How To Develop A Meal Kit Delivery App Like Blue Apron

By Hyperlocal Cloud

May 03, 2024

How To Develop A Meal Kit Delivery App Like Blue Apron

Meal kit delivery applications are taking place significantly. It not only lets people taste healthy, delicious food, but it also enhances cooking skills. That’s why meal kit delivery apps like Blue Aprons are thriving and have a higher tendency to be adhered to by the people. That’s how it creates a business opportunity for entrepreneurs.

So here in this blog, we will talk step-by-step about developing an app like Blue Apron to get all meal kit delivery tasks done on a single platform. Stick till the end of the blog, and don’t miss a single word to get the full guidance. Let’s get started:

Futuristic Stats About Meal Kit Delivery Business

Will the meal kit delivery business thrive or ace it with the food delivery business? Let’s get to know it with some stats:

  • The meal kit delivery business is anticipated to show a revenue growth of $5.65 billion in 2024.
  • The annual growth rate shows 6.36% in the upcoming consecutive year.
  • By the end of 2028, the market revenue is anticipated to grow to $7.23 billion.
  • User penetration will be 2.5% before 2028.
  • The United States of America and New Zealand will be the top-rising countries adhering to the meal kit delivery business.

These stats have proved the lucrativeness of starting a meal kit delivery business.

How To Develop A Meal Kit Delivery App Like Blue Apron?

Developing a Blue Apron clone can be daunting, but following the steps mentioned below can make the application easier to achieve.


Planning factors let businesses align their vision to success goals. It requires planning for business workflow, customer activity & interest, consumer weak points, competitor analysis, pricing model, subscription strategies, and many more. Combining these elements allows you to create an effective market strategy to help businesses enter the market smartly.

App Designing

Designing the application requires hardcore designing skills and smart hands-on technologies like Figma, Photoshop, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Miro, etc. This stage includes designing the following:

  • Homepage
  • In-app screens
  • Header/footer
  • Meal kit delivery logo & cart
  • Category section
  • Lists
  • Animations
  • Buttons

Blue Apron Like App Development

Developing an app like Blue Apron demands expertise in dynamic tech stacks for front end and back end technologies. Whether a web app or a mobile app, these technologies are required to complete the app development. As it requires smart tactics, hiring on demand developers is necessary. So look no further than Hyperlocal Cloud. We have vast experience developing smart applications for various on-demand businesses and have a proven record of uplifting a business from scratch.


The mobile app testing phase verifies the functionalities, features, and UI/UX. In this stage, professional QA and testing run a deep analysis through every corner of the application to ensure its operation.


In this stage, the entire meal kit delivery app, like Blue Apron, is deployed on the Google Play Store and Apple Store to be accessible to users.

Post-Deployment Maintenance

Deploying the Blue Apron app is not the end; you must add updates to retain customers and keep the application up-to-date. This includes updating the GUI, features, functionalities, etc.

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Advantages Of Having A Blue Apron Clone

There are various advantages to building an app like the Blue Apron app. Here are some benefits that a business person can have:

Increase Brand Awareness

Having a platform similar to Blue Apron is a very lucrative venture. It digitizes the traditional model and increases brand awareness. By having an attractive logo and cutting-edge next-generation UI/UX features, businesses can gain insights from customers and reach their business beyond the boundaries.

High Revenue Stream

A Blue Apron clone app has multiple revenue sources. Businesses can leverage different streams, such as in-app advertisements and affiliate marketing, to achieve high ROI and strengthen their financial pillars.

Immense Customer Base

People love to be creative with their food. That’s why the Blue Apron clone lets people apply their creativity by ordering meal kits online. This approach increases the tendency to adhere to the Blue Apron-like marketplace and the number of users.


The stats above show that delivery of meal kits is in never-ending demand in the food industry. Thus, developing a Blue Apron-like app can help you start a sustainable meal kit delivery business for your users.

Core Features To Have In An App Like Blue Apron

Blue Apron replica app must adhere to important & unique features to make the app more functional, friendly, and unique. Let’s get started:

Easy Login & Signup

This feature lets users sign up with their basic information. However, it also allows users to access the application in a single click by allowing social media access.

Dietary Preferences

Users can search for recipes based on their diet. The app allows consumers to receive suggestions by entering their health condition and dietary information.

Weekly Menus

The app analyzes past activities and uses a smart algorithm to provide users with an exclusive menu every week. This approach allows users to enjoy meals that suit their health.

Search & Filter

Consumers can search for a recipe or filter it based on the season, preferences, and vegetables they want to include. It provides an accurate list of searched items.

Handy Notes

The handy note feature is an in-built sticky note that lets consumers plan their diet and save it as a reminder.

Seasonal Boxes

Consumers love surprises, so launching seasonal boxes can help retain customers. This will also help manage inventory and boost sales.

In-Built GPS

This helps consumers track orders, and delivery personnel easily reach the indicated delivery location. It provides real-time information like ETAs, distance, arrival time, name, and contact.

Interactive Checklist

It is a health checklist inside the application that helps consumers to track their progress. It also helps in planning the diets for next time.

Customization Options

Swapping ingredients and adjusting portion sizes allow consumers to customize their diet and get what they desire.

Subscription Management

Users can manage their subscription plan by re-purchasing, changing payment methods, canceling subscriptions, and many more.

Advanced Features To Have In The Blue Apron Clone App

Personalize Recommendation

AI powers this feature to provide recommendations to users based on their previous purchases, spending, and dietary preferences.

Meal Planning Integration

This allows users to plan meals for a week or day by adding multiple items to the cart. It can be used for collective checkout and payment.

Cooking Videos

A cooking video of a special recipe should guide customers in cooking their favorite meal. It can be added as a premium feature.

Multiple Payment Options

This feature lets consumers pay the bill using different payment methods like Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Strip, PayPal, credit/debit card, and many more.

Schedule Delivery

The scheduled delivery feature lets consumers schedule delivery by choosing the date & time to receive the meal.

Multi-Lingual Support

The Blue Apron clone app can be translated into various languages with the help of the Google Translate API. This changes the entire app content into the targeted language.

Meal Presentation

It shows interactive information about the meal with instructions about what to do or what not to do. This helps users cook meals safely and enjoy the app's benefits.

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Money Making Tactics For Meal Kit Delivery App Like Blue Apron

With an app like Blue Apron, businesses can make money using different resources. Check them out:

Subscribing At Varying Leve­ls

Blue Apron-inspired subscription service­s frequently provide custome­rs with differing membership tie-ups at diverse cost points. These­ options may encompass selections tailore­d to the desired quantity of we­ekly meals, such as plans suited for two or four individuals. Additionally, the­ variety of recipes offe­red could range from classic cuisine to more­ adventurous culinary experie­nces. Furthermore, ce­rtain tiers might incorporate organic ingredie­nts or chef-curated delicacie­s, potentially at a premium pricing structure.

Fle­xible Subscription Options For Personalized Conve­nience

To accommodate the­ dynamic lifestyles of modern consume­rs, these meal de­livery services typically e­nable users to effortle­ssly postpone or temporarily suspend the­ir subscriptions, as well as modify the freque­ncy of deliveries as pe­r their evolving require­ments. This flexibility empowe­rs individuals to seamlessly adapt their meal plans without feeling confined or re­stricted, thereby foste­ring long-term customer loyalty and encouraging sustaine­d subscriptions.

Rewarding Referrals: A Win-Win Strate­gy

As a strategic approach to acquiring new subscribe­rs in a cost-effective manne­r, numerous meal kit companies have­ implemented e­nticing referral programs. These­ initiatives aim to incentivize e­xisting satisfied customers to enthusiastically re­commend the service­ to their family members, frie­nds, and acquaintances. Consequently, both the­ referring individuals and the re­ferred newcome­rs stand to benefit from attractive discounts or complime­ntary meal kits, fostering a mutually advantageous arrange­ment to increase revenue.

In-App Advertising

This approach allows Blue Apron clone owners to collaborate with other businesses and post ads on the application. In return, the other party pays the owners the amount. The ads can be posted in various forms like banner ads, interstitial ads, full-page ads, video ads, image ads, quick link ads, and many more. It is a popular and effective money-making strategy to apply.

Bottom Line

So, in the end, we can conclude that starting a meal kit delivery business will bring vast profits. It has a secure, financially rich, and amazing future in the upcoming years. As we have also explored, having an online presence is vital for such businesses, and that’s why a cutting-edge mobile or web app is required to start an online business. So where to get one?

Hyperlocal Cloud is an on-demand app development company that develops websites and applications for various industries. Contact our experts to revolutionize your business.

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