. But it's up to each state to decide if they want to let cannabis be sold for money or not. Because of this, a lot of states in the US have made it legal.

So, before you start a cannabis delivery service, you should look into the rules in your state.

With this information, you'll be well on your way to starting a successful service to deliver cannabis.

3. Research

After choosing a location, the next step in starting a marijuana delivery service is making plans. In this area, to get licenses and permits without much trouble, you must first research the laws. To determine what kind of business model is best for the company, research must be done on the target audience, the market, and the existing dispensaries.

The founder also needs to think about different delivery options, discounts, or special deals that could help the company and its customers, and so on. All of these things are important, and you should talk to people to better understand what's going on.

4. Legal Issues and Permits

This is the most important thing about starting a service to deliver marijuana. Without the right permission, the whole business could be questioned, and the owner could even be charged with a crime. No matter how good your intentions are, you can save everything if you take safety precautions. So, getting ready well and understanding all the requirements is important.

You can talk to a lawyer if you need help with something like this. Users who can't figure out these flaws independently may need a lawyer. Talk to an expert about the current laws and rules, then do what they say. This will help control the damage and give time to decide what to do next.

5. Business Model

Even though marijuana delivery seems simple, several business models work best in different situations. A business owner must understand the different business models before deciding on one.

i) Single Medical Dispensary

Both producers and distributors benefit from this model.

The business model lets the owners grow their business by adding a delivery service to their existing network of distributors. It's tempting to think about making a website where people can order things and have them sent straight to their homes.

Customers who couldn't get to your store before because of distance or other things will be drawn there by the internet. You can also keep an eye on how much stock you have.

ii) Online Marijuana Start-Up and Delivery Service

This one is for people who want to start a retail store and a delivery service. Most of the time, the costs of running an online marijuana store are lower than those of a store with bricks and mortar.

All you need is a license to buy weed. When a customer places an order, it must be filled immediately and paid for. That says it all. You can also sell things like gummies and pipes that people can eat. Because of this, the number of users will increase because there will be more services. Once the business has taken off, the site could be used to make money.

iii) Cannabis Marketplace

From a business point of view, this is the best case, but it's also a long shot. In this system, sellers, buyers, carriers, and the control center are the four main types of people participating. The vendors are the dispensaries that sign up for the service to get their name out in the community. The buyers are the people who look through the listings to find a dispensary or strain that meets their needs. The carriers who have been chosen will make the deliveries.

6. Develop a Website and Application for Cannabis Delivery

Getting the word out about cannabis delivery is easy when there is a mobile-friendly website and app. It can reduce the time it takes to promote your business and find its ideal customers. Contact a cannabis delivery app development company to make an app or website. Then, build an inventory of products, make engaging content that does well in search engine results pages, and use prominent calls to action to bring more people to your online marijuana delivery business.

7. Testing the Prototype

Once the prototype is done, it should be tried on a small group of people using it. The company's business model, such as customers, vendors, or drivers, will determine how this goal will be reached. The ideas of everyone will be considered, and changes will be made as needed.

Here, it's important to monitor how customers react to the service. This lets the developers keep track of the changes that need to be made, even if the user misses them. After all of these trials and errors, the service will be fully functional and meet the needs of all users.

8. Get Cannabis Delivery App Approved On The App Stores

Even though most people want cannabis legal, Apple and Google are moving slowly toward approving CBD apps.

App stores have rejected several cannabis-related apps because of how they are thought to work. Others don't know why their cannabis delivery apps were turned down, while others blame words like "recreational," "retail," "adult use," or "21-plus" for the rejection.

Also, there are a lot of cannabis delivery apps, like Eaze, High Tide, WeedMaps, PotBot, etc., that have become popular in app stores and always send customers high-quality cannabis.

Before you send your app to the app store, make sure it has licenses to deliver cannabis for both medical and recreational use in your state. Ultimately, stores will decide whether or not to let your cannabis delivery service work based on how you describe your app.

9. Promote Your Cannabis Business

The last step after putting up a website or app for cannabis delivery is to tell people about it.

You can start by contacting people in your immediate area with brochures and other advertising materials. You can also tell people about your app or website through popular social media sites. It's a great way to get people to know your brand.

You can also talk to a well-known company that offers services for digital marketing. They'll learn about your business and its goals, develop a winning marketing plan, and push your product hard.

Ready to turn your passion for cannabis into a successful business?

Wrapping Up

The cannabis market is growing at a crazy fast rate every year. Many countries will likely make it legal for medical and recreational use shortly. It takes a lot of patience and hard work to start a service that delivers cannabis. Before getting into the cannabis business, you should do a lot of research on the market. The next step is to ensure you have all the necessary licenses and permits before you open for business. But your current work on these details will pay off in the long run. Discussed business models in this article can help anyone, from people who own dispensaries to people who want to start their own business, get their cannabis delivery service up and running.

Get in touch with our experts and get started with a website or app for a cannabis delivery service that is unique and up-to-date.


What is the eligibility for starting an online cannabis delivery business?

To start a cannabis delivery service, you must be at least 17. You also have to be a legal resident of the state where you want to start your business, and you can't have a criminal record that is too bad. Ultimately, you have to follow the state's rules where you live.

How much does it cost to start a marijuana delivery service?

This depends greatly on things like the location, the team, and the business model. Even though each industry is very different, the process of making an app is the same. The only extra costs are getting the required licenses and permits and paying a lawyer.

How do I choose the best business model for my company?

Again, there are a lot of things to think about. For example, you could start an online dispensary and a delivery service to meet demand in an area with few options. The single dispensary delivery service is right for you if you only want to grow your business and do something other than dispensary work.

Lastly, you can start a marketplace if you want your marijuana delivery service to stand out but don't want to deal with the hassle of growing and delivering your product. It's easy to choose. Whether or not a company takes advantage of a chance and makes money from it is up to the company itself.

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