How To Build An Online Language Learning Marketplace Like Preply

By Hyperlocal Cloud

May 29, 2024

How To Build An Online Language Learning Marketplace Like Preply

Today, the world is smitten with the kind of education online platforms are delivering. Learners are not restricted to visiting educational centers physically; instead, they can access all sorts of educational facilities while sitting in the comfort of their homes. Looking at this opportunity, businesses are finding it lucrative to invest in such platforms, which could help them earn massive revenue.

If we go by the numbers, the online tutorial market is anticipated to reach 27.63 bn with a CAGR of 12.7% by 2034. These figures are impressive and are enough to compel entrepreneurs across the globe to build spectacular online learning marketplaces. There is an array of such educational platforms that uplift education to the optimum level.

What Is Preply And How Does It Work?

Preply is an online learning marketplace that educates individuals in the best possible way. It is a perfect platform for educators and students to learn about different languages, take simplified classes on complex subjects, and learn programming languages from scratch.

One thing that captivates businesses' attention is the platform's affordability and simplicity. That’s why they want to build an online language-learning marketplace like Preply. Before going into the platform's intricacies, let's understand how it works.

A platform like Preply helps schedule the courses or the lessons in the best possible way. Users can add their favorite classes and tutors according to their requirements. Firstly, the learner can choose the tutor that perfectly aligns with their budget and matches their schedule. They can book a free demo, go through profiles, check their reviews, and even briefly chat with them. After completing the trial sessions, which are generally 25/50 min long, the user can decide on the tutor. If satisfied, they can make the payment on a weekly/monthly basis and create a personalized study plan. If unsatisfied, then they can easily switch to another tutor.

Alluring Features Of Online Language Learning Marketplace Like Preply

The online tutoring platforms must have compelling features fully tailored to the tutor, admin, and student app. Below, we have discussed every single characteristic in detail;

Learners/Student App

Advanced Search And Filtering: With this feature, students can narrow their choices and find suitable tutors based on their course, budget, and feedback.

Instant booking: Helps users smoothly book the courses and schedule the learning session as per their availability.

Browse profiles: Allow students to view the tutor’s profile, which includes details such as their teaching style, qualifications, overall experience, and reviews received.

Payment package: Allows students to buy courses and lessons through multiple payment options suiting their


In-app chat/call: This feature enables learners to communicate directly with the tutors either through chat or via audio/video calls.

Interactive dashboard: This helps students track their performance and view their purchased course and ongoing/ upcoming learning sessions.

Admin Panel

Profile management: Helps the admin to accurately manage student and tutor profiles like their activities and verification systems.

Platform management: Helps inspect performance regarding fixing bugs, software updates, uptime/downtime, optimizing features, etc.

Reports and analytics: Comes with personalized dashboards and gives a detailed overview of the revenue, sales analytics, reports creation, etc.

Payment management: Enables admin to manage and oversee all payment activities through the platform.

Real-Time Tracking: Accurately monitors the user activities and, most precisely, takes steps to maintain the quality of the courses.

Marketing campaigns: This feature allows the admin to implement strategies to create campaigns that boost special offers, lure new users, and retain existing ones.


Profile creation: Helps tutors create their professional profiles by uploading their personalized teaching video documents showing their experience/qualifications.

Calendar Integration: Seamless integration of calendars helps automatically schedule future classes, avoiding conflict.

Course Creation: Enables tutors to upload their study materials effortlessly on the platform and curate a structured set of courses.

Communication Tools: Helps connect tutors with their students through cutting-edge audio/video tools and makes the learning experience immersive.

Feedback Attribute: Enables tutors to view the reviews and ratings given by the learners and act on them to enhance their service.

Dashboard: Shows in-depth details about earnings, transactions, courses bought, number of subscribed students, etc.

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Key Development Steps To Build an Online Language Learning Marketplace

A series of steps are involved in developing a superb online language-learning marketplace. High-level precision, interactive UI, and fantastic features make a platform worthwhile. Below, we have illustrated some of the pivotal development steps that are essential for the platform development;

Planning And Research

To begin development, it's essential to thoroughly conduct market research and identify the problems individuals are facing. One thing that needs to be ensured is that what the target audience requires in terms of features and design is met. After identifying the problems, creating a perfect roadmap is essential, which can only be achieved through proper planning.

Competitor Analysis

As a novice in the field, performing a competitor analysis is better to understand what they offer. A lot of attention is given to competitors' characteristics and functionalities. Another thing is to evaluate the needs of the users today, and based on that, decisions are made

UI/UX Design

When developing a platform, one thing that can’t be overlooked is the interface. Designing an interactive and smoothly navigable interface attracts the user. It makes the platform truly dynamic, powerful, and engaging, inadvertently enticing the user's attention.


This is the backbone of all phases. It includes both front-end and back-end activities. The former concentrates more on how the platform is visible to the end user in terms of visual elements like checkboxes, graphics, buttons, etc. This basically intensifies the user interaction with the platform. On the contrary, the backend activities mainly consider data storage and infrastructure, how the platform will work, and how the data will supposedly be processed.

During this stage, the features are integrated. As this is an online language learning marketplace, there are different panels for admin, learner, and tutor. All of them have different functionalities and, therefore, require different timelines. An experienced app development company will help in the smooth feature integration process, along with attributes not even present in the original platform.


After the platform is built, it is subjected to a series of testing phases, such as unit, penetration, regression, acceptance, etc. These help remove abnormalities and make the platform highly responsive and performance-driven.

Launch And Maintenance

The tested platform is then deployed on the dedicated server and launched for public consumption by making it available on the Google and iOS stores. There are times when, after launch, inevitable technical glitches are experienced by the users or software updates are needed; the development team perfectly resolves those.

Technological Stacks For Developing Online Learning Marketplace Like Preply

The building block of any platform lies in its tech stacks that aid in building a fully functional and performance-driven system. Take a look at them as under;

Programming Languages: React, Swift, Java, Objective C

Task Management: Jira, Trello

Instant Alerts: Apple Push Notifications Service, Twilio

Database- MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

Cloud Servers: Microsoft Azure, AWS

Web application frameworks: Angular, Django, Laravel

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Business Benefits Of Online Learning Marketplace Like Preply

Online tutoring platforms are in high demand right now. The mere reason behind this is the amount of massive revenue generation. Moreover, there is a wide reputation associated with such online learning marketplaces because of their premium and quality courses, attracting extensive users worldwide. Check out the business advantages as under;

Global Reach

With already existing market opportunities, a platform like Preply offers access to a universal audience, making it supremely popular, which otherwise would not be possible.


The automated processes with zero human intervention and no physical infrastructure make everything cost-efficient, reducing overhead costs.

Strong Brand Reputation

The high-quality services and ability to offer phenomenal collaboration opportunities with top educational institutes worldwide help build a strong brand image.

Enhanced User Satisfaction

The availability of personalized recommendations to tutors and students and unparalleled features amplifies user engagement.

Competitive Advantage

Access to an exclusive range of courses and mind-blowing features, coupled with top quality control measures, helps businesses gain a competitive edge in the market.

Flexible Revenue Models

The availability of multiple revenue models, such as subscription plans, in-app ads, and sponsored content, creates massive money-making opportunities.

Data Insights

It helps analyze the data based on user behavior, making the user experience genuinely personalized and helping make accurate decisions.

Optimized User Experience

The fantastic set of attributes helps tutors schedule their courses on time and enables students to enjoy online learning, thereby enhancing user loyalty.

Revenue Models Linked With Platform Like Preply

Preply like platform helps the owners make enormous money without spending too much. They just have to bear the initial cost; everything is pure profit. Here, we have enlisted the popular money-making models that will take your business to success.

Commission Based Model

(1) Based On Online Tutoring Hours

For every trial session, the new user is charged 100%; for further sessions, around 18-33% of the commission is charged, which is quite good for the app owners. The pivotal thing to consider is that this whole commission model depends on the total number of tutoring hours; the more tutoring hours, the lower the commission rates.

(2) Based On Subscriptions

After the trial courses end, students can choose the subscription plans that benefit the platform owners. The subscription packages are available in basic, medium, and premium packages, based on which the commission is decided.

In-App Purchases

The ability to utilize the high-end features designed for both the tutor and learner’s app is not available free of cost. These definitely require some fees or charges from the user, adding up to the revenue source.

Advertisements And Promotions

The app's display of third-party products and services charges considerable fees from those parties. It also involves showcasing and promoting relevant educational content on the platform.

How Much Does It Cost To Build an Online Language Learning Marketplace Like Preply?

This language learning marketplace development costs start at $15k, depending on the level of customization. Check out the factors influencing the cost;

  • Latest tech stacks
  • Integrated features
  • App complexity
  • Location of the developers
  • UI/UX design
  • Size of the development firm
  • Development process

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How much time does it take to develop such a platform?

It takes around 4-5 weeks, based on the customization level and the complexities involved.

What are the key features of an online tutoring platform like Preply?

Some essential features include practical communication tools, multi-language support, booking/ scheduling tools, and payment integration.

How is the security of the platform established?

Integrating data encryption tools and top security protocols is the prime reason for maintaining the platform's security.

Which programming languages are used in building an online language learning marketplace like Preply?

React, Python, Java, and Kotlin are among the top programming languages used in the platform.

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