How To Get Pharmacy Delivery Contracts?

By Hyperlocal Cloud

December 15, 2023

How To Get Pharmacy Delivery Contracts?

Despite being popular in the healthcare sector, the pharmacy delivery business faces many challenges while getting contracts. A pharmacy service includes various contracts like ambulance facility, on-demand medicine delivery, emergency patient airlift, etc. Whether you have an already established pharmacy business owner or a new startup, this blog can easily help you get pharmacy delivery contracts.

One thing is certain: the overall revenue segment in the medicine delivery business is expected to rise to $80.30 billion before the end of 2028. As the ARPU is reflecting at $67.84, the pharmacy delivery business has a vast success rate in the upcoming year.

How To Get Pharmacy Delivery Contracts?

Connecting with organizations to get pharmacy delivery leads can help generate revenue and increase business reach. It also depends on what type of delivery fleets and contracts your business can take. Let’s know some ways to get contracts for your pharmacy delivery business:

Match Requirements

Before starting to take contracts, it is important to check the registrations and legal authorization for your business quickly. There are typically three licenses required to ensure the safety and run the operations: HHS (Health and Human Service), HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

Plan Fleet & Timing

Timely delivery will get more leads and build trust among your targeted audience. If you plan to reach a wide audience, then having a number of fleets is important. Check out the table to learn about the fleets and their estimated rate calculation based on distance.

FleetDistanceHourly Estimated Rate
Motorcycle10 km - 20 km
$25 - $50
Van50 km - 60 km
$50 - $70
Helicopter100 km +$100 - $150

The mentioned table above has a brief introduction about the first step that needs to be taken. Look at them closely and decide the pricing.

Competitive Analysis

Find out other businesses with the same niche and analyze their operations. Know how they are operating in the market and analyze user feedback and comments. Thus, you will become successful in finding any marketing gap and creating a solution to thrive against your competitors.

Brand Marketing Strategy

A strong marketing and branding strategy can help you reach customers beyond the boundary line. That’s why it is important to understand every aspect of branding and marketing in order to get pharmacy delivery contracts. Marketing strategies like content marketing & SEO, influencer support, creating videos, and engaging images are some of the best practices to accomplish the task.

Get An Additional Delivery Platform

An additional online delivery platform helps businesses work with different types of customers. Business owners can build a marketing strategy and create an approach plan to provide services to their target audience. For instance, users can use this additional delivery platform to receive pharmacy goods, and it can be downloaded from in-app’s direct link.

Make An Impactful Delivery

Your pharmacy delivery should be done in a way that can leave an impression on the customer’s heart forever. You can add a thank you message, healthy candies, a free recipe, or something else to stimulate them to make a purchase next time. Thus, it can increase the chances of getting leads.

By following every step mentioned above, you will automatically find that the leads in pharmacy delivery are rising, and people are adopting it rapidly.

Top-Tier Features To Have In Pharmacy Delivery Online Platform

Here is a list of top-notch features to help get fast pharmacy delivery contracts and reach a wider audience. Check them out:

User-Friendly Login

Patients don’t need to go through various steps to sign up/log in to the application. They can easily connect with the existing app to pair with the delivery app that automatically fetches every required information.

Contactless Delivery

It is important to protect delivery personnel from contagious diseases. Based on the previous data, this feature automatically advises when to apply safety to protect from hazards.

Delivery Tracking Information

An inbuilt GPS is something customers need to know about their package status. It helps them locate the delivery personnel in real time and know the remaining time of arrival.

Motivational Quotes & Exercises Before Delivery

With the help of this feature, patients can engage with motivational quotes and a few exercises while waiting for the arrival of their medical goods or facility.

Customer Service

In case of any error or query, users can connect with customer care executives anytime they want.

Push Notification

Push notification is an important feature that lets customers be advised about their incoming orders and actions that must be taken.

Inventory Management

The inventory management feature lets businesses manage their stock, add/replace items, and update availability using the application.

Benefits Of A Pharmacy Delivery App

Our pharmacy delivery app offers top business benefits to help them achieve their goals. Here are some benefits we offer for businesses:

100% Ownership

Business owners can also avail of a demo-ready white-label pharmacy delivery app. They can customize our ready-made app solution with name, color, images, animation, videos, and many more.


When developed with dynamic technologies, a business-ready white-label pharmacy delivery app is compatible with every device and accessible to any type of user. This increases the app’s uses, and people adapt to it rapidly.

Better Customer Reach

People are already after an application that can provide them with medical support & goods at any time. That’s why it increases the chance of getting a pharmacy delivery contract. It increases the adaptability of your application between users.

Increase Sales

Fast adaptation of the application automatically leads to high ROI. However, businesses can also apply various revenue models to generate income. By partnering with other organizations and companies, they can generate passive income apart from the main income stream.

Cost To Get A Pharmacy Delivery App

A fully customized pharmacy delivery app can cost approximately $15,000, and it can be demo-ready and available within 3 days. Remember, there are certain factors that affect the development cost that are:

  • App complexity
  • Integrated features
  • Geolocation of the developers
  • The development size of the company
  • Development process
  • UI/UX design etc.

Bottom Line

Overall, to reach a new audience on a regular basis, you will be required to have a medicine delivery app that incorporates your business niche. It is important to work with anything that demands building such an application. Also, developing a business strategy and following all the steps that are mentioned above are necessary to reach a huge audience.

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