Build Your Online Ride Sharing App Like Bolt

By Hyperlocal Cloud

May 06, 2024

Build Your Online Ride Sharing App Like Bolt

Today, we are surrounded by ample ride-hailing apps that have created an uproar in the market. The availability of world-class services and the success of several taxi apps have compelled various entrepreneurs to venture into this business.

Developing an app like Bolt is a marvelous strategic move, as the features will be similar and affordable. Online taxi apps are holding a solid position in the current market scenario. Another benefit of the online ride-sharing app is the convenience of streamlining the services. Effective GPS integration makes route planning and choosing from the desired vehicles easier.

What Is A Bolt App, And How Does It Work?

Bolt is a taxi booking app that seamlessly connects users with nearby drivers. This on-demand app enables passengers to book rides independently through their smart devices. Such apps offer diversified types of vehicles, monitor every move in real-time, and securely complete the payment.

The app operation works with the user profile creation and filling in their personal details. The ride is booked by entering the destination and picking the vehicle type based on which the prices will be displayed. After confirming the ride, the request is sent to the nearby drivers so they can accept/reject the request. Meanwhile, the driver's location is constantly tracked. To proceed with the ride, steady communication occurs between driver and passenger. In the end, payment is processed, and passengers can give feedback via reviews.

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Alluring Features Of Our Ride Sharing App Like Bolt

Witness the magnificent features of our developed app and take your taxi business to new heights. We have built different panels for passengers, drivers, and admins that are embedded with phenomenal attributes. Have a look below;

Passenger App

The app includes attributes that make it convenient for passengers to commute and book in a seamless manner.

User Registration

Users can create accounts via their emails, phone numbers, or social media channels. Once they have completed the registration, they can easily access a personal area to add or edit multiple payment methods and set ride preferences.

Interactive Interface

With a user-friendly interface, passengers can easily book their rides by selecting pick-up and drop-off locations accordingly. An app like Bolt offers a fantastic selection of vehicles, from luxury to economy cars. The users can make decisions about the rides that perfectly match their requirements.

Real-Time Tracking

Our app, like Bolt, comes with GPS integration, which is responsible for real-time ride tracking. The applicant can observe the driver's location, estimated arrival time, and route in real time. Also, the passenger information and car details are enabled to view the driver's and vehicle's entire history, giving one a feeling of security.

Fare Estimation and Payment

An app like Bolt uses a fair approach based on distance, time, and current traffic conditions to estimate a user's upfront ride cost. This way, one can predict how much they will pay for the trip. The app allows for secure and adaptable payments with various options, such as credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, and cash, providing buyers with effortless transactions.

Rating and Review System

The app has an internal rating and feedback system in place, which is meant to ensure the high quality of the service and accountability. After finishing the driving, users can rate the driver and give feedback about their ride experience.

Safety Features

To maintain user safety, an integrated SOS button immediately takes users to local authorities while using the app. Besides providing information on the ride, users can share their trip details with their friends or relatives so they can monitor the ride in real-time, adding to the safety during the entire trip.

Admin Panel

This centralized system has access to the other two apps, user and driver apps. It has complete control over the other imporatnt aspects like managing profiles, displaying analytics, and taking cognizance of the feedback.

Dashboard and Analytics

An app like Bolt has an intutive dashboard with advanced analytics tools that oversee and handle user activity, driver performance, income, and other important indicators. Admin can access various insights about app usage, user engagement, and business growth, allowing them to leverage data-oriented decisions, performance monitoring, and strategic planning to succeed in the market.

User and Driver Management

The admin panel offers various time-saving tools for registering users, onboarding drivers, and verifying drivers' profiles. The app owner can monitor user and driver support areas and assist and resolve complaints and other issues promptly. This ensures the platform meets the necessary policies and regulations, resulting in a safe platform for drivers and users.

Fare Management

Admin panel provides tools that enable management to manipulate and adjust fares, promotional offers, and discounts based on market trends. Admin operations help swiftly address fare adjustments, refund processing, and dispute resolution. These processes ensure that fare pricing is fair and transparent and that fare-related issues are resolved in a timely manner.

Customer Support

The admin panel is integrated with in-built support for extraordinary customer assistance, including in-app chat/ email support. Admins can consequently deal with customer inquiries and issues and work on drivers' feedback for constant improvement.

Driver’s App

This app helps drivers effectively handle ride requests, track earnings, and navigate locations without any hassle.

Driver’s Verification

Bolt driver registration is straightforward, with vehicle background checks, license certification, and vehicle inspection as crucial steps. Drivers will simply register, and upon successful registration, they can proceed to the profile management part of the platform. This may involve filing the necessary documents and setting their availability.

Accept/Reject Requests

The Bolt app allows its drivers to choose on-demand or off-demand rides, which gives them the flexibility of choosing a place and the right time to pick up or decline the ride. The app sends notifications for incoming ride requests in time and details the pick-up address and the place for drop-off. This flexibility allows drivers to make informed decisions and select rides that perfectly match their schedules.

Performance Analytics

An app like Bolt ensures that all drivers receive reports on earnings, trip summaries, and job performance ratings. They even get to see the respective transaction amount, ratings and reviews of their clients, feedback from riders, and statistical metrics of their performances. Being this transparent not only lauds voluntary work but also helps them pinpoint areas for improvement, making the whole experience very engaging.

Route Optimization

Bolt relies on modern navigational systems such as Google Maps to ensure this service runs smoothly, which determine pick-up and departure spots and destination points. They obtain actual route guidance, notifications about traffic jams, and alternative route facilitation, allowing drivers to shorten their routes and improve their working performance.

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Online Ride-Sharing App Like Bolt- Key Development Steps

A series of steps are involved in developing an online ride-sharing app like Bolt. Have a look at them below;

Market Research and Analysis

This phase involves getting to know the target audience, analyzing competitors, and identifying market gaps. This will help you determine your USP and present your application precisely.

Planning and Strategy

After the market and user requirements are defined and clear, the next step is to generate a detailed project plan with the proposed features, functions, and the development phase milestones.

Design and Prototyping

After planning, it is time to create a highly intuitive UI/UX experience that encourages effortless navigation, inclusive booking processes, and enthralling interactions. Build wireframes and prototypes to mock up the app workflow, screen layouts, and user interactions, allowing you to receive suggestions for changes and revisions.

Development Phase

Following design, the next step is to build the actual app. The necessary technology stack is suitable for front-end and back-end development, database management, payment processing, maps, and navigation features.

Develop the app's essential functionality, including sign-up, ride booking interface, real-time tracking, fare calculation engine, and payment gateway integration. Make certain code quality, performance optimization, and security features to supply a durable and secure platform for users and drivers.

Quality Assurance

This is one of the most crucial steps, as it helps identify and eliminate bugs. It also improves performance and guarantees app compatibility across different devices. Various types of testing, like unit, penetration, integration, etc., are performed to guarantee a top-notch user-end experience.

Deployment And Marketing

After the application is tested for bugs and errors, it is deployed on the dedicated app stores (iOS or Android). Develop an effective marketing strategy for launching the app to gain users, expose it efficiently to the market, and create hype.

Monetization Strategies Associated With An App Like Bolt

Amplify your revenue with our monetization strategies and take your business toward success.


For every booked ride, a significant amount of commission is charged to the drivers.

Subscription Plan

the availability of superb features like exclusive features, additional discounts, etc, charges additional money.


The partnerships with other businesses expand customer reach and help generate revenue.

How Much Does It Cost To Build Your Online Ride-Sharing App Like Bolt?

The app development costs range between 10k to 14k, depending on the level of customization. Check out the factors influencing the cost:

  • Latest tech stacks
  • Integrated features
  • App complexity
  • Location of the developers
  • UI/UX design
  • Size of the development firm
  • Development process

Why Choose Hyperlocal As Your Trustworthy Partner?

Hyperlocal is the top on-demand app development company that has helped businesses of all sizes across the globe to elevate their growth. Below, we have mentioned the pointers that make us the number one choice among entrepreneurs;

  • Timely Project Delivery
  • 24*7 Customer Support
  • Transparent Pricing Policies
  • Seasoned Developers
  • Cost-Effective Prices
  • Customization
  • Proven Results

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What types of vehicles are available on an app like Bolt?

The app offers multiple vehicle options, such as economy, comfort, and luxury cars. Based on that, the users can choose the vehicle type.

How does an app like Bolt calculate the ride fare?

Ride fares are calculated using distance, time, traffic conditions, and vehicle type.

Which payment methods are used in the app?

Depending on the user's preference, the app accepts several payment methods, such as credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, and COD.

Which security measures are included in the app?

Our app, like Bolt, comes with security measures like vehicle inspections, an emergency SOS button, driver background checks, and more.

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